JFK Secret Society Speech Text (Subtitled in Video)

jfk secret society speech text

There are those of us who were but infants when JFK was president. He is considered one of the greatest and world changing US president that ever lived. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the bullet of a lone assassin or did he? There is evidence to suggest he might have fallen at the hands of dark forces. There are those in the conspiracy community who point to JFK Secret Society Speech (with Text ) as possible evidence that there we those underground forces who wanted him silenced.

Like 911, the JFK assassination event will always be etched in the hearts and minds of people not only in the US but also world populations. JFK had an impact on societies around the globe. My grandmother from Mexico even had a rug with the image of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King which she proudly hung off the living room wall!

In a recent interview by former Illuminati Belgium banker Ronald Bernard who stated about 1800 people in the whole world that make, enforce and control the work financial and government agencies. Who knows ? Is it even real ? It is true that we currently live in the age of deception and sorting it all out is far more difficult than ever.

So it isn’t far fetched to think that JFK might have been killed in the most grotesque manner to make sure no other world leader would ever questions or threaten the end of Illuminati control over all world centers. But, because there is no hard evidence to such a conspiracy ever existing, this is all but conjecture and speculation.

As you listen and watch this video, hear the words of the president. Although some of his words seem cryptic then, his words seem both prophetic and reality. Will there ever be a time that common folk can break the control of those who wish to keep us in their grasp? I think it is during this time that we will either live to experience freedom or our complete obedience to the NWO.

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