The 5 Best K9 Bug Out Bag (For the Sake of Your Dog’s Survival)

Just now, by phone, you hear of a threat, a nearby crisis, that will take place in minutes. It happens to be a situation you have given a lot of thought to, and when the call came, you think it might be possible to make a run for it—with your loyal canine.

Your family is ready with their most essential gear, and your dog looks around expectantly wondering where you are all going in a hurry. Seeing them, you stop for a second and realize you had thought of everything, but not everyone, and now you are in a real pinch. There is no time to pack dog food, pet medicine, and an extra leash.

An emergency is a matter of time, not a thought experiment, and you really have to think of everything and everyone—including your pets. Are you and your pet prepared to evacuate your home in the case of an emergency? You surely have all you need to survive and sustain in your home. But, when there is no time to think, can you get to it fast enough?

You might be thinking that you would never leave your dog without food, water, medicine, and first-aid, but you may also be unsure which is the best K9 bug out bag for you.

K9 Bug Out Bags

A prepared survival kit solves the problem of gathering all your critical survival gear in an easy-to-carry, often nondescript backpack. Storing urgent supplies for one person or more, an emergency bug out bag makes getting away simpler and more effective.

Under duress, you might also need the best K9 bug out bag you can find. Many people buy them as part of their emergency preparations for fire or other threats. This top list of the 5 best K9 bug our bags features everything for the urgent needs and creature comforts of your pup. Choose one that matches a combination of your dog’s size and unique health requirements.

The 5 Best K9 Bug Out Bags

1. OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

Constructed of tear-resistant material and reinforced stitching, OneTigris’ tactical harness features 3 detachable pouches, 2 dog handles, and an ultra-strong metal leash clip for added control. The MOLLE mesh and webbed paneling allow you to customize your K9 bug out bag with added pouches and morale patches to fit your needs.

Additional straps can securely store extra necessities such as dog food, a water bottle, or firearm magazines. Finally, a mesh lining gives your dog comfort and breathability while on the run at your side. Coming in sizes for medium, large, or extra-large dogs including boxers, Great Danes, or German shepherds, the OneTigris’ Dog Harness appears in two essential colors: a tactical black or militant tan.

2. Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack

Built for winter and wilderness, the Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack is completely made of lightweight, rip-stopping, and maximum durability nylon. It features a 4-point harness, two quick-access zipper pockets, and a padded sternum strap.

The vet-approved, tapered design and air-mesh paneling creates an ergonomic, breathable, custom fit for your dog’s carrying comfort. With reflective 3M trim on the front, side, and rear panels as well as a strong and secure D-ring leash attachment system, this K-9 comes in 3 mountain-ready colors and fits dogs from 25 to 120 pounds.

3. OneTigris Dog Pack

Designed to resist any tearing, daily wearing, and extreme weathering, this dog pack is made of 1000D, water-resistant nylon. Two large zippered compartments allow the storage of food, first-aid, and other essentials. Hook-and-loop pockets make for quick access to waste bags for everyday use.

Weighing just 13 ounces, the second, multi-function OneTigris design on this list features 3 adjustable straps and a padded underside to comfortably companion your dog any time. In nylon, it is available in a classic all-black or coyote brown.

4. PET ARTIST Waterproof Saddle Bag

For a comfortable fit, waterproof construction, and durability, the Waterproof Saddle Bag by PET ARTIST is a tactical design made entirely of high-quality nylon oxford. MOLLE-like mesh forms the ability to detach pouches and carry dog necessities like food and first-aid.

A multi-use bag offering a 93-day warranty, this waterproof saddle system is ideal for hiking, camping, and unexpected trips. It comes in green and black for multiple chest sizes from 19.5 to 35 inches.

5. Ultrafun Tactical Dog Vest

Created for adding pouches and carrying necessities, this tactical vest by Ultrafun features an ultra-lightweight construction of durable 1000D nylon. With military MOLLE mesh and two zipper pockets, this tactical and training vest is ideal as a K9 bug out bag.

Secure chest and stomach straps keep the bag in place while on the go, and they are easy to remove for simple access to supplies due to a clip on-and-off system. Coming in a rugged green, military tan, or classic black, Ultrafun’s tactical vest fits medium and large dogs.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is time to take a hike or make a run for it with your pet, these tactical and multi-function designs make the perfect addition to your emergency preparedness efforts.

Most of them offer a lightweight, breathable, and customizable design for the unique needs of you and your dog. Coming in colors to suit your taste and urban, combat, or a wild environment, any of these bug out bags will give your canine days of carrying comfort.

Just as you would not for yourself or your family, do not forget your canine’s food, medicine, leash, and creature comforts when you need them most. Select one of the best K9 bug out bags on this list.