Ozarks Secret Underground City (Believe or Not)!

There is no doubt an underground facility exists in the Ozark. There are hundreds of miles of built road and tons of concrete found throughout this huge underground lair. The questions arise, why is it here and why was it build? After all, someone has to know, right?  The answers about an Ozark secret underground city are vague at best.

What We Know About The “Ozark Secret Underground City”

A castle-like mansion is currently under construction outside of Kansas City, Missouri. On what many local residents call prime hunting grounds, Steven Huff has arranged for 7,200 square feet of luxury to be poured in concrete.

The territory is adjacent to the limestone cliffs of Missouri, not the white sand beaches of Miami? Why build a castle out in the middle of nowhere? No one knows. A longtime resident of Virginia, Huff may be preparing for doomsday.

Pensmore, as the estate is called, can purportedly withstand a hurricane, a tornado, or even a bomb blast. It is an above ground fortification. The only thing missing is sentinels in towers. Maybe that’s next.

Who Is Steven Huff?

The primary reason this construction is so mysterious is its owner. Steven Huff previously worked with military intelligence in satellite imagery. He is an astrophysicist and an inventor who sold his company for millions. So you see how the rumors begin?

He is being heralded by some as the next head of government, the leader of the Illuminati, and a doomsday prepper with information the rest of us don’t have.


In fact, when a whistleblower came forward for the concrete company working on his mansion came forward, Steven Huff was enraged. The whistleblower claims that helix was not included in the concrete used to build the construction. Now Huff wants the entire castle torn down and built correctly.

Helix is a compound that has wire-like tendencies; it threads itself through the concrete and allows the concrete to become sort of like plastic. So when hard winds blow or a nuclear blast strikes, the concrete, instead of breaking under pressure, can contract and expand, bend and reshape itself.

If helix is not included in the concrete, then the entire point of the building is nullified. Pensmore is supposed to protect against any kind of disaster. If the structure is made of plain old concrete, that protection is drastically undermined.


Further rumors have Pensmore as merely a facade covering up far more mysterious structures underground. Jesse Venture, former governor of Minnesota and a wrestler with the World Wrestling Federation before that, even produced an entire episode on his show, Conspiracy Theories, on this topic.

If there are indeed underground cities Illuminati rumors will only spread wider.


The Illuminati is a group that may or may not exist, but the conspiracy theorists who believe in them will argue to the death that they are real.

Supposedly, they are composed of a group of the most elite citizens across the world. They have access to information that the rest of us common folk will never get our hands on. Speculation mixes the likes of Bill Gates and Beyonce into this mysterious group.

A series of cities under Pensmore would only feed this rumor as Huff would be a perfect addition to the Illuminati – he’s brilliant, he’s rich, and he’s eccentric. Easily secret society material.


There are of course alternative explanations to underground tunnels and structures. The federal government has built plenty of underground structures for bomb blast experiments, Cold War testing, and a variety of other government functions.

It is not beyond the pale to think that these underground facilities are yet more busy work the government got up to under one or another administration that was paranoid about spies and nuclear bombs, about coups and world war.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is a fun story to follow. Plot lines continue to develop as buildings are constructed, satellite data brings us images of thousands of miles of tunnels, and celebrities speculate as to what is taking place. One thing is for sure: if there are underground facilities that can protect us from possible disaster, it would be a good idea to buddy up with someone on the inside.