Pre Packed Bug Out Bag or DIY BOB: Which Is Best?

Pre Packed Bug Out Bag or DIY BOB: Which Is Best?

In the world of bug out bags there are two ways you can get one; either you learn about it, make your ultimate list of equipment and find a perfect backpack or duffel bag to use as a basis or you just go on Amazon or some similar site and buy a pre packed Bug Out Bag that is already filled with the equipment. Which way is better? You be the judge!

Price DifferencePrice Difference Premade or DIY Bug Out Bag

One of the biggest difference between the two is that of the price. Ready-made bags have a relatively high price; some According to my 2015 research, the average pre packed bug out bag on Amazon cost around $217.

To my amazement, there were some as high as $2000! That is a fairly large amount of money for which you can build a DIY bag and still have enough money for a deposit towards a solid used bug out car.

When building a DIY bag, you can pick each piece of equipment that will be a part of it and save up some money. Ready-made bags often cost more than their equipment’s worth and charge a lot just for the fact that you don’t have to build it.

And when assembling your own bag you can choose to, let’s say, spend more money on the most vital equipment and save some money buying the cheaper equipment that is not really important. You can calculate your budget even before you start building it.

What Equipment is Usually Found in a Pre Packed Bug Out Bag?What Equipment is Usually Found in a Pre Packed Bug Out Bag

Equipment found in Ready-made bags can vary greatly; expensive ones have almost all of the items that you can possibly need while the cheaper ones often contain just the must-have survival equipment. But in almost every ready-made bag you will find:

Some water

A couple of food items


Some kind of shelter

An emergency blanket or sleeping bag

A flashlight

A first aid kit

A couple of personal hygiene items

A flashlight

What Sort of Equipment is Important but Usually isn’t Featured in the Pre Packed Bug Out Bag?

We think that the lack of equipment in some cheaper ready-made bags isn’t the main concern. You should note that many ready-made bags have some pieces of equipment that are not of high quality because of the price.

You’ll spend more money just for replacing those low quality pieces in the end. Even some expensive ready-made bags have the same problem with the poor equipment quality.

When we talk about the actual equipment that isn’t usually featured in ready-made bags, there are some tools and items that are often found missing, like handgun, ammunition, knife, a well-made multi-tool, quality clothes, phone charger, building tools like axe and hammer, enough rope, or something that can be useful in situations that have an unlikely chance to happen, like some kind of disaster.

Another thing that’s good to know is the fact that out there are a lot of different kinds of ready-made bags. Some are built to be your get-home bag; some are disaster kits, and some a 72-hour bug out bags. So it’s important that, even if you want to buy a ready-made bag, do some search on what you really need.

So before deciding to buy a ready-made bag make, a list of equipment it absolutely needs to feature, and a list of items that are desired but not vital. This way you’ll find your perfect ready-made bag much easier and will not spend the extra money on items you don’t really need.

You can link here to my researched list of bug out bag items. Importantly, the list provides suggested gear and supplies  by the experts in emergency preparedness and survivalism you may want to consider.

Pros and Cons of DIY Bug Out BagPros and Cons of DIY Bug Out Bag


Price – when constructing a DIY bag you can spend less money by buying only the equipment you really need, or by choosing the price range of every piece of equipment.

Knowledge – in the process of building your own bag you’ll get lots of useful information about the world of survival and bug out bags.

Customization – you can hand pick every piece of equipment and make your own unique bug out bag.


Preparation – You need a relatively large amount of knowledge if you want to assemble a DIY bag.

Spent time – if you don’t have a lot of free time to spare, building a DIY bag can become a real chore.

Pros and Cons of Pre Packed Bug Out Bag


Simplicity – all you need to do is basically turn on your computer and buy one on Amazon, or go to the nearest mall and buy one. It’s as simple as that.

All of the necessary equipment – almost all of the ready-made bags have all of the necessary equipment needed.


Lack of customization – Ready-made bag customization level is nonexistent. You must take all of the items featured; you can’t pick just the ones you need. And most of the ready-made bags will not have decent clothes, or some equipment pieces that are not common but are essential to you, like and hunting or fishing equipment.

Price – often you can assemble your own bag for less money than what you need to give for a decent ready-made bag. And some of them have items that you just don’t need, having you spend your money on something obsolete.

Equipment quality – in many cases equipment in ready-made bags is of poor quality. Be careful when picking one.

A strong argument for the purchasing of a bug out bag, whether a self made or pre-made version,  has been made with the hopes you find an urgency in securing one. Not only do you want one for yourself, but also for each one of your loved ones.  Whether a disaster hits or not, preparation will always favor your chance of survival.

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