Prepper Medicines: How Long Do They Last & Where to Buy Them

Prepper Medicines

How Long Do Prepper Medicines Last?Are you wondering how long prepper medicines last and where to buy them? Looking at any medicine container will tell you there’s an expiration date on everything, whether over the counter or prescription. And don’t bother looking at the price!

When you’re compiling prepper medications, you want to know that the meds will last as long as possible. For the most part, there’s good news.

The issue of medicine expiration, especially prescription medicines, is not only an important point of discussion but also one that hits home.

My wife had a serious medical condition whereby she was left without this particular hormone vital for life.

Without it she would face certain death.  Luckily however, there was a prescription drug available that would provide her with an adequate and effective hormone replacement.

The main concern over this particular medicine was that only one pharmaceutical company outside of the US produced it.

So what would happen to my loved one if a world wide crisis such as a global financial collapse occured? It is conceivable that it would be extremely difficult or even impossible to obtain this essential for life drug in such a scenario.

So not only is the importance of a drug’s shelf life become important but also the ability to access a large quantity to storehouse ahead of time before a dire world event takes place.

Once you purchase them, then what?  You want to get at least a three months supply to store in a dry cool area of your home. You also want to carry at least a weeks supply in your fully packed bug out bag.  Even after you read this article, it is advised you keep an eye on the date of purchase to know when you bought your prescription  (so you can use the oldest medicine first) and order more as soon as possible.

For many of us on limited budgets, the prescription medicines in the US are outrageously overpriced. So I make suggestions on ways to find cheaper prices on-line to hopefully help you gather a surplus of your much needed medications in the event an extended emergency situation arises.

The Prepper Medicines DisclaimerPrepper Medicines Disclaimer

Anyone who lives in the United States knows how litigious our courts system can be on the common citizen. Therefore, before I continue, I must say the following;

The medical information on our website is provided without any representations or warranties, express or implied.

Without limiting the scope of the statement above we at Aboblist do not warrant or represent that the medical information on this website will be constantly available, or available at all; or is true, accurate, complete, current or non-misleading.

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Prepper Medicine Study Explained

A 1979 federal law required drug manufacturers to put an expiration date on packaging. The date indicates the maker’s guarantee of safety and full potency. Below is the FDA stance on expiration and medicines


However, Information about drug expiration dates comes largely from a study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that was requested by the military, which amasses large stockpiles of drugs that were being replaced regularly at considerable cost.

The study found that 90 percent of the more than 100 prescription and over-the-counter drugs tested were still usable up to 15 years beyond the expiration date. Medical authorities have stated that most so-called “expired” drugs are generally safe to use even if seemingly expired years ago.

While a drug’s efficacy may wane over time, a fair amount of the original strength remains as long as 10 years beyond the expiration date.

There are some important exceptions. Liquid antibiotics, insulin and nitroglycerin generally needs to be used by the printed expiration date. Researchers are also divided on whether tetracycline should be used beyond the end date. But in general, most prepper medicines are long-lasting and will continue to be effective to a certain degree.

If you store the meds in a refrigerator or other cool spot, the drugs will continue to be potent for a number of years.

Some wonder if this whole expiration date business is a calculated ploy by pharmaceutical companies to drive further sales. It’s true that a number of us regularly take stock of what’s in our medicine cabinets and toss those that have passed the published expiration date.

Another way to look at the dates is that they are a conservative estimate. If companies were required to do more testing, they might end up not being able to afford expensive research on new and improved medicines.

Tips om Securing Prepper Medicines Suggestion for finding Prepper Medicines

Now that most of the issue over medicinal expiration dates has been addressed, there remain two major factors that seemingly limit our ability to be adequately prepared for a possible catastrophe; quantity and cost.

Because socio-economic and political situations around the world in our time are tenuous, thus the need to secure an ample supply of drugs especially prescription medications before its too late not only becomes paramount but a daunting task for the survival prepper.

For the most part, over the counter drugs  are readily available and can be had for nominal costs.  And as we have presented they can last for a relatively long time.  It is the prepper medications by doctors prescriptions that become the problem. Most doctors allow for refills and quantities that are given up to a 90 day supply for one year. This may not be enough

As anyone who has had any relationship with the current US health system knows, medication are astronomically priced. For example, in a recent articleprices in the US compared to those in other Western countries for popular prescription drugs were insanely much higher. So how might one overcome these restrictive factors?

One of the best ways to accumulate a surplus at affordable prices is to look beyond our US borders.  Although it is Prepper Medicines around the worldtechnically “illegal” to purchase prescription drugs outside the US, the Feds have turned a blind eye to this practice.

In fact many states have legislated laws to allow their citizens to buy from places like Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland and some other European countries.

The states sanction these countries due to their high quality and standards of production place on their pharmaceutical  drugs.

Usually, once your doctor gives you a hard copy prescription for a 90 day/one year supply, you find online pharmacies that are out of the US to setup an account.

Once your account is active you place an order over the phone or internet.

Before it can be fully processed, you are typically expected to send your paper prescription by snail mail to their location. Once they receive it, they process and mail your medicines. It typically takes 3 to 6 weeks to receive your package.

The good thing is many of these pharmacies allow you to purchase your next refill after one month.  This way you might be able to start stashing some extra meds ahead of time.  You will however need to go to your doctor to get a new written prescription way before the year is up.

Remember, as you purchase your stockpile, follow this simple rule F.I.F.O (first in, first out). So you will have the oldest batch of medicine to use up first.   This will insure you having medicine that is working at full potency.

Using the above strategy along with purchasing generic meds will not only save your hard earned money but hopefully give you the way to stockpile what you need without the worry of shortages or disruptions.



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