Protecting Your Skin in the Wilderness (3 Prepper Tips)

Protecting Your Skin in the Wilderness

Many might not think it, but your bodies’ largest and most important organ is your skin. Without this organ, constantly defending your body from outside forces, you would fall ill and most likely die within minutes. Our skin is often taken for granted, due to how rare it is in our modern civilization to be damaged by anything. This is untrue, more so, the most prevalent agent in damaging our skin is none other than not taking care of it. Not finding or having the item needed is one thing that you cannot evade, especially when you are out in the wilderness.

Always remember, wilderness is a very fickle mistress, it can both provide and take away your chances of survival and well-being. However, more often than not, people can find more things to help their survival situation if they know where to look and what to do especially when it comes to maintaining and caring for one’s health and body.

What Could be Used to Help My Skin in the Wilderness

When in the wilderness, practicality is the cornerstone of survival. Have a bit of lotion, moisturizer, or sunblock, will incredibly go a long way in preserving your skin. Place on parts of the skin where you notice flaking, dryness, or redness.

This will ensure your skin does not split or become cracked, as this becomes more and more possible when more physically demanding tasks are done. Be careful to notice blisters as well.

Cracked skin can lead to bleeding and unwanted infection. And as you know, getting an infection in the wilderness can be fatal in a disaster event.

If not having the chance to procure such store-bought items, it is possible to sustain your skin easily by keeping well hydrated and if at all possible, applying some type of topical oil.

Natural producing oils can be found in a very common tree found almost anywhere; the pine tree. By simply collecting the needles and following a simple recipe,  the residual pine oil can be used to help moisturize your skin.

Whether that be natural or cooking oil is irrelevant, because, in the end, your skin needs an agent to keep moisture in and dryness out. This again might seem daunting, especially when your skin is the last thing on your mind.

How to Best Protect Your Skin from Damage

Whether it be the sun, too much water, or too dry an atmosphere it is easy for your skin to become damaged by everyday living. While it might seem a good idea to rush into the hike without sunblock once or twice, it will become more detrimental after your 10th time. No one likes the feeling of sunburned, dry, or cracked skin. Not only is it uncomfortable it will often lead to faster aging and wrinkles without the proper care and attention.

There are multiple ways of counteracting this damage, either by the traditional route of using sun block, proper clothing, and headgear. As any hiker or similar outdoorsman would admit, the better equipped the fewer headaches. However, if there is a situation where you might not be able to correctly or completely cover your head and everything else, there are organic and natural alternatives found in the woods and streams.

How to Best Keep your Skin in Good Health

keep your skin in good healthBy ensuring your skin is kept in good health, it will be much easier to prevent skin irritations or infections. Obviously, when you are out in the wilderness there is not a store that you can go to to buy the medicines or ointments you need.

But natural skin remedies can be easily attained in the wilderness. For example, Vitamin D which is great in maintaining your skin elasticity can be found by consuming fish products. Or if it is possible find, the herb rosemary which is chocked full of antioxidants. There are much more foods options as well, as listed here.


In the end, a situation out in the wilderness will most likely not be in the best of cases, but even when it is, it is very easy to take care of your skin. As long as you ensure you keep in mind the need to care and maintain your body’s health and skin protection, you will find that the wilderness and it potential hazards will become a lot less difficult to deal with.

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