The Bug Out Bag List and The Evolution of a Prepper

 “Just because I’m crazy doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”
  – Clif High

Unless you have been hiding under a rock over the past twenty to thirty years, I think most of us would say there have been noticeable social, economic, ecological and terrestrial changes.

Prepping for a crisis

Because I have been student of history, it has been second nature for me to keep abreast of the popular chatter and the trends set forth by the events during these trying times.

One identifiable societal change worth noting has been the desire of many throughout our country to prepare for natural and unforeseen events.  Is this odd or is it becoming vogue?

In fact, society has coined the phrase “prepper” as a way to identify those of us who plan and prepare for if and when the sky begins to fall.

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The Modern Prepper Cometh


For those newbies, let it be known you are not alone.

Believe it or not, “As many as 3.7 million Americans are classified as preppers or survivalist…”1

One of the most popular online blogs on prepping and survival; Survival Blog (, purports that its receives more than 320 thousand unique visits per month.2

According to Mac Slavo, “… The preppers are an ever-growing group of survivalists who take extreme measures to prepare for a major catastrophic event…”3

And yes naysayers abound; from your own personal circle to the loud voice of the mainstream media making out the prepper to be crazy as a loon.

Yet, the U.S. government, through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), encourages Americans to be prepared for disaster…4

My Prepper Humble BeginningsFind John's Food

Becoming a “survivalist” or “prepper” was by no means an accident.   Most likely for you, it was through personal circumstances or an event you experienced.

As for me, it was during my childhood that I personally felt the need to always save and stash away food and other special items were in my secret cubbyholes.

At seven years of age I worked as a paperboy and saved as much as I could to purchase these mentioned items because my family only bought the essentials.

Although it stretched enough to feed my siblings, it was those feel good items that never seem to make it home from the grocery store.

I would constantly hide snacks and meat products around the house.  Most times it was commented when someone was a bit hungry, “I know that John has food somewhere in this house,” and the hunt would begin.

I hid food around the house not because I did not want to share it but because I wanted my supplies to last for myself and for my family, especially when food around the house became scarce.

Currently, I have been “prepping” for over the past seven years.

And throughout this time, I have been reading, listening and discussing with a few selected experts on their prospective of the past and current state of affairs asking them what steps they would take if a dire event should befall them or what practical advice would they give to someone who is just new to the game of prepping?

Thus, began my website!

My Inner Prepper Evolution

What is a prepper

Around the financial debacle in 2008, I started to question how the “real world” had been built around me. I especially focused on the mess in the United States.

I mean after the real estate, banking and financial crisis’s it became too apparent how little control I had over the resources that kept my family safe and secure.

I mean I “lost” half of my pension that I had been building up for over a decade within a blink of an eye!

So like you, I began my search for the answers that I realized I was not getting from traditional avenues of information.

Hitler BOB Prepper ComethThank God for the internet!  It was here where I began my search for some semblance of truth.

And through much effort, I started to figure out for myself what was needed to be done (forget about talking to my family and friends who thought I was going crazy).

One of the very first scenarios for me to ponder was what if our current socio-political situation went the road of 1933 Germany (with our current science and technology I am certain control by the few would be much easier than it was for the fascists during that time).

What would my family and I do?

Bug in or Bug Out?

Bug in or Bug out?One of my first directives was developing an “exit” strategy to use if conditions warranted it.

If my family was forced to stay put, then I would gather as much emergency preparedness items we would need or as much as we could afford.

However, if we were forced to leave due to a natural or man-made occurrence, then we would want to stay as free from those who might do us harm.

And thus this is where I began to research and develop my very first bug out bags.

The State of the Bug Out Bag List

My very first attempts at getting together bug out bags are by today’s standard both crude and rudimentary. Nevertheless, these bags were definitively effective if they were called into action.

I had assembled a 72 hour bag, vehicle bug out bag and every day carry kit. The list of bug out bag items and ideas came from watching youtube videos and perusing prepper websites.

It was these compiled Iists of preparedness items that lead me to create a ready-made pocket survival kits that I wanted to sell on Amazon to similar minded individuals.

However, because of my novice understanding and lack of confidence to sell on Amazon, it never materialized. Nevertheless, I incorporated all of the proper and appropriate suggestions made by the internet website, forums, videos or articles I read.

Bug out bag researchStudying the research of the bug out bag over the past half decade I have definitely notice a change.

There is a higher quality standard of information regarding the various type of bug out bag and bug out bag lists being disseminated on the internet and as a well on more mainstream outlets.

Another noticeable difference is the advance technological innovations in survival tools and better suggested practices in the use of these prepper  items are now available.

It is from these sources of knowledgeable data compiled which I used in the development of the bug out bag list I created.  My hope is that it provides helpful and useful information to apply in your quest in purchasing or building your assorted personal bug out bags.

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