The Money Masters Debunked (Or is It for Real?)

The ones who ultimately controls the country are those entities that control the money. The video The Money Masters presents the history and events that lead to this reality. But, the author also provides a solution that can bring the control back to the people. There are those however are critical and so they want the Money Masters Debunked as pure fairy tale.  Nevertheless, Bill Still shows you the evidence for you to make up your mind.

Banks have become part of society since the beginning of civilization. With their ability to loan money at interest using other people’s wealth, they have become an extremely powerful force both in social and political circles. Somewhere along the way, banks began to use the deposits of gold and silver to loan 10 times their value. Because, it was highly unlikely all depositors would come in at one time and withdraw their savings, the banks were relatively safe. But, during an economic crisis, some unfortunately lost all their money.

Although this was apparent, history shows society never eliminated this practice. As some banks become powerful entities, they used their influence to become the countries central bank. Their objective was to have the exclusive right to print the bills used by the people. This central bank thus charges the government to pay through interest for this service. Thus, they not only monopolize the control of circulation of money but the economy of a nation.

Is it too late?  There are many economic and social experts who say yes. Some have suggested the only way to end this oppression is by popular uprising throughout the world. However does it need be a violent one?  If people would just say no and stop using the system maybe it need not happen. However, I conjecture that much struggle, suppression and suffering will occur. Unfortunately many will not live to see this end to this evil system.