Urban Survival Kit: How to Maintain Your Bug Out Bag

Urban Survival Backpacker

After months of careful research and thorough planning, you have finally purchased or built your Urban Survival Kit. But do you stop there? The answer is a big NO.   Urban Survival Kit

You must remember that the bug out supplies you have in this bag can rot or malfunction over time.

Because disasters do not happen every month or even every year, there is a good chance that your bug out bag will remain unused for months or years after you have finished preparing it, causing some of the items to expire or malfunction.

It is up to you to replenish or replace them when the time comes. Here are some useful tips you can follow to keep your survival bag in excellent shape.

Even though my assumption is you who live in the big city have a bug out bag with all the necessary gear and supplies ready and waiting for you if disaster strikes, there are some who haven’t even gotten off the fence to have a BOB ready and waiting.

So for those still without an emergency bag, I provide below a few choice ready made Urban Bug Out Bags for you to select from Amazon and act.

Top Urban Bug Out Bag Survival Kits


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Zippmo Survival Gear is an up an coming supplier of emergency preparedness products and gear .


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Zippmo Survival Kits are hand assembled and individually inspected for utmost quality and consistency.

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Emergency Zone’s mission is to provide quality products at affordable prices.


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Valley Food Storage Bug Out Bag line was developed to emphasize family emergency preparedness .


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This Grab and Go Bug Out Bag  designed to be lightweight and provide all the essential gear you will need during a disaster.

Now that we all have our bags in hand (and those who are waiting to have theirs delivered), the following are thoughts you should ponder for when a catastrophe appears you are not only ready but more than sufficiently prepared.

Have a Detailed List of the Items in Your Bags

This list can be your guide when you do your regular inspection. Cross out the things you have already checked to ensure that you get all of them covered. It is also a good idea to make a list with food expiration dates. Writing everything down in your own notes will give you quick access to information when you need it, instead of having to decipher a label that has faded over time.

Food and Water Supplies for Your BOBfood-and-water

As a rule of thumb, water bottles must be changed every month and food supplies-every 6 months.

Although canned goods last longer, it is still better if the ones in your bug out bag (BOB) are fresh. Besides, you can just eat the older ones and replace them with the fresher ones.

If you have a family bug out bag, make sure to inspect your kids’ individual BOBs. Some kids say that they have followed your directions even if they did not. As a result, you might end up opening a kit during an emergency only to find it full of expired products.

There are a variety of emergency food items that are both long term and compact that may interest you. I list some of my favorites in my article Prepper Foods.

Changing Seasons and Proper PackingSurvival Preparation for All Seasons

As the season changes, you will also have to change some of the items in your ultimate survival kit. During summer, for example, you do not need to pack thick coats or blankets. The opposite is true in winter.

Even your tent may need to be adjusted between seasons. In the summer, you can use a tent with a meshed material on the upper portion.

This will keep the insects out, at the same time allowing a fresh breeze of air to circulate inside the tent.

Batteries for Your Prepper SuppliesBatteries for your Survival bag

It is not advised to place batteries inside the flashlight or any other device they are meant for. There is a possibility that they will leak and damage the equipment.

Instead, store them separately and remember to replace them regularly to ensure they are always fresh. Always try the batteries before packing them to make sure they are fully functional.

Bug Out Bag’s Condition

It is also crucial that you periodically check the backpack that you will use for your 3 day bug out bag. After all, a rat could have chewed on a strap, and made it impossible for you to carry the bag.Bug Out Backpack

You need to do a thorough inspection to make sure the backpack is constantly in a good condition. Even if you use your backpack regularly for hiking or camping trips, you still need to inspect it for wear from time to time.

Minor damages can be easily repaired, but major ones may warrant buying a new backpack.

I go into further detail on BOB Backpacks and highlight bags you might consider.

Test Tools, Weapons, and EquipmentMaintaining your Prepper Supplies in Good Condition

Inspect all your tools and equipment to make sure they are still functioning properly. The flashlight, radio, stove, walky-talkies, and multi-tool are just a few of the tools you need to inspect.

Your knife may need sharpening and your gun-regular cleaning. If you prefer pepper spray as your weapon, make sure there is still pressure in it as this item has an expiration date.

Remember to Replenish and Replacereplace or replenish survival gear

If you have brought your BOB to a recent camping trip, there is a big chance that you have used up some of your supplies. Remember to replenish them right away.

Do not procrastinate, as you never know when an emergency will happen.

Items that may also need replacement are your clothes. Keep in mind that you might have lost or gained weight in the past 6 months. So, check the clothes and make sure they still fit you properly. You can also get the clothes or shoes replaced if you find a better option.

Update Bug Out Plans and Change Your Supplies AccordinglyBug Out Planning

Assess your original evacuation plan to see if it is still viable. If not, you will need to make changes and that could mean changing some of the items in your BOB as well.

For example, if the original bug out plan involved going to location A, but you recently realized that location B is a better idea, you may need to get a new map and think about the best transport to the new destination.

Take note of the changes in your life. If, for example, you changed jobs and your job is now far from home, you may need to prepare a smaller BOB that will contain some basic items that will help you get from your work to your home in case of an emergency. A new addition to your family is also cause for you to prepare a new BOB for them.

Our life changes and therefore, our bug out plans need to change too. They could alter with time depending on the seasons, political atmosphere, personal events, and many other factors. So, keep yourself updated and regularly maintain your urban survival kit accordingly.

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