Vacuum Sealing Ammunition (5 Tips & Advantages)

Vacuum Sealing Ammunition

Having a lot of weapons is one of the many characteristics of being a well-prepared survivalist, and with a lot of weapons comes a lot of ammunition. This is something that you simply cannot avoid, but as important as having ample ammo is, there’s no doubt that having so much of it can be rather annoying in regards to storing the stuff. There are many different ways you can organize it, but one of our favorites is vacuum sealing ammunition.

Vacuum sealing ammo is a manner of storage that has recently become quite popular with a lot of preppers all across the country, but not everyone is on board with the act of this just quite yet. There’s still some reservation out there in regards to whether or not doing this actually comes with any benefits, and today we’re here to shed some light on this matter.

We have a few tips and pros to offer to folks thinking about whether or not they should vacuum seal ammunition that they have, and they are as follows:

1. Better visibility of the ammo that you have

Have you ever been hunting around for a certain type of ammunition and weren’t able to find it due to a lack of proper visibility for the way that you have it stored? The boxes that ammo comes in by default has fairly readable labels for clearly seeing what kind of ammo you’ve got your hands on, but if you’ve stored your current supply in a box or container of some sort, trying to quickly identify it can often be a pain in the butt.

When you make the move to vacuum sealed bags, it’s much easier to quickly see what kind of ammo you’re looking at if you need to select a certain one in a pinch.

Since most vacuum-sealed bags are see-through, you can easily look at the bag and see just what type of ammo you’re dealing with. Plus, if you want to make finding your ammo even easier, you can also write on the bag with a Sharpie to indicate the type of ammo this way as well.

This is a fairly minor pro on paper, but in real-world use, we found this advantage being incredibly useful when trying to find a certain type of ammo as quickly as possible.

2. Your ammo is better-protected

When speaking with other preppers, we noted that a lot of people are storing their ammo in cardboard boxes. While this is fine, there’s a big disadvantage that comes with storing your ammo in this manner — it’s hardly protected at all!

Cardboard boxes aren’t the most sturdy or secure thing around, and if they get wet or too much weight is placed on them, they can quickly collapse and your ammunition is then susceptible to being damaged.

With vacuum-sealed bags, your ammo remains extremely safe and secure from all sorts of elements. Rain won’t effect your ammo in the slightest seeing as how vacuum-sealed bags are totally waterproof, and these bags are also typically rather strong and resistant against sharp objects as well.

In addition to this, using vacuum bags to seal your ammo up also allows you to safely bury it underground. This is something you probably won’t have to do unless you’re in a serious survival setting, but having your ammo is vacuum bags makes doing this much, much easier.

3. Improved organization

This one is similar to the first pro that we mentioned, but it’s such an important and big advantage that we had to mention it.

Since vacuum-sealed bags are so small in size, storing all of your ammo in this fashion allows for much better organization of your entire supply. Between this and the ability to see clearly what kind of ammo you have via the clear bags, your organization game will go from lame to fame.

Proper organization is one of the biggest and most important factors to keep in mind when it comes to storing all of your survival materials/goodies, as not knowing exactly where everything is at all times can mean death for you and your group at the wrong time.

Vacuum sealing your ammo allows you to have the organization that’s necessary for a proper survival setup, and even though this might seem like a very small step to make, it results in a huge difference once you actually implement it into your prepper lifestyle.

4. You don’t have to worry about humidity

When storing your ammo in cans, boxes, or something else that’s not a vacuum-sealed bag, you’ll need to actively make sure that you’re keeping an eye on the humidity levels of the location that it’s being stored in. Humidity is one of the biggest enemies that faces your ammo while it is in storage, but this is something you won’t have to worry about when vacuum sealing it.

Vacuum-sealed bags are airtight, and because of this, humidity in the air around it can’t penetrate the bag and cause havoc for your precession ammo stash. You should still be a little conscious about the location in where your extra ammo is living, but you don’t need to be as concerned with its well-being in these regards when vacuum-sealing it up.

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages that comes with vacuum sealing ammunition, and it’s one that’s extremely difficult to live without once you’ve experienced the usefulness of it.

5. More control over the size of how you store your ammo

Lastly, something that we really suggest when it comes to vacuum sealing your ammo is playing around with the size of the bags that you make for storing your ammunition. You have quite a bit of control when it comes to how large or small you want your ammo bags to be, and this is something that you just don’t get with other storage methods.

Want a really large bag to hold 20+ rounds of ammo? Feel free to make one! Would you like to have another bag that just holds 6 bullets? You can do this as well!

Having so much say over the size of your bags not only helps out when it come to storage, but it can also improve how ready you are to act in a certain situation. You can create certain bags that are just excess ammo you’ll use at one point or another, and you can have smaller emergency bags that you can quickly grab and tear open should you need to.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, vacuum sealing your ammo comes with a lot of helpful benefits. Converting your entire storage method to this might be a bit challenging at first if you have a lot of extra ammo lying around, but trust us when we say that taking the time to switch to vacuum-sealed bags is well worth the added effort up front.