Zombie Bug Out Bag Guide: Supplies and Skills That Will Keep You Alive… Longer

Escaping the zombie apocalypse


bugging out from the zombiesWith all the zombie TV series and movies being shown right now, more and more people are getting convinced that a zombie apocalypse could happen at anytime.

Many have even gone as far as preparing a Zombie Bug Out Bag. Unfortunately, a zombie apocalypse, no matter how unbelievable it may seem, is actually not a far-fetched scenario, especially considering that viruses mutate and may eventually develop into something that will turn men into “The Walking Dead.”

If you watch the TV series with the same title, you must have noticed that the majority of the population was unprepared for what happened.

Thus, only the strongest, the smartest, and the luckiest people survived. Obviously, nobody wants to become zombie dinner if such a terrifying occurrence ever comes true, so here are some tips on how to put together your zombie survival kit.

For those who think they need a guide that gives the best techniques and strategies to learn and use for any disaster (not just for a Zombie invasion), click this link.


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• Best Bug Out Shelter During a Zombie Invasion
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Below are some Bug Out Bags that emphasize the weapons you would want most if the unthinkable ever occurs. Check them out.

Top Zombie Survival Bug Out Bags

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

My Rating: ★★★★

For over 70 years, Gerber Gear is renowned for it high grade blades made in the USA .


      • Survival Kit Comes in a Super Durable Canvas Reinforced Stitched Carrying Case
      • 7 Top Quality Apocalypse Survival Weapons/Tools
      • Sheath Covering Provided for Each Weapon for Safety and Protection

Gerber is a leading provider of survival equipment and gear to the US Armed Forces.

Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit

My Rating: ★★★

Lansky Sharpeners is well recognized as a leader in the knife sharpening world.

      • Tactical Bug Out Bag for Easy Grab and Go Situations
      • Tools Selected for Effectiveness During a Natural or Apocalyptic Scenario
      • Good Solid Survival Kit

Lansky produces cutting tools for both the civilian and military community.

VAS BLACK Zombie Survival Gear

My Rating: ★★★

VAS First Response is a supplier of prepper gear and merchandise



      • Military Grade Bug Out Bag with Room for Extra Survival Gear
      • Multiple Use Tools to Use Against Attack or for Survival Support
      • Good Basic Zombie Survival Kit

Survival Kits from VAS First Response exclusive suppliers to Amazon.


Ultimate Bug Out Bag for the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie SurvivalAs you know, the biggest difference between a regular bug out bag (BOB) and one designed for a zombie apocalypse is the presence of more weapons in the latter.

Your survival bag list will still include the basic essentials, such as water, food, clothing, shelter, blankets, medicines, first aid kit, tools, toiletries, and fire starting implements, but it will also have a few additions.

For one, a zombie apocalypse may require you to stock up on a few more weapons. Here are some suggestions:

Shotgun or Rifle – This can help you kill zombies from afar. Be sure to pack extra rounds of ammo with it.

Machete or Hatchet – These weapons can help you save money on the bullets and are great for close encounters. The long handle on these blades is Bug out bag weaponsyour chance to avoid being bitten by a zombie. These tools are also handy for cutting firewood.

Shovel – This can be used both as a weapon and a tool. You can use a shovel to dig graves, or make a large hole that will serve as a hiding place for you or a trap for a zombie.

Baseball Bat – Most homes have one of these already, so you might as well grab yours as you go running away from those zombies. They are great for whacking the heads of zombies and bad people who try to steal your supplies.

A rope can be a great addition to the weapons. You can use it to tie yourself if you’re about to do some climbing, to help secure doors, or set up traps for food. Make sure that your rope of choice is long, light-weight, and durable.

Never forget to pack your dependable communication device. An AM/FM radio will keep you updated on the government’s efforts to save the people. Directions on how to get to safe areas may also be broadcast through the radio. A two-way radio, or walky-talkies, are also an essential tool. They will help you get in touch with your fellow survivors.

Finally, make sure you have a map of your state or country as well as a compass. These items will prevent you from getting lost on your search for a safe place to stay. Pack these, and you’ve got the best bug out bag for the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Survival SkillsZombie Survival Skills to Learn

Of course, a zombie survival bag is not enough to keep you alive during these frightening and desperate times.

For example, even if you have the most
advanced rifle with ammunition stowed in your bag, you will be wasting your bullets if you do not know how to shoot or aim.

So, focus your time on learning how to properly use the weapon of your choice.

The next step is learning how to swim. There is no data to support the view that zombies cannot swim, but if that really is true, then being able to swim has the potential to save your life.

Moreover, there is no way of knowing what type of terrain you will encounter as you run away from these zombies. There’s a big chance that you will come to a river along the way.

Another skill that may come handy is learning how to hotwire a car. Instead of wasting your energy on walking, take advantage of one of the abandoned vehicles. You may also want to take some time to learn how to trouble shoot basic car problems and how to fix them.

Other skills you should focus on developing are knot-tying, rain water collecting, trap making, and navigating without a compass.

Control Your Fear of ZombieMost importantly, you need to have the ability to control your fears. After all, panicking will only worsen your situation.

Screaming, for one, will just attract more zombies. So, be smart and calculate your actions to ensure that you will survive this apocalypse.

Take the necessary time to prepare the zombie bug out bag and improve the crucial skills.

The extra day you spend doing that may be enough to guarantee you live long enough for the infection to be contained and the people-saved.