Who is “The Tenth Man?”

‘…when you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’              – Sherlock Holmes

John Alba aka The Tenth Man received his Master Degree in The Teaching of History and Education from the University of Illinois. A professional educator and researcher, with 12 years of teaching experience, John has taught at the secondary and post secondary levels in History, Education, English Language Learning and Teaching. He is a family man with a strong passion for his boys and wife of 26 years.  He incorporates an independent lifestyle of self sufficiency.

His interest in research and activism in the areas of Survivalism, Prepping and Risk Anaysis was fueled by the events and aftermath of September 11. 2001.  He seeks to bring an objective viewpoint on current events and future trends striving to offer effective emergency preparedness strategies and viewpoints. The Tenth Man’s mission is to share his findings in the obscure and less traveled roads with a desire to help those seeking honest answers to the many poignant questions during this most critical phase in human history… one day at a time.

                                                The Tenth Man Maxims:

1. Read, listen and seek out answers no matter how fantastical or improbable.
2. Do my due diligence in  research and  find expert  information from top professions in the areas of investigative endeavors as much as possible.
3. Provide an objective viewpoint to the fullest extent .
4. Maintain  a respectful forum for my audience.
5. Provide commentary that is proactive and reasonable in nature.