Are Brass Knuckles Good For Self Defense: A Perfect Solution

Are Brass Knuckles Good For Self Defense

If you’re concerned about self-defense, that is a sensible decision. You should look for smart solutions like brass knuckles to defend yourself in an emergency. Small, practical weapons that you can fit in a pants pocket are ideal because they are concealable. Moreover, brass knuckles give you a distinct advantage when dealing with an assailant in hand-to-hand combat. Anything that makes your punch more effective can mean the difference between escape and serious injury or death. Naturally, the best defense is to avoid confrontation, but that’s not always an option. Thus, when you have to fight, you want to win quickly and walk away. I’ll explain everything you need to know about this simple and effective self-defense tool so you can carry them with confidence. 

Are brass knuckles good for self-defense? Brass knuckles are good for self-defense. Once associated with street toughs and mobsters, the brass knuckle has come a long way, yet relatively few people carry them. As any fighter can tell you, adding weight or even a ring to your hand when fighting can have devastating consequences, and brass knuckles offer a blend of both. 

Brass Knuckles For Self Defense

Choosing brass knuckles for self-defense is a good solution. However, it would help if you used them properly since failing to do so could hurt you more than your opponent. You probably already know that a bad punch leads to broken fingers. So, a bad punch multiplied will likely lead to a worse break. 

Like any weapon, you need to respect your brass knuckles. This means taking care of them properly as well as practicing to use them correctly. Basic cleaning and storage aren’t difficult. Use vinegar or lemon and baking soda to wipe them down, and always dry completely before putting them away.

It’s best to wrap your brass knuckles in a soft microfiber cloth to prevent scratches. While a few dings might give a well-used and intimidating appearance, they won’t do the metal any favors. Damaged tools tend to oxidize faster due to the increased exposed surface area. Sand down any scratches or dings before cleaning and stowing your knuckles away. 

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How To Hold and Hit With Brass Knuckles 

Newton’s third law of motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What that means for your brass knuckles is the harder you hit, the harder your hand gets hit back. Hence, proper use is essential. Especially if you are a trained fighter or put any real power into your blows, you can mess your hand up if you don’t respect these incredible yet simple tools. 

Holding your weapon properly is important. Slide your fingers through the ring-openings in the brass-knuckles and curl your fingers into your palm. Then you will wrap your thumb around and toward your index finger. This is similar to how you punch without any augmentation. 

Look at the way you’re holding your hand. If your thumbsticks up, it will impact first and may break. Additionally, that will soften the blow of the knuckles making them less effective. Furthermore, you should never tuck your thumb inside your hand. 

The Right Way To Hit

A straight-armed punch is common in normal combat. However, when you use brass knuckles, this is not the best technique. It would be best if you came in at an angle with a curved arm. Make sure you use your full body and pivot from the hips bringing the full force of your weight into the punch. 

According to SwordSwords, you should also “… make sure to keep your wrist straight. This will minimize the direct impact on your bones, and it’s more likely that you won’t suffer from any risk injury.” Maintaining proper body posture in combat is essential to success. I recommend practicing weekly to increase muscle memory so you can automatically snap to the right form without needing to think about it or risk serious damage to your hand.

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Can You Kill Someone With Brass Knuckles

A punch can kill, so your brass knuckles increase the chances of doing so. As a defensive weapon, brass knuckles are excellent, but you need to remember what defines self-defense. For your actions to resemble defense, you can only do the minimum amount of damage to escape a situation. 

Naturally, when TEOTWAWKI hits, there may not be any reason to consider legal ramifications. However, in the interim, you can go to jail for using unequal force. Killing someone with brass knuckles would probably qualify. Make sure you aim for sensitive areas, but not the nose, temple, or other likely kill-spots. 

Remember that it only takes a pound of pressure to break human skin if you have a sharp point. Additionally, many bones break under as little as four pounds of pressure. If you are a heavy hitter, but you plan to defend yourself, you may not want to hit with full force. 

Using brass knuckles concentrates the area of your blow into a smaller space. Resultantly, you are doing more damage with the same force, and it is easy to go overboard. Moreover, hitting with your hand means impacting skin and bone with your own skin and bone. There’s a natural buffer there. Alternately, brass is much harder than human bone or skin. 

Plus, it’s important to understand that brass knuckles can be a concealed weapons. Always check your local laws, and if necessary, consult an attorney for clear, concise information. 

Which States Allow Brass Knuckles

Depending upon where you live, brass knuckles may not be a good self-defense weapon due to local laws. I’ve compiled a quick reference chart for the laws in each state as of December 2020. Please bear in mind that these laws are subject to modification, and your county or city may have additional legislation. These are brief overviews for informational purposes only, and you should always check current local laws before carrying any weapon. 

Brass knuckle Laws By State

  • Alabama- Brass knuckles are legal to carry, but concealed weapons require a permit.
  • Alaska- Illegal to own, make, or transport ‘metal knuckles’. 
  • Arizona- People over 21 can carry deadly weapons concealed without a permit, but brass knuckles are considered a deadly weapon. 
  • Arkansas- Illegal to own, can be misdemeanor or felony. 
  • California- Illegal 
  • Colorado- Illegal except as a jewelry or display piece.
  • Connecticut-Brass knuckles are legal to carry, but concealed weapons require a permit.
  • D.C.- Illegal
  • Delaware- Legal with concealed carry permit only. 
  • Florida- Brass knuckles are legal to carry, but concealed weapons require a permit.
  • Georgia- Legal to carry
  • Hawaii- Legal, but you cannot transport or store them in a vehicle.
  • Idaho- No specific law
  • Illinois- Very illegal. Even jewelry can be considered brass knuckles. 
  • Indiana- Legal to carry
  • Iowa- No specific law
  • Kansas- Illegal 
  • Kentucky- Brass knuckles are legal to carry on private property, but concealed weapons require a permit.
  • Louisiana- Legal to carry
  • Maine- Illegal
  • Maryland- Brass knuckles are legal to carry, but concealed weapons require a permit.
  • Massachusetts- Illegal
  • Michigan- Illegal
  • Minnesota- Illegal
  • Mississippi- Legal to carry, but concealment is illegal.
  • Missouri- Illegal
  • Montana- No specific law
  • Nebraska- Brass knuckles are legal to carry, but concealed weapons require a permit.
  • Nevada- Illegal
  • New Hampshire- Illegal
  • New Jersey- Illegal
  • New Mexico- Brass knuckles are legal to carry, but concealed weapons require a permit.
  • New York- Illegal
  • North Carolina- Legal to carry, but concealment is illegal.
  • North Dakota- Legal to carry, but concealment is illegal.
  • Ohio- No specific mention in the laws
  • Oklahoma- Illegal to carry an offensive weapon, including brass knuckles.
  • Oregon- Brass knuckles are legal to carry, but concealed weapons require a permit.
  • Pennsylvania- Illegal
  • Rhode Island- Illegal
  • South Carolina- Legal
  • South Dakota- Legal
  • Tennessee- Illegal
  • Texas- It is legal in Texas to possess and brass knuckles for self-defense. 
  • Utah- No specific law
  • Vermont- Illegal
  • Virginia- Legal with a concealed weapon permit only
  • Washington- Illegal
  • West Virginia- Brass knuckles are legal to carry, but concealed weapons require a permit.
  • Wisconsin- Brass knuckles are legal to carry, but concealed weapons require a permit.
  • Wyoming- Brass knuckles are legal to carry, but concealed weapons require a permit.
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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you won’t need to fight hand to hand anytime soon. However, if you do, then choosing a set of brass knuckles for your self-defense EDC is a superb way to increase your preparedness level and your chances of survival. Better still, they are easy to slip into a pocket or fanny pack. 

The downside to brass knuckles for self-defense is getting through a security checkpoint. Keep in mind that anywhere you need to pass through a metal detector, it will light up like a Christmas tree and sound the alarm. Leave your metal self-defense items in your vehicle if you’re headed indoors anywhere with scanners. 

As devastating hits go, you don’t need as much power behind a swing when augmented with brass knuckles. For those who hit like a brick wall already, you may want to pull those punches if you aren’t planning to kill someone. 

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