Best Army Shower Shoes: Safe and Comfortable Options

Best Army Shower Shoes

So you’re off to basic training in the army. Thank you in advance for your service, but first, we need to talk about Army shower shoes. Most likely, you have never done anything like this before, and the experience will be trying, especially adjusting to the timeframes. For example, you need to plan ahead for showers that last about two minutes. Moreover, since many people use shower stalls, you should be worried about getting foot fungus. With a nasty case of athletes’ foot, you would be miserable everywhere you walk, so packing excellent, durable, high-quality shower shoes is a must. You won’t have much time to think about anything but taking orders once you arrive. Fortunately, your recruiter will give you a list of items you need. I will walk you through the top five best choices and give you some tips to help along the way. 

Do You Shower Together at Basic Training

Choosing the best Army shower shoes is just a small step on your journey. Many future soldiers are surprised by how little alone time they get, including the showers. You might expect a private stall with a curtain, but you would probably be wrong. Like everything else in the military, you will shower as a group

Military showers are very similar to those you may have seen in PE classes as a middle school or high school student. Typically they are large rooms with tile on every surface except the ceiling. Multiple showerheads will stick out from the walls. You will not be in the showers alone. 

Some facilities may have dividing walls between individual stalls, but that is not a guarantee. Many people walk in and out each day, and shower shoes prevent foot fungus from becoming an issue for everyone. 

Athlete’s Foot

If you have never had athlete’s foot, you might expect a fungal infection to look like mold or even mushrooms. However, you would be wrong. Most athletes’ foot infections begin as an itch between the toes, and beyond the discomfort, there’s little to see. 

You may notice a scaly rash between your toes or redness. The sensation of itching and burning will not go away on its own. Moreover, foot fungus is highly transmissible. Merely scratching idly at your athlete’s foot can spread it around. Plus, you can leave microscopic patches anywhere you step, which will transfer to the next unfortunate who stands in that spot.

Changing your socks often and keeping your boots clean will help reduce the spread of fungus and bacteria-caused foot odors, but it will not treat foot fungus. While clean boots are a less welcoming environment for foot problems, they won’t prevent you from getting athlete’s foot in the first place. Fortunately, that is what your shower shoes are for. 

It is essential to have your feet looked at if you pick up athlete’s foot. The sooner you get a good antifungal creme, the less it will itch and burn. Additionally, you will help reduce the spread by killing it off. As you can see, wearing shower shoes in the Army is essential to everyone’s’ health and wellbeing. 

Finding The Army Best Shower Shoes

Having the best Army shower shoes will make your time in the military more comfortable, even if nothing else does. Yet finding the right fit for you can be difficult if you are not used to wearing shoes while you shower. It’s important to get yours well enough in advance that you have time to break them in and test them out first.

Naturally, you don’t want blisters or a bad fit, but discovering that problem after you get to bootcamp means you’re stuck with what you have for a while. It will be days or weeks before you have the chance to do anything beyond following orders and sleeping, so you cannot get a better pair if your shower shoes are a bad fit. Starting with high-quality options will help. 

First, make sure you read the instructions provided by your recruiter exactly. Your shower shoes may need to be a specific style or color, though this is seldom a concern. Nevertheless, if your sheet says green or black shower shoes, you do not want to show up with red or yellow. 

Next, you want to make sure the fit is correct. Too loose shoes may fall off, and too tight shoes will pinch or rub. When in doubt, check the reviews and the sizing chart. If you are still unsure which size will fit best, order two pairs in different sizes and plan to send back the one that doesn’t fit right. 

Finally, make sure your shoes are comfortable. You need to test them both walking around and in the shower. You may feel a bit silly wearing shoes in your home bathroom, but it is well worth the effort. 

Top Five Best Army Shower Shoes

There are a million pairs of shower shoes available, and not all of them are high-quality. When you pack up for basic training, it’s crucial to have durable, comfortable shower shoes that will last through basic training and beyond. The following list is a collection of the top five best styles for Army shower shoes. All of these types and brands are reliable and comfortable to wear, so you can easily find the right fit for your feet before you ship out. 

1. Crocs Unisex Adult Water Shoes

Crocs Unisex Adult Water Shoes are ideal as Army shower shoes. Not only are crocs well known for being comfortable and breathable, but the brand has been around for a long time. These high-quality shoes have texture on the bottom to help prevent slipping in wet conditions and keep your feet elevated off the floor. The heel measures approximately one inch, giving you a safe distance above any potentially contaminated tile. 

Additionally, Crocs come in a huge variety of colors. Thus, it’s easy to find a pair in Army green, black, or any other hue you might need. These water shoes require little time to break in and have smooth, rounded edges. Better still, crocs fit true to size, so you can easily find your fit and shower in comfort. 

You can have iconic water shoes, even in basic training. Plus, crocs are a hundred percent synthetic, durable, and made in the USA. Read the Amazon reviews for yourself by clicking here.

2. Teva Hurricane Drift Sport Sandal

Like Crocs, the Teva Hurricane Drift Sport Sandal from Amazon is instantly recognizable. As a well known and trusted brand, Tevas are exceptional, high-quality water shoes that fit well. Plus, they are extremely lightweight, so you don’t feel like you’re slogging around in your combat boots while you clean up. 

As full injection-molded EVA sandals with fewer parts, these shoes are extra durable. Since they are made as one solid piece, you don’t need to worry about adhesive failure and parts coming off your shower shoes. Better still, the foam design is comfortable in warm weather and helps prevent your feet from getting too hot in summer. 

The design of Tevas also makes them incredibly easy to clean, and there’s no real break-in time to worry about. So long as you get the proper fit, you can wear them right out of the box. To learn more about Tevas, click here.

3. Showaflops Antimicrobial Shower & Water Sandals

If you’re looking for a classic sandal style with upgraded materials, the Showaflops Antimicrobial Shower & Water Sandals are the way to go. As the name suggests, these shoes are antimicrobial, which will help keep your feet healthy for all the marching and running you’ll be doing. Plus, these shoes come in a handful of colors and patterns to suit your needs. 

One of the nicest features of Showaflops is quick drying. Strategically placed drainage holes allow water to run out the bottom of your shower shoes so you’re not standing in a puddle of water as you will be in other styles. Better still, the rapid drying means you can put them away in minutes without dampening all the gear they touch.

People with wider feet will find these make for a comfortable shower shoe. Furthermore, they provide comfortable padding and good traction, which are vital for those fast Army showers. Get your Showaflops from Amazon when you click here.

4. Camfosy Water Shoes

When you’re looking for a shower shoe that feels more like a sneaker, Camfosy Water Shoes from Amazon are the best option. Easy to pull on and styled like a sneaker, these water shoes come with an adjustable lace and an enclosed toe. You will see this style on beaches and boats as often as you see it in locker rooms. 

Sandals and flip flops are both fine options for Army shower shoes, but not everyone is comfortable in those styles. The strong rubber outsole is durable, yet flexible giving the look you need with the feel of a barefoot shoe. More importantly, it protects like chunkier sandals without the bulk. 

A lightweight shoe like Camfosy is also easier to pack and carry, which is a significant bonus for service members who will have to take their gear everywhere. Best of all, Camfosy is dedicated to providing great shoes and great customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, they can usually resolve your issue within twenty-four hours. Have your Camfosy Water Shoes delivered to your door by clicking here.

5. Oka-B. Grayson USA Made Slide

The Oka-B. Men’s Grayson Slides from Amazon are made in the USA. Not only can you protect your country and your feet with these shoes, but you will also help stimulate the economy and provide local jobs. Plus Oka-B. offers varying widths for every foot size. 

You’ll appreciate how stretchy and flexible these flip flop style shower shoes are. With a good variety of neutral shades, Oka-B.s fit in at bootcamp and in your downtime. Plus, they are extremely comfortable and offer a good grip to prevent slip and fall accidents. 

Not many things in life or bootcamp feel like a high-quality spa visit, but these shower shoes do. In fact, spas all over the US use this brand for clients’ feet. Get a pair of well made Army shower shoes from Oka-B when you click here.


Final Thoughts

Getting through basic is a right of passage and a step into your future military career. Doing it right means packing everything you are asked to bring, including good shower shoes for the Army. Remember also to check the list of forbidden items so you don’t end up overpacking. 

Protecting your feet might not seem as vital as protecting your country, but it is essential. Soldiers with foot fungus have more trouble doing things that involve walking, running, or marching, which is almost everything. Without healthy feet, you are already at a disadvantage. Moreover, using shower shoes is an order, and without them, you’ll be showering in your boots. 

Make sure to break in your Army shower shoes before you ship out. You will be happy you did later. 

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