The Best Clothes for Survival (Dressed to Kill)

best clothes survival

Dressing for success takes on a whole new meaning in a life or death situation. In essence, a survival situation means that you are wholly at the mercy of your own knowledge and preparation. If you were stuck in the middle of an ice storm with shorts and a muscle T, you might encounter some problems.

However, if you were there with a parka and warms pants, it might not be the end of the line. Although at the same time, this does not mean the same type of clothes will still be viable somewhere else. As such, you have to always be thinking of the bigger picture. Whatever that might be.

This just means, that having the right kinds clothes that can adapt the best to whatever situation or predicament you face would be the best to have for survival. Below we will be taking a looking at the best survival clothing that is perfect for almost every single climate or situation.

1.Condor Men’s Summit Soft Shell Tactical Jacket

[amazon_link asins=’B005XZXY2I’ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7fc681a2-a3f5-11e7-8b05-f3dec5537101′]

While this is labeled as a men’s jacket, this jacket can be used by both sexes if need be. This jacket’s outer layer is made 100% of polyester, which is known for being hydrophobic and quick drying. As this item is also subtly thick, it offers great protection against the cold. Although at the same time, this item is also fantastic for hot environments, as the jacket is equipped with underarm vents that can be opened for better air circulation. This item is perfect for any type of excursion, whether it be hot or cold, this jacket can acclimate to it.

2.Condor Outdoor Tactical Short Sleeve Combat Shirt

Need some more breath-ability? But at the same time the possibility to retain heat? This is a combat shirt that can work for you. This item is separated into two parts, material wise. The top material is 100% polyester, which includes the sleeves and chest region. The lower half of the shirt is a much different blend, including spandex, cotton, and polyester. This shirt also comes with vents under both arms to help circulate air if you are sweating too much. Truly, this item is perfect for any environment, cold, wet or hot.




3.FREE SOLDIER Men’s Tactical Pants Four Seasons Scratch-resistant Multi-pocket

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Everyone who has ever worked outside knows, better to bring pants than shorts. Made up about 50% nylon and 50% cotton, making it lightweight but resistant to tearing and scratches. Not to mention this item is coated and made with water-resistant and oil-phobic fabric. These pants are also very flexible, and incredibly breathable, making it perfect for strenuous physical activity. The many pockets are large and very useful for holding anything from a phone to a knife. Truly this is a great choice for an outdoorsman, and even better for a survivalist.

4.Waterproof Breathable Socks, [SGS Certified] RANDY SUN Unisex Coolmoon Cool Skin Touch Athletic Socks

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Having wet socks is a never a good idea. Not only is it uncomfortable, it is also incredibly dangerous for your and your foot’s health. These socks remedy that easily. Made out of high waterproof nylon, lycra, and elastane, this item is made for being hydrophobic and easy to dry out. The material intermarries with an effect that is Anti-UV, lowering the accumulated heat from being outdoors. Once again, these socks are a survivalists dream, quick to dry and hard to wet.

5.Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot – Coyote

[amazon_link asins=’B01HNAUUS6′ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’68094697-a3f6-11e7-80e7-05041d0cd442′]

This is the ideal tactical boot, whether you be female or male. Just be sure to get a size that fits you the best. As all boots, there will be some breaking is necessary. Nonetheless, these boots are great to handle all kinds of terrain, from mountains to deserts. This imparts due to the boot being both breathable and relatively lightweight. The boot goes past the heel and acts as a barrier against snakes and thick underbrush. The material that makes this boot are leather, texon, nylon, and canvas. This type of material makes it both resistant to water but breathable for your foot as well.

6.Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men & Women

These gloves are perfect for anyone needing the protection from both cold and water-filled environments. These gloves are made from Polyester, Spandex, PVC Rubber. These materials are known to retain heat and keep old the chill. Not only that the materials are both durable and lightweight. These gloves also offer a lot of protection from the cold and happen to be very water resistant, all while not being overly bulky or difficult to use. It also happens to be that these gloves are geared towards being able to use your hands with little issue. This makes this glove perfect for a potential survival or emergency situation, where grasping or pulling might be important to do.

Final Thoughts

Like there is no one perfect outfit for every situation, neither is one for your survival. The best clothes for survival are usually the ones that are waterproof and breathable, with any style of clothing is viable. Shoes are especially important as well, and there are some DIY actions you can take to ensure your favorite boots can be both waterproofed and hardened. Nonetheless, without a good set of reliable survival clothes, you will find yourself in many difficult spots.

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