Best Fire Safe For Silver Coins: Keep Thieves Out

Silver is one of the most sought after substances on earth, so you need to store it in a safe to keep it secure. There was a time when silver was worth more than gold. The glimmer of this pure shining metal drew the eyes of emperors and peasants alike. So you can bet that, if society crumbles around you, silver will still have value. Jewelry, consumer goods, and industrial parts all require vast amounts of silver each year. Even when people struggle to buy food for the table, you’ll notice wedding rings and shiny necklaces don’t disappear. Luckily, silver is vital to the human economy no matter what our society (or lack thereof) looks like. I’ll help you find the perfect home safe to keep thieves away, so your investment stays secure, whether SHTF or not.

Storing Silver in a Safe is Better Than Gold

Investing in precious metals and stones is an excellent way to assure your wealth in times of trouble, and storing them in a home safe is more straightforward to access. Unfortunately, we often associate silver with second place. Perhaps this is because of Olympic medals. Regardless, you should be storing silver instead.

There are a couple of excellent reasons why silver is a superior investment. While you may not consider your emergency stash ‘investing,’ that’s precisely what it is. Fortunately, despite the tarnish, silver is more widely used. In the last quarter-century, over a billion ounces of silver have gone into consumer products alone.

Additionally, silver is mined in some of the most unstable regions in the world. While that might seem like a bad thing, it is not. Because of the regional problems, the silver market will always be questionable. Not knowing how much new silver will be available makes the value all the higher. Hence, you should be stashing silver away in your home safe. It will be the currency used when all fiat money (US Dollar, Euro, etc…) goes into hyperinflation and loses all its value.

The only downside for owning silver is it takes about 90-100 silver coins to equal one ounce of gold. So it is conceivable you will own more silver than gold which means you may need more space to store it. So keep in mind, when choosing the right safe for your silver and other precious metals, the size of your safe does matter.

Proper Silver Storage

A safe isn’t the only thing you need to secure your silver. However, it is among the most vital. Additionally, you’ll need plastic bags or coin storage tubes. However, you want to avoid any plastics containing PVC since it’s too soft to protect your coins adequately.

Make sure your silver is stacked in tightly fitting containers to avoid bumping around. Unfortunately, scratching a silver coin can affect its value. Moreover, you’ll find you get less trade-in value overall if your wealth looks shabby and ill-kept. Thicker plastic containers are better, but silver is also harder to damage than the softer material of gold.

Take care to stack your silver neatly, so it’s easy to see what you have at a glance. You don’t want to fumble around trying to get to the exact piece you need if time is of the essence. Plus, tidy stacks are less likely to fall over, potentially damaging your wealth in the process.

When packing your coins or bars, always make sure you use soft cotton gloves. Wearing these helps keep the oils from your skin off of your metal treasure. Hence, gloves will help prevent damage. Once you’ve got everything packed away correctly, all you need is a place to put it where it will remain safe.


Top Five Best Fire Safes for Silver Coins

Choosing the ideal safe to store your silver at home can lead you to one of the best and worst things about the digital age. There are hundreds or thousands of options. After exhaustive research, I’ve collected these five outstanding safes that are easy to acquire, portable, simple to install, and secure. You’ll be surprised at how much relief you feel once your precious metals are locked up tight.

1. First Alert 2087F Waterproof Combination Safe

Silver tarnishes in the presence of moisture, so a waterproof safe is a smart investment for storage. However, not every waterproof safe is worthy of the top slot on our list. Sure, it has a superb water seal, the First Alert 2087F Waterproof Combination Safe goes several steps further.

Not only is this safe completely waterproof even when fully submerged, but it’s also designed to float. That means in an extreme flooding event; you will be able to locate your safe if it’s tethered down. Moreover, it’s also fireproof up to seventeen-hundred degrees. Although melted silver still has value, coins, and jewelry will lose a lot of their worth if melted.

With an adjustable door lock and a key pocket, you can easily store whatever you need inside. Furthermore, the First Alert 2087F Waterproof Combination Safe has internal hinges. It’s pry-resistant to help keep your precious materials inside, and at a mere five pounds, you won’t have any trouble getting this safe to your BOV when things go south fast.

Find your First Alert Safe from Walmart here.

2. SentrySafe SFW123ES Digital Safe

Like our number one choice, this digital safe can stand up to water, or seventeen-hundred degrees worth of fire. That means the SentrySafe SFW123ES Digital Safe from Walmart can stay (relatively) cool inside well past the average temp for a house fire. Most homes burn at roughly eleven hundred degrees. That’s hot enough to melt glass and damage fine details on many metals.

Better still, the SentrySafe is ETL verified to last up to twenty-four hours in eight inches of water without a leak. You can set your code, so there’s less concern about forgetting the numbers. No one wants to get locked out of their own safe after all.

One of the outstanding bonuses about the SentrySafe SFW123ES Digital Safe is that it’s impact resistant as well. Even amid a housefire, this safe can fall up to fifteen feet without becoming compromised. Additionally, the solid steel construction makes this eighty-five-pound safe harder to steal.

Select a SentrySafe by clicking here.

3. Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe Box

Many digital safes are programmable. However, this Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe Box can also be re-programmed in case you need to change the codes. No one wants to think that a trusted friend or family member might try to steal from them. However, it’s a sad fact of life that it happens. Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but you can always change the code if you want to deny access to your ex-spouse or former best friend.

You’ll have keys for emergency access. Plus, the warning function gives you an alert when anyone tries to access your safe and fails. Cracking a code can take time, so the chance to relocate a safe that someone was unable to get inside is a major bonus. Now you can rest easy knowing that no one, friend or foe will get near your silver stash without you knowing about it.

Learn more about the Ktaxon Durable Digital Electronic Safe by clicking here.

4. Stalwart Electronic Deluxe Digital Safe

There are plenty of suitable safes out there with shelves for your property. However, the Stalwart Electronic Deluxe Digital Safe has carpet padding for silver and other materials that can get damaged or scratched easily. A little padding can go a very long way toward protecting your investment inside your home safe.

You’ll appreciate how easy it is to mount your Stalwart on the floor or wall for added safety. Once it’s installed in place, your safe is even more secure. Criminals will have a tough time getting to your silver since they can’t pry this safe open, or take it with them for later.

Make sure you go through an authorized dealer and check for the proper logos when picking up a Stalwart Electronic Deluxe Digital Safe. The downside to buying such a well known and trusted brand as Stalwart is that there are counterfeiters. Sadly, when a product is truly exceptional, there are always knock-offs.

Get Stalwart from Walmart when you click here.

5. SLYPNOS Electronic Digital Security Safe Box Lock Box

When you’re looking to mount a small safe inside the wall to protect your silver, you’ll appreciate the SLYPNOS Electronic Digital Security Safe Box Lock Box. The door opens in such a way that this is ideal for setting into a flush surface. You won’t need to worry about leaving a gap on the side for the door to hinge, which helps keep your safe secure.

When you pick up the Slypnos, you’ll have everything you need to get set up right away. Batteries, emergency keys, and expansion screws are all included. Moreover, you’ll also have a user manual to help with any questions you might have about setting up and using your new silver safe.

Find out more about Slypnos’ Electronic Digital Safe here.


Final Thoughts

Keeping your silver safe at home doesn’t have to be needlessly complicated with a good safe. Simply make sure you bolt it down or find a perfect hiding spot. After all, robbers don’t have to bust it open on the spot if they can walk away with your safe. Instead of risking such a significant loss, place your safe somewhere out of the way, but not too obvious.

Securing your silver in a home safe protects it from bank crashes. Moreover, it means you never have to wait for banking hours to access your treasure. Sadly, any commodity is only as good as your ability to reach it when you need it most. After all, you don’t want to leave a valuable asset behind in a disaster just because someone else was too busy to open the right door for you.

Some oxygen removers and moisture-absorbing pouches will help keep your coins and bars shining when you’re using ziplock bags. Take the time to package your silver correctly, so it won’t tarnish.

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