Best Knife For Bear Defense: Cut Your Way Out

Best Knife For Bear Defense

You don’t ever want to have to fight a bear. Still, if you have no choice, knowing what to do it’s important. When you don’t have a better weapon like a firearm, a knife might be your best and only option to survive. That’s why having the best knife for bear defense is important even though you’re not planning on meeting a bear. The relevant thing here is to know what is the weapon that will increase your chances to live to tell the tale.

Now, it’s important to point out that a gun or a pepper spray should be your first option. They will allow you to send the best away. If it gets to the point that you need to use a knife, it means that you’re too close to the bear. In this case, the bear is close enough to do you harm.

The truth is that most bear attacks are nothing like a Hollywood movie would have you believe. A bear doesn’t stop in front of you, stand up, and attack you like a pugilist. A bear attack is usually sudden, and the victim doesn’t even see what hit them before the bear has you on the ground and feeling its breath.

That’s why the chances of survival are not high. Still, if you find yourself in a position like this one, your best bet is in having a knife to hurt the bear enough to scare it away or even kill it.

So, in this article, you’re going to learn what makes a knife the best knife for bear defense. If you follow the tips below, you’ll make sure that you pick a high-quality knife to carry in your trips into the woods.

Go For Knives That Have 8-inch Blades

You don’t need to be exact on this one, but do try to get as close as possible. The point is that there are great knives for bear defense that won’t be exactly 8 inches but pretty close. Now, the reason to go for this size of the blade is that if you want to have a fighting chance, you’ll need to choose something that can make some damage to the bear, and the size will be everything here.

It’s still good to point out that you shouldn’t fight a bear with a knife if you can choose so. You’re better off with other weapons of choice. Still, you never actually choose to fight a bear on purpose. So, if you need to improvise, having a knife that can defend you it’s the next best thing.

So, make sure that you hit the beat multiple time until it lets go of you and runs away. For this, make sure to get a large blade knife. The Cold Steel OSS  is regarded as an excellent knife to fight large mammals. Make sure to take a look at it on Amazon here.

Double-edged Blades Give You A Better Chance

If you ever find yourself fighting for your life against a large mammal, you’ll wish that you had a double-edged blade knife. You want something that makes the most damage possible to the other guy, so you need knives that have double-edged blades. This will give you more power and a better chance to escape the attack and live to tell the tale.

What most people don’t realize is that fighting a bear or other large mammal at the proximity of a knife usually means that you’ve already lost. Even though we’re the smartest ones on the planet, we’re definitely not the strongest. If a bear is this close to you, it’ll overpower you and likely kill you fast. That’ why your chances are low.

So, to have a minimum chance of escaping alive, make sure to have a double-edged knife. The blade has to also be strong and always sharp. The Puma SGB Knife is another excellent recommendation for you. It checks all these boxes. Grab yours on Amazon here.

The Handle And The Blade Have To Be Extra Strong

To fight a bear with a knife and make sure the bear doesn’t use it as a toothpick, you need the best of the best. This means that every aspect of that knife has to be better than the best knife in the world. The handle and the blade are crucial parts in this case. They have to be extra strong.

Now, a lot of people focus only on the blade. It’s the obvious part. If it isn’t strong enough, it won’t cut through certain things. Still, the handle is equally important. You want something that won’t easily break and that it’ll adhere to your hands easily as well. The worst that can happen in a situation like that is for the handle to slip through your hands or detach from the blade.

So, always choose the blade and the handle carefully. Make sure to not pay attention to one of the aspects that make the knife. In essence, don’t be an amateur. They don’t survive. The Mossy Oak Survival Knife has the perfect combination between handle and blade. They’re extra strong. Click to view pricing on Amazon here.

The Blade Has To Be Hard To Go Blunt

Another aspect that you should worry about when choosing the best knife for bear defense is that the blade has to be hard to go blunt. High-quality blades stay sharp longer than the average ones. Now, the only way to ensure that this will be your case, it’s to pick a high-quality blade. We’re talking top-notch metal.

Still, you must remember that you need to always check the knife before you leave the house. Make sure that it’s as sharp as it can be. Never go into the woods without checking your equipment and making sure it’s all working. Being careful with minimal details like that it’s what keeps you alive.

So, take a look at what metal the manufacturer uses. Also, look for hunting or tactical knives since they usually take longer to need to be sharpened. The Svord Kiwi Pig Sticker is a highly-rated knife. It’d be great for bear defense. Take a look at this great item on Amazon here.

Hog Hunting Knives Are A Good Option

There’s nothing in the market that was specifically designed for bear defense because it wouldn’t be a good strategy to go with a knife as your first option. That’s why your best option would be to pick a hog hunting knife. It’s a great option since they’re big, strong, and designed to hunt a medium mammal. It’s not ideal, but using a knife for bear defense isn’t either.

If you take your time to analyze, the hog hunting knives check all the boxes that you’re looking for in the best knife for bear defense. They have strong metal and handle. They don’t go blunt easily, and they’re made of high-quality metal. They have to be otherwise they won’t be able to get the job done. This is likely the best option that you’re going to find.

So, take a look and consider hog hunting knives. They’re the best option for a tough situation. It’s a great tool to add to your survival kit. The Bobcat Hunting Knife is the best hog hunting knife. It’s highly recommended by hunters. View this great item on Amazon here.

Lightweight Steel Makes It Easier To Carry And Attack

This is something that you’re already going to find in a hunting knife, but it’s important to point out. Always make sure that the metal of the blade is as lightweight as possible.

You don’t want a knife that it’s too heavy. It’ll require more strength of you, and it will get you tired more quickly. When you’re fighting for your life, you don’t want to waste more energy than you have to.

So, always make sure that the steel is lightweight. Actually, the combination of blade and handle should be lightweight. When it’s too heavy, it wastes precious energy on each attack.

A Knife Should Not Be Your First Option

Finally, let’s make it clear what the article hinted at the whole time. A knife should not be your first option for bear defense. Your best bet is with a gun and pepper spray. They’re more likely to send the bear away.

Now, since many of the bear attacks happen suddenly and very fast, a knife may be your only option. In this case, make sure that you hit the animal multiple times until it goes away or you kill it.

Also, protect your neck and head even if you have to sacrifice one of your arms. If you protect vital organs, your chances increase exponentially.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the best tips to ensure that you end up with the best knife for bear defense. Make sure that you pay attention to the handle as much as you do to the blade. Pick something strong, lightweight, and that was made for hunting or something like a tactical knife. Anything that can handle that amount of strength.

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