A Guide On The Best Outdoor Watches Under 100 Dollars (2018 Top Pics)

best outdoor watches under 100

Being a prepper, it’s important to regularly go through all of your gear to make sure that you are outfitted to properly deal with a SHTF situation no matter when one should arise. There are a lot of different tools and pieces of equipment that will prove to be useful during these times, but the item we’re going to be talking about today is that of outdoor watches — specifically, the best outdoor watches under 100 dollars that you need to buy right now.

Outdoor watches are great tools. In addition to being able to tell the time, they typically come with an ultra-rugged design, a date tracker, moonphase indicator, waterproofing, and a host of other goodies. No two outdoor watches are made the same, and while you can very easily spend more than $100 on a really, really great one, there are still a ton of solid choices for less money.

Without further ado, here are the 5 best outdoor watches under 100 dollars that we think every prepper should own at least one of.

1.Timex Men’s T49905 Expedition Rugged Field Chronograph Watch

The first watch that we’d like to look at is the Timex Men’s T49905 Expedition Rugged Field Chronograph Watch. This is the most stylish and expensive watch on our list, but it still comes in at well under that $100 marker. The black aluminum case looks and feels fantastic, and the genuine lather strap that accompanies this creates for a truly outstanding look.

As you’d expect, Timex offers a built-in chronograph with the T49905 that can measure up to 30 minutes. Quartz Movement with analog display allows for buttery smooth movements, and the light-up watch dial makes it easy to get a reading of all your info even when the sun goes down.Timex has rated the T49905 to be water-resistant up to 100 meters of submersion, and this means that it can safely be used for swimming and snorkeling.

2.ETEVON Men’s Captain Stylish Outdoor Sport Watch

ETEVON’s Men’s Captain Stylish Outdoor Sport Watch is the next watch on our list, and although it may not look nearly as classy as what Timex is offering with the T49905, the amount of features that you get for such an affordable package is what really helps this one stand out.

For starters, the overall design that’s featured here really isn’t bad at all. This is a very rugged-looking watch, using a dull grey bulwark bezel, anchor-shape hands, and a triple display that uses a white and blue background for a nice splash of color.

The 12/24 hour format makes it easy to tell the time no matter where you’re at, and you can also tell the date, week, and month thanks to the built-in calendar functionality. On top of this, you also have access to an hourly chime, alarm with snoozing, and even a stopwatch that can track split times.

Combine this with 98-feet waterproofing, time accuracy within + or – deviation every day, and a 12-month replacement period, and you’ve got one heck of a watch at an insanely affordable price.

3.Timex Men’s T42571 Expedition Camper Green Nylon Strap Watch

Going back to Timex, the company’s other watch we highly recommend is the T42571 Expedition Camper Green Nylon Strap Watch. Timex has recently been establishing itself as one of the best watch brands under 100 dollars, and the T42571 is yet another prime example of this.

The 39mm resin case looks great while maintaining a very lightweight design, and the INDIGLO light-up display technology makes it super easy to still keep an eye on the time even in the dark. A black dial is met with white and yellow numbers, and the Arabic numeral system shows a 24-hour ring and date window at the 3-o-clock position.

Timex has also included Quartz Movement, a nylon back with buckle closure that’s very comfortable to wear, and water resistance up to 50 meters. Although this isn’t suitable for diving or snorkeling, it can still be used for brief periods of swimming or walking out in the rain.

4.CASIO Men’s FT-500WC-5BVCF Forester Sport Watch

CASIO has always been one of the most iconic names in the wristwatch world, and one of the company’s best options for affordable sport watches is the FT-500WC-5BVCF Forester Sport Watch. That might not be the sexiest name for a product, but the aside, the Forester offers a lot to love for not a ton of cash.

Right off the bat, we immediately fell in love with the included leather and cloth watch band. Not only does this look fantastic, but it also feels super comfortable and durable. The analog hands/dial use a backlight system to allow for easy reading in the dark, and in addition to this, you also have a 12/24-hour layout and date-window where the 3-o-clock indicator would normally be.

CASIO says that the included battery in the Forester should last 3 years before needing to be replaced, and the included water resistance allows you to submerge the watch up to 100 meters deep.

5.Aposon Men’s Digital Sports Watch

Lastly, out fifth and final choice on our list of the best outdoor watches under 100 dollars is the Aposon Men’s Digital Sports Watch. This is the least expensive watch on our entire list, and it’s also the only digital watch on here. However, just because it’s so cheap doesn’t mean it’s lacking major features.

Thanks to the digital nature of the watch, it’s super easy to view your time in either a 12-hour or 24-hour layout, see the exact date, and view all of this information with ease in the dark. The simplistic design looks surprisingly great, and the 5ATM water-resistance is always a nice touch.

Additionally, you also get a built-in alarm, shock-resistant casing, stopwatch functionality, and four buttons that allow for easy control over all of the watch’s various settings/features.

Final Thoughts

With that said, those are the 5 best outdoor watches under 100 dollars that you can buy right now. The market for outdoor watches is better than ever, and as you can see, you no longer need to hand over an arm and a leg just to get something that looks and works great.