Best Powdered Milk for Long Term Storage (Udderly Fantastic!)

best powdered milk for long term storage

One thing people don’t typically think about when storing up for an emergency is milk. It is one of those items we take for granted will always be around. Milk is almost as available as water. You of course have thought of water, but have you thought of the best powdered milk for long term storage?

The nice thing about powdered milk is that the shelf life typically stands at about two years, but credible sources place the freshness at up to ten years after the expiration date.

Why Powdered Milk?

Milk is an important way to get calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D as well as a good source of healthy fat. In times of scarcity, fat will be your best friend.

Also, milk is a convenient beverage to have on hand both for eating and cooking. In case of an economic collapse, when food becomes more difficult to access, you will be craving cereal with milk before you know it.

It is also good to have on hand for any cheese sauce or gravy you want to make to thicken up your foods. During the great depression, gravy was a lifesaver for the hungry.

Which powdered milk long term storage is best for you? That depends on how much you want to keep on hand and on your specific taste for milk.

Powdered Milk for Long Term Storage Products:

1.Hoozier Farm All American Whole Milk 2 lbs.

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Hoosier Farm is the creme de la creme of powdered milk. It is thick and rich and sells to those who want the closest they can get to that indulgent whole milk taste. The shelf life stands at two years, but many say the product stays fresh long after the expiration date.

It comes in a two pound tub and is marketed specifically as great for confections. If you are baking or cooking with milk, this one is the way to go. Hoozier Farm is also good for a nice cold glass of creamy milk for old times’ sake.

2.Peak Dry Whole Milk Powder

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Peak is very similar to Hoozier as it is vitamin fortified and comes in a can. You get a bit more with Peak, at 2.4 pounds, and the texture seems a bit creamier, likely because of the soy lecithin in the powder that helps it dissolve more easily.

The shelf life is approximately two years. An added bonus with Peak is that if you still have it on your shelf as the expiration date (usually about two years) is approaching, you can always open it up and use it in your baking or in your coffee and be quite pleased.

3.Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk

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For those select few who either favor the flavor of goat dairy products, or for some ethical or religious reasons cannot drink cow’s milk, Meyenberg may be the choice for you. Goat milk also has no lactose, so if you’re lactose intolerant, goat milk can allow you to still enjoy the milk without worry of getting sick.

The shelf life on Meyenberg is about 2 years, but again, it is likely to stay good for well beyond that. You will get the same creamy rich texture and the same high calcium as with powdered cow milk, and this Meyenberg can comes in a one pound size.

4.Milkman Low Fat Instant Dry Powdered Milk

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Milkman low fat powdered milk is ideal if you are trying to cut the fat out of your diet. It has a minimum shelf life of two years, like the other products offered, and many agree that the flavor holds well. The biggest selling point to this option is its weight. Milkman offers a 3.2 pound bag for purchase, which allows you to buy and store fewer bags.

5.Carnation Instant Nonfat Dry Milk

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Carnation has been a family name in milk for generations. If you are looking to cut the fat out entirely, Carnation is the right choice. This 25.6 ounce bag is good for coffee creamer, for baking, and of course, as plain old milk.

The shelf life on Carnation stands at around two years but can last, like the other products, much longer. It mixes well with relatively little problem with lumps or clumps.

Final Thoughts

Milk is one product you do not want to run out of.  Long term powdered milk storage is an issue to deal with now while you still have plenty of time. Because the milk not only has a long shelf life but also serves so many other purposes, you never have to worry about expiration dates making you waste food.

If you find that the shelf life of your milk is approaching, buy a new bag and mix your expiring bag in with your coffee and cake. That way, you can have your cake, and eat it too.


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