Best Shoulder Holster For Skinny Guys

Best Shoulder Holster For Skinny Guys

Concealed carry is perfect for fit guys. If you’re skinny, it may present some challenges, but it’s still an advantage, especially if you’re carrying inside the waistband. You can position the holster at any position of the clock.

Now, as much as being skinny does present some advantages, it also presents some challenges. For instance, if you’re too skinny, even tight clothes will become large when you wear them.

That got me thinking what makes the best shoulder holster for skinny guys? Shoulder holster made of premium material like leather that you can be worn tightly are the best option for skinny guys. Give preference for the appendix and/or shoulder carry. If you do this, you’ll finally find a shoulder holster that works for your body type.

Now, as you can see there are many attributes that you should look for in the shoulder holster that you ultimately choose. Since your body type is not average, you might find it a little more difficult to find something that not only fits but that it’s also comfortable.

For that reason, you can find out what you should look for in a shoulder holster in this guide below. If you read ‘til the end, you’re going to know what’s necessary to make your decision on which shoulder holster to buy.

If your waistline is larger than your chest, it might be harder to find the perfect shoulder holster. Now, if you do have a large chest and/or shoulder, you might have an easier time picking the best shoulder holster. The point is that you should take everything below into consideration.

The Advantages of Concealed Carry for Skinny Guys

Let’s get the only downside out of the way. Being skinny is a disadvantage only when you’re so skinny that it might be challenging to find a shoulder holster that will get a nice grip around your body.

Now, apart from that, you only have advantages. When you’re a skinny guy, you don’t have a lot of curves. Having straight lines on your waistband is an advantage. The worst thing about concealed carry is printing. This is when the gun stands out under your clothes.

This means that people notice the volume and can tell that it’s a weapon. Now, when you’re skinny, this rarely happens. Even for the trained eyes is hard to notice a gun under your shirt when you’re skinny.

Another thing is that being skinny allows you to draw your gun faster from a seated position. Those fractions of seconds, or maybe even seconds, can be crucial for your success. So, being skinny ends up being an advantage for concealed carry after all.

Leather Is The Best Material

This is the first thing that you should look for on your shoulder holster. Make sure that the material is durable and of high-quality. You don’t want the holster moving against your skin but along with it. This means that you want to avoid chafing or lesions on your skin.

Usually, the best shoulder holsters are made of leather. It’s a great material because it’s durable, and it isn’t aggressive on the skin. As a skinny guy, you want a shoulder holster that will adapt to your skin and that won’t be constantly slipping over it.

So, a leather shoulder holster can be the difference for you when it comes to comfort and buying a model that will last you for years. As the place where you carry your gun, the shoulder holster has to be reliable and safe.

That’s why it’s so important to find one that was manufactured with premium material. The Galco Classic Lite fits perfectly for this attribute. You can check it out here for the best price.

Pick Shoulder Over Chest

For skinny guys, chest holsters are not a good idea. First of all, your chest isn’t large enough for it, so you will constantly feel it changing positions, which is something you never want when you’re carrying a gun. Also, the chest holster will not allow you to reach out for the gun as quickly as the shoulder holster would.

Now, as a skinny guy, you do want to give preference to shoulder holster because it offers a better grip. It’s more comfortable for you and the gun doesn’t stand out at all under your clothes.

So, shoulder holster is better, especially for skinny guys. Chest holster will work well in a situation that you don’t care about people knowing that you’re carrying a gun. Perhaps, when you’re hunting or camping. If that’s the case, then maybe a chest holster will do fine.

A great shoulder holster that fits skinny guys well is the Pro-Tech Outdoors holster. It’s great because it’s comfortable and has a premium quality, giving you a top-notch product. You can check it out here.

It Has To Be Tight

The main concern as a skinny guy is that the shoulder holster will not remain still in the right position. Since your body isn’t wide enough to adjust to the average shoulder holster size, you have to look for alternatives that offer adjustments.

The best way to find out is to look for a shoulder holster that has an adjustable strap and that the circumference matches your body’s. This is the best way to make sure that the holster won’t be causing chafing or that it won’t be a problem while concealed carrying.

Now, make sure that the shoulder holster is tight but not too tight. You want the sensation of having a second skin but not of something smashing your shoulders and shoulder blades. As long as it’s comfortable and tight, you’re good to go.

The SHELY anti-theft holster is a great model for skinny guys. It’s tight without being uncomfortable. You can check it out here for the best price.

Appendix Carry Might Be The Sweet Spot For You

Another attribute you should consider is the appendix carry. This is considered the sweet spot for a lot of skinny guys. This is because the appendix carry models fit well into the anatomy of the typical skinny guy.

The reason is that with no belly on the way, you’ll be able to comfortably carry your gun. Still, it’s important that you train enough to avoid any negligent discharge, but this is something that you have to do with any concealed carry position that you choose.

Anyway, your waistline helps improve the comfort that you’ll experience with an appendix carry. Not only that but you’ll also be able to avoid printing since your belly will not make the holster stand out.

If you’re interested in appendix concealed carry, you can take a look into The World War Supply M7 Tanker shoulder holster. It’s the best one for appendix carry having all the necessary features such as quality material, tightness, and adjustment to your body type. You can check it out the best price here.

Main Tips Of Concealed Carry For Skinny Guys

So, these are the main attributes for you to consider before buying your shoulder holster for skinny guys. As long as you make sure that it will fit well on your body type, you’re good to go. Remember that as a skinny guy, you have an advantage for this.

As a skinny guy, you should consider wearing a size or two up in trouser size. Also, you should wear comfortable clothes and maybe a size larger if you’re wearing around the shoulders, chest, or appendix. This is to avoid printing and drawing attention to yourself.

Besides that, makes sure that the shoulder holster has a tight grip around your body. You don’t want to feel like the gun isn’t under control or that you need to constantly put it back in the right position.

Lastly, make sure that you learn how to safely concealed carry your gun. You don’t want negligent discharges, so you need to know how to properly carry your weapon. Those are the main tips that you need to know.

Final Thoughts

This is how you’re going to get the best shoulder holster for skinny guys. These are the attributes that you should look for before making a decision. As you read in this article, being skinny is more an advantage than anything else for shoulder holsters wear, but you still have some challenges.

So, if you do make sure that you get a model that fits these criteria, you’ll find the right one for you.

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