Best Slingshot for Rabbit Hunting: Pros Use These

Best Slingshot for Rabbit Hunting

There’s nothing quite like a brace of coneys over an open fire when you’re hungry. Rabbit hunting can be incredibly rewarding, especially with a slingshot. Hence, you get a tasty meal while taking out a very fast breeding pest menace that will eat your garden bare. Plus, since rabbits replenish their numbers so quickly, they make a good food source for emergencies. However, not all slingshot hunting is equal. You need a high-quality professional hunting slingshot if you plan to keep yourself in wild rabbit meat during an emergency. I’ll help you figure out which slings are best for keeping meat on the table and walk you through some essentials about rabbit hunting to help keep you safe.

Slingshot Hunting Rabbit Dangers

Rabbits, especially those killed cleanly with a slingshot pellet to the head, make for tasty eating. However, you can get sick from eating the wrong, infected rabbits. So how do you tell if the meat is safe?

First, you need to make sure you packed a pair or two of nitrile gloves for eviscerating rabbits. You should never use bare hands. Unfortunately, too many hunters and novices think this is just about having clean hands. However, you shouldn’t let any wild killed animal get its blood and tissue on you until you’ve performed some necessary safety checks.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to spot a creature that’s foaming at the mouth and rabid. Yet you should also look for  Rabbit Fever, also known as Tularemia. This disease is caused by bacterium Francisella tularensis, which can pass to humans. Sadly, to do this, you need to cut your bunny open. Find it’s liver and check for numerous white spots about the size of a pinhead. If you see this, get rid of that rabbit and wash everything that touched it.

Tularemia typically comes from deer flies and ticks. Resultantly, hunting in winter when there are fewer pests can help, but it’s hardly a guarantee. Always check. If you suddenly have cold or flu-like symptoms after handling or eating rabbits, then tell your doctor right away. A timely round of antibiotics can save your health and life.

Best Slingshot Rabbit Hunting Tips

Rabbits are fast, but a slingshot is faster. Humans have been using slingshots for centuries because they are light weight, relatively easy to construct, and quiet. Unlike loud guns or the twang of a bow, slingshots make such a small sound it’s unlikely to scare off most prey in the area. You’ll probably have more trouble controlling your scent than your noise levels when slingshot hunting.

Once you’ve got your scent masked, the next most vital slingshot hunting skill is practice. You need to aim for, and hit, the head for a fast, clean kill. However, don’t fall for the old instant drop. Most prey that falls immediately is substantially more likely to get up and run away than those who at least stagger a few steps. That can lose you a meal.

Finally, you need to pack light and start early if you want to hunt rabbits. Because of their speed, rabbits can lead you on a merry chase if you wound them. When heavy packs burden you, the animal might escape into a den before you can reach it. Plus, an early start gives you the best chance to catch diurnal animals who start moving around in the morning.

Top Five Best Slingshots for Rabbit Hunting

For a good hunt, you want more than a Y-shaped stick and a rubber band for your slingshot. Children and our early ancestors might get lucky with those primitive weapons, but a serious hunter who wants to eat needs a professional slingshot to accomplish clean and regular kills. Don’t guess and check when survival is on the line. This curated list of superb slingshots will help you bag a brace of coneys when you’re hungry.

1. Lolbuy Hunting Laser Slingshot

To hunt anything as fast as rabbits, you need a high-quality slingshot with all the trappings. The Lolbuy Hunting Laser Slingshot has everything you need, and a couple of superb extras as well. You’ll love the stabilizer that helps you steady your shots. Moreover, the magnet holds several steel balls so you can fire rapidly.

In addition to the three bands and tool kit, you’ll find this model has a holder for a flashlight. Using a standard light at night will help you deter home invaders and pest animals. However, the light that comes with it has two modes. The bonus laser option allows you to aim at your target in low light accurately.

When you add the ergonomic handle, the Lolbuy Hunting Laser Slingshot is rabbit killing ready. You’ll appreciate the beautifully wrought alloy. Finally, you get the 100% Sturdy Quality Assurance and 100% Return Guarantee because Lolbuy cares about the quality of their slingshots.

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2. Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set

Similar to the Lolbuy, the Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set comes with plenty of extraordinary features. Three triple bands give you plenty of backups for when you wear yours out hunting so many rabbits. Moreover, you’ll also have the stabilizer with a magnetic ammo holder within easy reach.

Three screw keys help you adjust and tighten every part of your slingshot with no additional tools needed. You’ll be able to practice your hand strength and coordination easily. With the fifty clay practice balls, you can keep up with your skills even when you’re not hunting to assure you will make clean kills when you do have rabbit problems or a need for supper.

Finally, the Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set has a beautifully wrought, ergonomic wooden handle and a flashlight holder for small lights. The only reason this model didn’t tie for the first place on this list is that you need to provide your own flashlight. That can be an advantage if you have an excellent small EDC flashlight.

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3. Lodonc Professional SlingShot

With two sets of sights to choose from, you’ll be able to get the best view of any rabbits you want to hunt down using your Lodonc Professional SlingShot. Whether you’re dealing with garden pests, or you need dinner after TEOTWAWKI, you’ll be able to aim exceptionally well. Anything that gives you an advantage in an emergency could save your life. 

You’ll get the tool you need for easy installation and changing the sights at will. Moreover, the whole Lodonc Professional SlingShot set comes in a convenient carrying case. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about how to keep everything together, so you don’t lose any parts when it matters most.

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4. COOY Professional Hunting Slingshot

A sturdy metal body supports the COOY Professional Hunting Slingshot from Amazon, and the included stabilizer supports your shot so you can aim. The six-banded rubber sling and soft, flexible ammo holder will help you make powerfully accurate shots. 

With both clay and steel balls, you’ll have plenty of chances for hunting and training. It’s vital to keep practicing between hunts, which helps maintain your strength and aim. You’ll also have magnetic ammo holder, and a flashlight holder, along with the included light to handle any slingshot hunting conditions.

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5. RCZZSUWE Professional Hunting Slingshot

The final selection on our list is the RCZZSUWE Professional Hunting Slingshot is made for killing rabbits, or other all prey. The solid band clamps easily into the slots designed to hold it firmly. Furthermore, the sights on either side will help you aim even when you’re only working on your target practice. 

Speaking of targets, you’ll find one included with your RCZZSUWE Professional Hunting Slingshot to facilitate your practice and training sessions. Those who prefer a traditional handhold without the extra stabilized will love this model. It’s reminiscent of childhood toys, but with all the power you need for hunting rabbits. 

You don’t want to accidentally break or misalign your weapon when survival is on the line. Hence, the RCZZSUWE comes with an instruction manual. For those who are just beginning to learn slingshot hunting, having directions is priceless. Yet even professionals with decades of experience can learn something from the manufacturers’ guidelines. 

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Final Thoughts

Rabbit meat is one of the most environmentally friendly and lean meats you can eat, which makes them the perfect target for slingshot hunters. Not only do these small prey animals fall easily before a slingshot, but they don’t weigh as much as a deer. Accessible transport is a vital organizational aid when you’re surviving.

Surprisingly, the rabbit has more protein than chicken, beef, pork, turkey, veal, or lamb. About twenty-one grams out of every hundred grams of meat is pure, healthy protein. Since the average adult needs forty-six to fifty-six or more grams of protein per day, that means you can get your minimum in about two servings, eight ounces, of rabbit meat.

When you need a ready supply of food for emergencies, breeding rabbits is undoubtedly more costly than hunting them down with a slingshot. Fortunately, anyone can learn to shoot wild cottontails for supper.


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