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The other day I had the opportunity to browse a big chain bookstore selection of resources related to bug out bags, prepping and survivalism.

For the most part, this is usually one of the first steps many would take especially someone new to preparedness and survivalism.

I was overwhelmed by the information and available resources on the subject.

During my time spent carousing the book shelves, two noticeable points were evident.

First was the limited number of books on the topics of bug out bags and bug out related materials.

Secondly, the books that were found on the book shelf or magazine rack either looked extremely intimidating or written not for the armchair survivalist but for someone who had  advance understanding or prior experience with prepping or survivalist training.

These disturbing revelations made me extremely alarmed.

Those who just  skim over the front cover of these books or magazine might get the impression that preppers are truly “crazy” as often depicted in the news media or television programs.

And that true emergency preparedness for the common person would be unrealistic or impossible to attain.

Therefore, these concerning points would be enough of a turn off or instill a “why bother” attitude towards preparing for any number of potentially serious crisis situations by the average Joe.

Fortunately, I successfully found books on everything related to “bugging” specifically on bug out bags, bug out vehicles, bugging out and bugging in (which will all be explained below).

I found them to be practical with easy to follow instructions on tactics to put into use right away.

Hopefully, you’ll find these suggested readings useful and resourceful.

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Bug Out Bags 

Throughout my website, one can view articles regarding bug out bags more extensively.

Bug out bags are kits that hold all essential emergency gear and supplies one would need to help you through an emergency or crisis that occurs.

The selected books below illustrate the three basic types of bug out bags or kits you should own and the necessary items they should contain.

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Build the perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72 Hour. Disaster Survival Kit (208 pp.) by Creek Stewart

Creek StewartAbout the author(s):
■ Since the age of 14, the author has had 1000’s of hours of training in emergency preparedness and survivalism
■ He has been featured in numerous mainstream periodicals like Men’s Health and  Chicago magazine  and popular cable programs such as Discovery and The Weather Channel.
■ Mr. Stewart has successfully trained both government personnel and civilians in survivalism and emergency preparedness. 

Unique or interesting tidbits about this book were:
◆ The book provides specific instructions on building an optimal Bug Out Bag for families, children, the elderly,  those with physical challenges and even pets.
◆ The author examine common disasters and the appropriate measures and gear  you would need to meet the challenge posed by the disaster head on.
◆ Not only does the book cover bug out bags but also self defense strategies and techniques.

Highlighted comments by the readers were: 
● The book provides an excellent blueprint for compiling all the necessary components for a bug out bag.
● The author offers suggestions on gear to purchase and websites to check out.
● Stewart suggests nice tips told in an honest and straight forward fashion. 

Build the Perfect Survival Kit (256 pp.) by John McCann

Prepper ExpertAbout the author(s):
■ Mr. McCann has developed his skills and understanding of survivalism and emergency preparedness since childhood.
■ He is an accomplished author with many of his articles published in renowned publications such as Field and Streams and New York Times.
■ He currently runs a survival school in New York. 

Unique or interesting tidbits about this book were:
◆ John emphasizes the need to create ones own bug out bag that specifically addresses the needs of the user.
◆ Mr. McCann suggests the need to have multiple type survival kits for various emergency situations that may arise without warning and at a moments notice.
◆ The ideas and suggested survival items in the book are meant for both novice and skill survivalist alike. 

Highlighted comments by the readers were: 
● This book spells out what everyone should have when forced to leave an urban setting to the countryside.
● He goes into why you should have various kits and that what and rationale for the particular gear and supplies needed for each kit type.
● There are product comparisons and listings of resources provided.  

Bugging Out  

If a crisis situation should occur, you might be required, whether voluntary or mandatory, to leave your current location and move to a safer site.

Thus, this bugging out scenario should be researched, examined and planned before such an event happens.

The following provide ideas to consider in making the necessary arrangements to secure a safe and well stocked place for you and loved ones.

[table id=83 /]

Get Out of Dodge! Prepping to Leave Your Home and Bug Out During a Disaster (51 pp.) by Jason Ryder Adams

Bug out backpackAbout the author(s):|
■ Jason emphasizes a practical down to earth approach to prepping.
■ Mr. Ryder has authored three books on emergency prepping and survivalism.
■ Philosophically the author expresses a hope that readers never have to use the ideas of the book.

Unique or interesting tidbits about this book were:

◆ This book is written for the new prepper in mind.
◆ Get out of Dodge addresses bugging out preparations for the whole family.
◆ His book discusses rationalizing when bugging in or bugging out is appropriate.

Highlighted comments by the readers were: 
● The book provides great survival strategies
● A great first book for “newbies.”
● Liked the author’s ability to the emphasize detail without overloading the reader with too much information. 

The Preppers Complete Book of Disaster Readiness: Life-saving Skills, Supplies, Tactics and Plans (260 pp.) by Jim Cobb

Bugging Out ExpertAbout the author(s):
■ Jim Cobb’s articles have been published in national magazines such as Boys Life. 
■ Mr. Cobb  inner prepper presented itself since childhood.
■ The author is the proud owner of Disaster Prep Consultants.


Unique or interesting tidbits about this book were:
◆ The book stresses the need to prepare for both short and long term emergency situations.
◆ Cobb’s goal is to help the reader effectively mitigate both large and small disasters.
◆ The narrative is presented in a conversational style approach to keep the reader engaged.

Highlighted comments by the readers were: 
● The author expands on the finer points of prepping and chock full of timely methods, techniques and strategies.
● It was a joy to read this book without the scare tactics of a zombie invasion or the world ending from this or that.
● It is a beefy 260 pages with well placed picture and diagrams.  

Bugging In 

There may be a remote possibility that your best choice is to stay put where you are for an extensive amount of time.

You need to be prepared with all the essential supplies to wait out your current circumstances until a safer more desirable situation materializes.

In the event bugging in becomes your best option,  the following selections should give you the necessary strategies and information to help plan to make the right choices for you and your family.

[table id=84 /]

Handbooks to Practical Preparedness for the Family, 3rd. Ed. (440 pp.) by Dr. Arthur T. Bradley

Bugging In ExpertAbout the author(s):
■ Dr. Bradley currently is a NASA engineer.
■ His writing have been seen in many popular publications such as Popular Mechanics, New York Times and Money magazine.
■ He espouses a belief in being prepared motivated by concern and love rather than fear and paranoia. 


Unique or interesting tidbits about this book were:
◆ The book attempts to accomplish three things; motivate the reader to be prepared, to prepare more effectively and to find a place in a larger movement.
◆ Different from other books is the practical approach to emergency preparedness presented throughout.
◆ His handbook offers well researched advice that can be put into practice in the real world by normal families.

Highlighted comments by the readers were: 
● Dr. Bradley takes a logical approach without bordering on hysteria.
● Quite a bit of research went into this 3rd edition being both polished and extensive.
● This handbook is an excellent tool to teach an individual or family how to plan and prepare  for many different scenarios such as natural disasters, war and acts of terrorism.  

The Prepper’s Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Family for a Disaster (224 pp.) by Bernie Carr

Bugging In PrepperAbout the author(s):
■ Bernie became a prepper expert through both her personal and natural disaster experiences. 
■ The author provides expertise in emergency preparedness from an apartment dweller perspective.
■ Ms. Carr’s articles have been published in various media outlets such as Prepare magazine and National Geographic T.V. blog.

Unique or interesting tidbits about this book were:
◆ Ms. Carr is a proponent of a Do it Yourself approach to emergency preparedness.
◆ She helps dis-spell many of the myths surrounding preppers and prepping.
◆ The is written in an easy to follow step by step format to guide the reader especially the beginner prepper.

Highlighted comments by the readers were:
● The book provides real life examples to prep especially for those on a limited budget. 
● This book is accessible and not intimidating for beginner preppers.
● The 101 suggested mini projects are extremely doable. 

Bug Out Vehicle

Typically, when one hears “Bug Out Vehicle” thoughts of “Mad Max”  come to mind.

In most cases, it is farther from the truth.  Cars are only but one type of vehicle that you might want to possess.

Most often, your current situation will dictate which type of vehicle would work best.  The books below cover different types of vehicles and maybe some you would have never considered.

[table id=85 /]

Build The Perfect Bug Out Vehicle: The Disaster Survival Vehicle Guide (224 pp.) by Creek Stewart

About the author(s):
Creek Stewart
■ Creek advocates the importance of learning survival skills and not just the purchasing of survival gear.
■ Mr. Stewart is the host of the new hit series Fat Guys in the Woods on the Weather Channel.
■ The author is the proud owner of Willow Haven Outdoor, a survivalist and emergency preparedness school.

Unique or interesting tidbits about this book were:
◆ Mr. Stewart unveils a variety of  suitable vehicle types both motorized and non-engine powered options from which to consider under different disaster scenarios.
◆ The book details important vehicle features and also outlines items that should be packed in your Bug Out Vehicle.
◆ The desire to give the reader the best chance of getting to a safer environment by selecting the right mode of transportation if the need arises is the ultimate goal of this book.

Highlighted comments by the readers were:
● The book is extremely comprehensive and an in-depth overview of bug out vehicle options.
● Stewart’s writing style is straight-forward and down to earth.
● The book describes of every type of vehicle and describes the gear to put in it.

The Nautical Prepper: How to Equip and Survive on Your Bug Out Boat (320 pp.) by Capt. William E. Simpson

About the author(s):

Bug Out Vehicle Boats■ William was strongly influenced by his father a former US military  soldier and police officer.
■ The author earned his USCG Captain’s license from the Pacific Maritime Academy
■ Mr. Simpson was named “Best Prepper” by National Geographic Doomsday Prepper cable television program in 2013. 

Unique or interesting tidbits about this book were:
◆ The author’s main objective is to offer a unique approach to being prepared and surviving that will minimize or totally negate the need for planned armed combat.
◆ The book devises a survival plan that addresses many possible disaster scenarios by way of sea navigation.
◆ Through boating, it is totally conceivable to live completely off the grid while experiencing an amazing adventure.

Highlighted comments by the readers were:
● Most of the principles presented in this book can be applied to any crisis situation. 
● The author makes perfect sense in considering the water option to escape any  land lock threats.
● Since the book advocates a highly mobile living situation, it allows for one to either “bug in” or “bug out” safely  instead of  the more restrictive options of traveling over land for escape or the death trap posed by choosing the bunker solution.

Whether one decides to bug in or bug out using bug out bags or bug out  vehicles, The guides and books presented here should provide you with the most comprehensive and thorough content available.

These book selections were not only highly rated but highly regarded by the most important element, the reader.

Additionally, I have written reviews on other topics related to emergency preparedness and survivalism. 

Although I personally purchased and read many of the books above, I made every attempt to review these selections in the most objective way possible.

For the most part, I think I accomplished this but most importantly, I hope I provided you with enough information to help you make a more educated decision in your search for the best resource book for you.

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