The 4 Best Survival Duct Tape Choices: Stick to These Facts!

Best Survival Duct Tape

This type of type is one of the most versatile tapes out there. It’s waterproof, strong, easy to tear, and extremely flexible. These properties make this type the perfect tool for surviving the wilderness. One can be creative with duct tape, that they can survive camping in the mountains with packs of duct tape.

History of Duct Tape

Duct tape as we know it was invented by Vesta Stoudt in 1943, around the time of World War II. It was primarily invented for the US military. Vesta Stoudt was a mother living in Illinois, Chicago, she wanted to help the soldiers that were deployed in World War II.

She directly wrote to the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt outlining the problem and her solution with complete diagrams. President Roosevelt was so impressed by her idea, he approved it immediately. Johnson & Johnson was the operating company that made the first duct tape. The waterproof feature of the tape led them to name it “duck tape,” because it has the same waterproof property that a duck’s back had. Nowadays, the “duck” tape was changed to duct tape.

To find out more about the story of Vesta Stoudt, click here to proceed to the official website of Johnson & Johnson.

MythBusters and Duct Tape

If you ever wondered if duct tape really is a good survival product take it from MythBusters, Jamie Hyneman, and Adam Savage. During the 2010 season of MythBuster Jamie and Adam decided to test out the versatility of the duct tape. The two built a 100-foot long boat made entirely out of the versatile tape. Watching the episode it was really impressive seeing how useful duct tape can be.

They took it a step further by making a shelter made out of entirely duct tape. Adam wandered around the forest looking for the perfect spot to make his shelter. He made a hanging pad between the branches of two trees. Adam even went the extra mile by building a table and chair, making their temporary duct tape home feel homier. According to both Adam and Jamie, they used over 200 rolls of tape. Each roll of duct tape was about 60 yards or 180 feet in length.

Clever Uses of Duct Tape

The flexibility, versatility, and waterproof nature of the duct tape made it the perfect tape for survival. There are hundreds of websites out there that can suggest ways on how to survive using this type of tape. Below are survival uses that you can make using this type of tape, suggested by the American Gun Association.

Outdoor Use

    1. CordageCordage is simply a rope that is often used in ships. Having one is extremely helpful when you are surviving the outdoors.
    2. First Aid — You may use duct tape for temporary compression when you have suffered a wound. And because it is waterproof, it’s the perfect emergency first aid.
    3. Patch Fabric — Duct tape is very sticky. Having a hole in your tent can be fixed by simply taping duct tape over it. Just make sure it is secure.
    4. Waterproof Seal — You forgot your water bottle? No worries, try to be creative in making a water bottle out of tape. It is waterproof, therefore, making a bottle-like structure from duct tape will hold your water. This is a recommended use of duct tape especially being outside, you will be prone to dehydration
    5. Rescue Signal — Not only is the duct tape durable, but it can also reflect light. Forming the words “SOS” using duct tape is a good idea because of its ability to reflect light.

Home Use

    1. Home Repairs — The waterproof nature of duct tape will also be a great help when fixing broken tubes at home. Though it will not last for a long time, so make sure you still get it fixed from a professional.
    2. Temporary Vehicle Repair — Some broken parts of the vehicle may also be repaired temporarily by using duct tape in case of an emergency. Always bring it a professional to fix serious vehicle problems.
    3. Tape a Broken Window — Have you ever noticed when a car has a broken window it’s immediately covered in duct tape? The durability of the tape makes it a perfect temporary fix for a broken car window.
    4. Mend a Screen — The same as temporally fixing a broken car window, it also applies to screen.
    5. Fix a Broken Trashcan — Fixing a broken trash can is easy by simply applying duct tape. 

To find out more possible uses of the duct tape, click here to proceed to the official website of the American Gun Association. They have provided an article talking about the survival uses of duct tape.

The 4 Best Duct Tapes in the Market.

1. 3M Performance+ Duct Tape

3M is a known company that manufactures goods that are focused on work safety, industry, and health care. The multinational company is selling this duct tape that is designed for both permanent and temporary applications both indoors and outdoors. When being removed, the 3M Duct Tape has little to no adhesive residue even though it has been there for over 6 months after application. It can withstand about 200 degrees Fahrenheit (or 93 degrees Celsius) of heat.

The 3M Duct Tape has a distinct color feature that is different from the rest of the tapes being sold. It has a slate blue color and has a length of about 60 yards. With all of its features, it is an advisable product to be used in the wilderness just in case you need it.

To check out this product on Amazon, click here to find out more

2. Color Duck Tape Duct Tape

The Duck Brand has been known for manufacturing different types of tape. It’s mainly known for making quality duct tape that most of us are familiar with. This tape has a length that is about 20 yards and has that distinct black color compared to the conventional metallic grey look. The Color Duck Duct Tape is advertised as a heavy-duty tape perfect for outdoor use, gardening and bundling.

This duct tape is not recommended to be used on hardwood floors or direct sunlight. It has something to do with the color of the tape that may slightly impact the adhesion. nonetheless, the Color Duck Tape Duct Tape is still a reliable tape when needed.

To purchase this particular product, click here to proceed to the Amazon page.

3. Gorilla Tough & Wide Duct Tape

The Gorilla brand was mainly known for its original Gorilla Glue which was put into the market in 1999. Now they are a company known for producing similar products that focused on adhesion. It spans about 30 yards per role and has double the adhesive power. The Gorilla Duct Tape grips on smooth, rough, and even on uneven surfaces. It has a tighter weave that adds to the overall strength of the tape but can still be torn apart by hands when needed. The tape can withstand moisture, UV rays, and temperature changes.

The Gorilla Duct Tape has four different color choices you can choose from; Black, white, silver, and orange. Out of all of the products mentioned, the Gorilla Tape is specifically advertised for outdoor use. If ever you are looking for a duct tape mainly to be used outdoors, the Gorilla Tough & Wide Duct Tape is a perfect choice.

To proceed to purchase this product, click here.

4. Berry Global Premium Multi-Purpose Duct Tape

The Berry Global brand is known for being a Fortune 500 global manufacturer of plastic products. It is responsible for the release of the 394-2 Premium Multi-Purpose Duct Tape that is manufactured solely in the United States. This duct tape is about 60 yards per role and comes with the color that we are all familiar with, silver. It is curl resistant and has an adhesion that is strong enough for irregular surfaces.

Compared to the rest of the tapes indicated, this certain tape has a brighter reflective property when it is on direct sunlight. This means in terms of outdoor survival this tape can help in creating signals.

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Final Thoughts

Surviving the outdoors is a skill that one must learn. It’s not a talent that someone already has within them. Duct Tape is not the first thing that you would bring on a camping trip, but it should be among your supplies. Try to open your mind and be knowledgeable about the fact that something mundane as a duct tape can be a survival tool. 

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