The Best Tactical Jacket (For Anything Coming Your Way)

best tactical jacket

If you are preparing for the end of the world, the collapse of society or any other disaster that may come knocking at you door, you need to be fully prepared to take on anything. Being fully prepared spans beyond stocking up food, water or weapons, but having accessibility to these supplies no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Disaster waits for no one, so beginning preparations now by purchasing the proper products to assist you when disaster strikes. Having the best tactical jacket could save you when you find yourself battling harsh winds or cold weather, but also, by serving as a lifeline with pockets filled with all your tactical needs.

1. Shanghai Story Gear Military Special Ops Soft Shell Tactical Jacket 15 Color

With good reviews, this tactical jacket comes equipped with features that make it an ideal candidate for survivalist preparations. It is wind and waterproof, thus making it sustainable for harsh climates and brutal winds.

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It also possesses an inner of fleece, ensuring that its occupant will remain warm in snowy or colder climates. Don’t worry about getting overheated, as the fleece lined insulation is still very breathable. As well as this item also comes included with an inner thermal technology that allows for the venting of excess heat to be done by a under arm zipper.

With six pockets in total, two at the chest, two on the waist, and two more on the sleeves. All of which can be used to carry small enough objects to conceal a knife or other tool, to a phone or small book. This jacket is comprised of lightweight polyester, making it less likely to hinder mobility while still offering protection from the elements.

2. Condor Men’s Summit Soft Shell Tactical Jacket

With many favorable reviews, this item is perfect for the everyday survivalist. It is wind and water proof making it perfect for any cold, wet, or windy environment.

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This item also is very useful in its thermal technology, as it keeps the body free from moisture but also still warm in even the coldest of winters. This is done by an underarm vent zipper that can be opened and closed to change the inner temperature.

This item is also comes equipped with 3 layers of insulation that ensures you won’t have to go outside equipped with several different coats if you do not wish to. The outer layer is composed polyester which is very lightweight and smooth for wind to blow easily around you.

3. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Jacket Multi-function Softshell Tactical Jacket Plush Lined Warm Coats Hooded Jacket

This jacket is perfect for a tactical use, as it has protection from the elements and pockets that are a hard find anywhere. This item is well made and comes standard with a water and wind protection. Making it perfect for any type of outside excursion and in all kinds of environments.

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This jacket also comes equipped with a thermal technology that circulates warm air through out the body while keeping the body free of moisture from sweating.

The most interesting use of this item is for its many pockets, numbering 5 in all. These are found all over the jacket, with to on either arm and 2 that are large near the lower left and right side of the jacket, with an extra single on the right breast.

4. FREE SOLDIER  Tactical Softshell Hooded Jacket

Constructed out of Dintex fabric externally to ensure water resistance and fleece lined internally to guarantee warmth for the wearer in cold climates and conditions. The special fabric also makes it windproof but still breathable. The brimmed hood and retractable collar also aide in the water resistance by giving the wearer more options to stay dry.

Free Soldier’s jacket is [amazon_link asins=’B010H7M350′ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c5e3ed70-924f-11e7-9e26-3558b97dd29b’]


It was stated in a tactical jacket review that it handles well in the wind a rain. The hood is durable and the collar helps block out water, but both are exponentially helpful when warding off wind. The hood is detachable and concealable, but it can also come in handy when the weather is tough. The brimmed hood design and the drawstrings for the collar can be quite helpful when stuck in a rainy situation.

The jacket also comes equipped with two chest pockets, two shoulder pockets, one pocket on the left forearm and two rear pockets.

5. Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

Rothco’s highly rated tactical jacket comes fully equipped to meet the needs of every survivalist. The polyester waterproof exterior keeps rain and stains out, while the three layered fabric design ensures breathability and comfort; keeping the wearer warm and dry. This fabric construction also makes the jacket wind and cold resistant, deflecting wind and retaining essential body heat to keep the wearer comfortable and safe.

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The Jacket also features two large exterior chest pockets, that one consumer review stated, “the exterior chest pockets  both will comfortably and subtlety store a handgun no problem. I keep a baton and knife in those 2 pockets alone and they are very accessible.” There are also pockets on the rear of the jacket, shoulders and left forearm which can all be used to conceal and carry prepper tools, weapons and supplies.


Zip Up and Head Out

Now that you have seen what options there are, it’s time to choose the best tactical jacket for you. It is important to consider the natural elements and what you may be faced with, that will help you decide on the exterior material of your jacket. Is weather proofing important to you, protection from water and wind? If so, stay away from purely fleece jackets and find a weather proofed jacket that is fleece lined for warmth.

Consider storage capabilities when you are shopping for a jacket. You will want to be sure to pick a jacket that can hold the proper tools, supplies and weapons that you may need in the event of an emergency. In order to always be prepared, you need to prepare you body and protect it with the best tactical jacket.

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