Best Travel Toothbrush (Top 5 Picks For On The Road)

best travel toothbrush

Whether you’re out camping with the family or in a SHTF situation, having all of the necessary gear to stay alive and well is extremely important. There are a number of tools, gadgets, and gizmos to be equipped with during either scenario, and one that often gets overlooked is a tool for brushing your teeth. Today, we’re going to be talking about our 5 picks for the best travel toothbrush.

There are heaps of travel toothbrush reviews out on the Internet, but none of them are written from the perspective of preppers. As you’d expect from ABL, this one is.

We’ve spent a lot of time carefully looking at the top choices for travel toothbrushes that you can buy right now to determine its usefulness when you’re out and about in the wild. After a lot of research and testing, we’ve come up with 5 picks that we’re confident will serve any prepper admirably.

1. Travel Folding Soft Toothbrush by GUM

Kicking off this list, let’s talk about the Travel Folding Soft Toothbrush by GUM. GUM is one of the leading brands when it comes to dental hygiene products, and the Travel Folding Soft Toothbrush is no exception.

When you’re ready to use the toothbrush, all you need to do is flip the brush head from out of the body and start brushing like normal. When you’re done, clean off the brush head and then swivel it right back into the body for a super compact package.

GUM coated the bristles that allow the brush to stay even cleaner, and this is achieved by inhibiting any and all growth for germs in between your brushing with the toothbrush. And, in addition to this, the handle has been designed to give you maximum precision and comfort when brushing — something that’s not always found in brushes of this size.

The GUM Travel Folding Soft Toothbrush offers one of our favorite designs for a travel toothbrush, as it provides a comfortable brushing experience while also being extremely easy to take with you wherever you go. It really is the best of both worlds, and for the price, you simply can’t beat it.

2. Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Travel Toothbrush

Colgate is another popular name in the dental hygiene world, and the company’s Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Travel Toothbrush is a unique take on travel toothbrushes that we’ve come to like quite a bit after using them.

Instead of a traditional toothbrush design, the Colgate Max Fresh Wisps are designed to be disposed after each use. You get a pack of 24 disposable brushes, and while you’ll certainly go through these guys if you’re brushing twice every day, the low price still makes them a legit option worth considering.

The Wisps are sugar-free, and Colgate advertises this product as something that offers the cleanliness of a toothbrush and the freshness of gum. If that sounds like an awesome combo, that’s because it is.

Colgate designed the Wisps to be very easy to use and handle despite their smaller size, and the pick at the end can be used for getting at food that’s stuck in between your teeth.

Folks looking for a traditional toothbrush design may not be geeked up with this offering, but if you’re open to trying something a little different, we think you’ll really like what Colgate is offering here.

3. Colgate Travel Toothbrush

Another travel toothbrush from Colgate that’s much more commonplace is the simply-named Colgate Travel Toothbrush. This brush looks just like any other toothbrush, and like the GUM option we previously looked at, the head of this one also folds up into itself to create for a very compact and portable form factor.

There are two different levels of bristles on the brush head that help to clean both the surface and in between all of your teeth, and we found that the brush managed to provide a deep clean while also being gentle on gums and more sensitive mouths.

You’ll be paying nearly double for Colgate’s brush compared to what the GUM one sells for, but according to other customer reviews and our own testing, the Colgate brush delivers a slightly better clean and an overall sturdier design.

4. AIM Travel Toothbrush

Keeping with this same toothbrush design, we’ve got the AIM Travel Toothbrush. This is a brush that we’ve seen pop up on many best travel toothbrush reviews. However, just what about the AIM Travel Toothbrush makes it so great?

For one thing, the brush is super cheap. It’s the cheapest option on this list (save for the Colgate Max Fresh Wisps), and despite its low price, it offers most everything you’d get with the GUM or Colgate Travel Toothbrush.

Similar to those other two brushes, the AIM Travel Toothbrush has a foldable design — enabling it to provide you with a regular brushing experience and capable of transforming into a sleek and compact design for when you’re on the go.

Also, despite the low price of AIM’s toothbrush, it’s built shockingly well. You could still probably break it if you applied enough force, but for regular use, this thing will hold up like a tank.

5. Violife Style Slim Sonic Electric Travel Toothbrush

Our fifth and final pick is the Violife Style Slim Sonic Electric Travel Toothbrush. This is the only electric toothbrush on this list, and it’s powered by a single AAA battery. Having to have a battery to power a travel toothbrush might be a deal-breaker for some of you reading this, but that one battery gives the Violife Style Slim a lot of power that the other brushes on this list simply do not have.

For one thing, that electric power allows the toothbrush to kick out 22,000 brush strokes every single minute. That’s a tremendous amount of power for such a small package, and it allows you to get one of the most rigorous cleans you’ll find on a brush of this size.

The waterproof battery compartment keeps the battery secure and sound when the toothbrush gets wet, and a moisture-releasing vented cap helps to prevent unwanted bacteria and germs from building up on the brush when it’s not in use.

Add this together with a one year manufacturer warranty and a very reasonable price, and the Violife Style Slim is the best you can buy — assuming you’re okay with it needing that battery power.

Final Thoughts

What constitutes the best travel toothbrush is different for every person that you ask, and that’s why all 5 of the brushes on this list have their own set of strong and weak points. All of the brushes mentioned here provide for a deep and solid clean in a compact form factor, but each one does so in a slightly different way. No matter which brush you end up getting, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be doing right by your mouth and teeth even while traveling.