Best Way To Carry Key Fob: Never Lose Them Again

Best Way To Carry Key Fob

A key fob is a practical and technological way to replace regular keys, but it can become a hassle to learn the best way to carry the key fob. You need to be careful not to break it, not to lose it, and not to damage in any way that makes it unusable.  That’s why as much as it doesn’t seem that important, you must know how to carry your key fob the right way.

Another issue that happens a lot with key fobs is that they get damaged when in contact with certain objects. This is why many people recommend that you carry the key fob separately from everything else that you carry in your keychain or even in your pocket. It’s also a good idea to know the best way to carry key fob because you don’t want to have to take it out of your pocket all the time.

One of the greatest advantages of having a key fob is that you don’t need to always take it out of your pocket. Most of the time, the signal gets through while the device is in your pocket. This is why you should know what pocket to put the key fob and with what it’s okay to bring along with it.

So, make sure to read everything and follow the tips on the best way to carry a key fob. Below, you can read the first tip that is to have your own separate keychain.

Have Its Own Separate Keychain

If you take your time to talk to anyone that owns a key fob, you’ll quickly realize that one of the greatest problems is losing it. Most people aren’t that used to owning one, which makes it easier for them to forget it at random places. That’s why having its own separate keychain such a great idea. Not only that but you avoid damaging it by putting it with your other keys.

The separate keychain is important because you don’t risk damaging it, but you also increase your chances of remembering where it is at all times. Also, if you place your key fob with your other keys, you kind of defeat the purpose of having a key fob in the first place.

Now, a great tip is to have replacements for your key fob, if you find yourself constantly losing it. It’s actually a great idea to have replacements no matter what. The USARemote Car Key Fob is a great replacement kit. It comes with two units and the quality is superb. You won’t find yourself losing your key fob every again, actually, if you do, you’ll have the replacements right away. Check it out pricing on Amazon Here.

When Driving, Place The Key Fob Near You

One of the main reasons key fobs get damaged or even broken is that people forget to take them out of their pockets once they’re in the car. What happens then, it’s that some times that cause more than one button to be pressed at the same time for an extended period. Or the pressure inside the pocket is too much for the plastic of the key fob to handle. In the end, either way, you end up with it broken or damaged.

That’s why your best strategy on the best way to carry key fob is to place it near you but not inside your pocket while you’re driving. This is also a good strategy because you avoid the possibility of it getting entangled with keys or anything else that it’s in your pocket. Just remember to keep it close to you, so you can easily put it back in your pocket once you arrive at your destination.

So, make to place the key fob near you while driving. A medium-sized key fob helps with it since it’s harder to put in your pocket and also not lose it while you’re in the car. The KeylessOption Key Fob is great for this. It has a perfect size and great quality as well. Take a look at this great item on Amazon here.

Carry It In Your Pants Front Pocket

The next tip is to always carry it in your pants’ front pocket. The reason is that carrying it in your back pocket it’s more likely to break it or damage it. Since you can easily sit on it and forget about it, it’s a terrible idea to put it in your back pocket. Actually, most people have to replace key fobs for that very reason. They get it broken after they’ve sat on it while at work.

Another pocket that you should avoid is your jacket pocket. The first reason is that you take your jacket off. This means that you can easily lose or forget your jacket somewhere else. Then, jacket pockets are usually not large enough to carry the key fob. Finally, you don’t want to risk getting your key fob stolen alongside your jacket.

So, make sure to always place your key fob in your front pocket. It’s the best way to carry key fob, especially if you want to make sure you don’t break it or lose it. Carrying the key fob in the front pocket of your pants is the best place to do so.

Your Shirt’s Pocket Is A Nice Alternative

Now, if you’re looking for an alternative for whatever reason, your shirt’s pocket is a good one. Not every shirt will have a pocket, but the ones that do offer a nice alternative to the pants front pocket. It’s quite easy to reach and it provides nearly the same level of security that your pants pockets do as well.

One of the main reasons people place it there is that your shirt’s pocket is reachable for you to activate the key fob without having to take it out of the pocket. It’s a great alternative that you should try once in a while to see for yourself if it works for you.

So, make sure that you have key fobs that fit in your shirt’s pocket. Also, make sure that you have a high-quality key fob that can transmit a signal while in the shirt’s pocket. The 2 Keyless Key Fob is a highly-rated key fob option. Get yours on Amazon here.

Consider Adding Weight To The Keychain

Often times when you put the key fob on a keychain without any other key, the whole thing becomes too lightweight. This means that it’s so light that you can’t feel it in your pocket. Obviously, this can be bad because if it gets out of your pocket, you won’t even notice before it may be too late. The solution is to consider adding weight to the keychain.

For instance, you can get more keychains to the whole thing or any other object that will ensure that it’s heavy enough for you to feel it inside your pocket. Unless your pocket is pretty tight, there’s a good chance that you won’t feel the key fob alone while in your pocket.

So, just make sure that you make the key fob and keychain heavy enough so you can feel it inside your pocket. This will make way more likely that you feel the key fob falling out of your pocket if that ever happens. Or even someone trying to pick your pocket as well.

Make Sure The Pocket Is Easy To Reach

To make your entrance faster, you should always make sure that the pocket you’re putting the key fob in is easy to reach. This will always be the best way to carry a key fob.

The main reason for the key fob to exist is for extra security, but the process to get in and out of places should also be faster. That’s why making sure the pocket is easy to reach is equally important.

So, keep in mind that the pockets that are easy to reach are both the front ones of your pants and the ones on your shirt. Give preference to those if you want to carry the key fob in the best way possible.

Never Carry It In Your Jacket Or Back Pocket Of Your Pants

It was briefly mentioned above, but it’s important to highlight. Never carry the key fob in your jacket pocket or back pocket of your pants. They’re easy to lose the key fob or get it stolen.

That’s why you should never carry it like that. Now that you know that the best way to carry is in the front pocket of your pants, it’s also good to know what not to do.

So, avoid these two pockets. Most of the time that people lose their key fob is for carrying it like that.

Final Thoughts

So, the best way to carry key fob is in the front pocket of your pants, in a separate keychain that has enough weight. If you do this, you not only avoid that you don’t lose it, get it broken or stolen. Always make sure to follow these tips.

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