The Best Wedges for Splitting Wood (5 That Make the Cut)

If you are looking for a tool that it is more suited for splitting hard and thick wood, the best one is the wedge. All you have to do is place it at the center and hit it with a sledgehammer, so you can have excellent logs. This is the most efficient way to get the job done.

Now, you may think that using a wedge is old fashioned and you are considering getting a maul, keep in mind that wedges are more efficient. Wedges are traditional for a reason. They split the thick type of wood that burn slower, which means more quality. In this article, you are not only going to find out the best wedges for splitting wood there is available but also understand what makes a wedge great, so you can make a conscientious decision.

For example, should you get a steel made or other material? Which one will last longer? Do they split all woods the same? Should you get one accordingly with your knowledge and experience splitting wood?

What Makes the Best Wedge for Splitting Wood

To get to the bottom of this answer let us start with the material that the tool is made of. Our recommendation is getting a steel made one. Although for certain purposes and light work you could get by with another one, the steel is more durable and efficient, especially for more demanding tasks. The quality of the log will depend on how sharp it is, how well you know how to do it, and again the material the wedge is made of can influence.

Now, if you need a wedge for easy tasks and you are a beginner, you can get by with a light metal one, but if you want the best there is get a steel made. Below you are going to get the best of the best wedges you will ever find. It is not ranked from best to worst or the other way around. All the wedges below are great quality, and you can certainly buy any one of them depending on your personal taste.

1. Estwing Sure Split Wedge

This is an excellent tool. A perfect combination of a diamond shaped and traditional wedge, making it a hybrid. This wedge is ideal for large tough wood that requires a sharp high-quality wedge to split it. The soft steel that that composes the wedge allows it to have a sharp edge that penetrates the wood without much effort on your part. It makes the whole process much faster and easier. You will finally be able to have equally sized logs without much work. If you are a camper, a hunter, a hiker or any kind of outdoor enthusiast this is an essential tool to have in your bag.

2. Collins Wood Splitting Wedge

This is the ultimate grenade wedge (diamond shaped) that you will ever find. The body is made of high carbon steel, which makes it sharp and tough. It splits the wood in equal logs much easier. If you are looking for less effort without losing precision, this is one of the best options available. Since diamond shaped wedges are a new thing, it faced some resistance at first, but even more, traditional guys are saying great things about this wedge. It is made of a great quality material with an intelligent design that does make it easier on you to get equal sized logs. What else do you want?

3. Ludell 11605 High Grade Steel Splitting Wedge

This is a traditional design wedge that gets the job done perfectly. Made of high-grade steel, you can use any sledgehammer to split wood that it will not only get you excellent logs but also it will not crack like some wedges of dubious quality. The Ludell wedge is perfect for the more traditional guy and its small head makes the force produced with the hit of the hammer greater than diamond shaped wedges, which can mean less effort on your part. We recommend that you get ear protectors since its high-grade steel can produce high-pitched sounds when the hammer hits the target. Anyway, this is an excellent choice with simplicity and very durable material.

4. Redneck Convent Diamond

This diamond shaped wedge is a time saver. With a great design, the redneck convent wedge works weakening the wood, splitting it in 4 different logs. If you want to get the job done faster this should be your go-to wedge. The pointed tip allows you to get it in place more easily and also hammer it down without having to exhaust yourself. The diamond shape helps you get four logs even when you are working on stubborn wood. The high-strength railway steel makes it more durable, precise and efficient. The wide head gives it more splitting power.

5. Gator Wedge

The Gator wedge is another traditionally shaped wedge. It is perfect for cutting and felling trees. With this wedge is quite easy to direct where you want your tree to fall safely. The old-fashioned design is great for producing greater force as we said earlier due to the smaller size head. The ABS polycarbonate is tough and resistant to all sorts of impact, making a highly durable product. Our recommendation is to use this one for small trees.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see your choice of wedge will be determined by your necessities and preferences. It is important to point out that any one of the options above will get the job done for you. Remember to always check the material that the wedge is made of and the model that best suits your needs. Now, get one of those maybe two to test and see what fits best with your objectives for wood splitting. Also, do not forget to share this article, so more people can make the right choice of wedge.