Bug Out Gloves: Handling Your Chances Of Survival


A great bug out strategy involves having reliable and useful equipment, and gloves are one of the quintessential parts of any noteworthy bug out bag. It is important to have gloves for the right situations like hunting, shooting, and manual labor. Things like these require protection for your hands to decrease the impact that such activities cause. It might seem almost trivial to most but the importance of a pair of gloves can not be understated. For example,  gloves that are made for shooting reduce the impact of the shot and also help you better handle the gun. This means that you have better control of it, which in turn makes you a much more reliable shooter.

Now, the right bug-out gloves are not that hard to choose once you know what you are doing. Also, you must have pairs for different purposes. The three main categories are shooting, manual labor, and general protection from the environment. It can be a bit of an understatement the gloves can be considered one of the most important survival items you can have on hand.

The good news is that it is exactly what you are going to find below, so if you do not have a clue now, you will by the end of this article. The main thing that you should focus on is having a pair of gloves for shooting and another for manual labor. After all, you can not order another pair online when you are in an SHTF situation.

Have One For Shooting

The most common prepping gloves are the shooting gloves. When you think about it, it is quite obvious. Of all the gloves, this is probably the most specific but potentially useful. Shooting is an intensive activity on your body. Even though it does not feel like that at times, there is a large amount of stress that is put on hands and wrists, especially with bigger guns. It would not be uncommon to experience aches around the inner side of your wrist and hand. For that, it is recommended that you should use bug out gloves to reduce impact and improve your control over the weapon.

Make sure your gloves they are and can keep your palms from becoming damaged. This is important because otherwise, you will not have as much control over the gun as you should have. Remember that a good pair of gloves should reduce the impact of the gun on your arms and improve your performance by giving you a firmer grip. The TitanOPS Army Shooting Gloves is an excellent pair of bug out shooting gloves. Click to view pricing on Amazon here.

Get Another For Manual Labor

The next most common prepping gloves are the ones for manual labor. They are important for bug out bags due to the fact that gloves made for manual labor ensure fewer cuts, blisters, and better gripping strength. In an SHTF scenario, these gloves are going to be your best friend. Remember that without medical treatment a single cut can result in an infection.

That is why the manual labor gloves are so important for a bug-out situation. You should not wear them only while hunting. When you’re carrying things to your bug-out vehicle, or when you’re building a temporary tent, you should wear those gloves. This extra protection will not only protect you from minor to mild injuries but also from wasting more energy than you have to. You will be less tired at the end of the day.

Do not underestimate your potential amount of manual labor almost everything will be done with your own two hands while out in the wilds. As such your bug-out strategy and kit should have something like it. The Mechanix Wear Work Gloves is the #1 recommendation when it comes to bug-out gloves. It is of high-quality and they are extremely durable. Take a look at it on Amazon here.

Are They Made To Keep You Hot or Cool?

Another thing that your bug-out gloves must absolutely do is to be made for your climate. The reason is that sweat will have an effect on your ability to grab onto things during crucial moments. Add to that you can find yourself having issues such as cuts, burns, sores, bruising, etc.. and having your hands dry or protected from the elements will become a lot more important. Gloves that cannot keep you in working condition is crucial, as with you will be going through enough wear and tear physically speaking, you do not need any other factors that could interfere with your performance.

Now, what you should do to fix this is just a simple thing. Make sure that your pair of gloves control the temperature inside. This can be through a breathable fabric or cooling systems that certain fabrics have that allow your body to exchange temperature with the environment in a way that conserves the ideal temperature for your body.

Just keep in mind that being comfortable and durable should come as a package deal. The FREETOO Knuckle Gloves is another excellent bug-out glove model. Get yours from Amazon here.

Different Weather May Require Different Gloves

Not all gloves are ideal for the winter. Since some regions have very tough winters with extremely low temperatures and not all gloves can handle those types of temperatures. In these cases, the best is to have winter bug-out gloves. It is not always necessary per-say, but depending on where you intend to bug-out, you will need it.

All you need to do is to make sure that your gloves can resist certain temperatures without compromising the temperature of your hands. What you need to do is to read the manufacturer’s description. It usually states the minimum it can take.

Take into consideration where you want to bug-out in or out. Then, refer to the season, and potential usefulness in your area of whether winter gloves should be useful. Extreme weathers require specific gloves. The PIG Full Dexterity Gloves is one of the best gloves for the winter season. It can take on tough weather anytime. Grab yours on Amazon here.

Tactical Gloves Are More Durable

The word tactical has been thrown around a lot lately, which makes a lot of people confused about what it actually means. The truth is that tactical gloves essentially mean that they are ready for action anytime. They will improve your performance, have better durability, and work for a big variety of tasks.

Now, when it comes to bug-out situations, you want something that is going to take a long time to need any replacement.  This is exactly what the tactical gloves can give you. They are durable and resistant. You should definitely consider adding a pair to your bug-out kit.

Be sure to consider a glove’s durability. Gloves are worth the investment and it will make your strategy that much stress filled. After all, that’s the goal with a bug-out plan. The Mechanix Wear Tactical Gloves is the best tactical gloves for a bug-out situation. Check them out on Amazon here.

Have Multiple Pairs

If you really want to prepare for a bug-out situation, you need to think about what a survival situation really means. The reason you prepare for those things is that when they happen, it is too late to get your supplies. Naturally, you need to consider having more than one of everything.

That is why having multiple pairs of bug out glove is so important. No matter how resistant the gloves are, they can always tear apart or you can lose them in a survival situation. While you do not need to start a collection, you should definitely consider having, at least, three pairs of bug-out gloves.

Padding And Protection Are Must-haves

Finally, make sure that your gloves have padding and protection. The padding reduces the impact on the palm of your hands It’s what makes the gloves better and also increases durability.

This is the type of small detail that does make a huge difference. The padding technology reduces the chances of injury and increases the lifespan that the gloves will be usable.

So, give preference to the models that offer you padding and protection. They will reduce your chances of injury and increase the durability of your bug out gloves. Just make sure that you have more than one pair and that they come with these features.

Final Thoughts

Preparation is the ultimate goal, whether that your preparations include packing shooting gloves, manual labor gloves, or tactical loves, you should be ready for anything.

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