Can A Slingshot Kill: Read It Before Shooting Another Rock


Hunting without a gun can be near to impossible. But since the access to firearms is too difficult depending on where you live, the best solution is to get a weapon like a bow and an arrow or a slingshot. The only problem is that a lot of people don’t know whether can a slingshot kill, which makes them go for other alternatives. The worst thing is to have a job to do and not having the tool to do it correctly.

The million dollar question is can a slingshot kill? Well, a slingshot can kill if used correctly. A projectile has to reach 136 MPH to break the human skin. The world record for a slingshot is 654 MPH, which proves that it’s physically possible to kill someone with it. Still, not everyone knows how to shoot with that much speed and precision, since you need to shoot the right places for it to be lethal.

Now, the most fascinating thins is that you can not only use the slingshot for hunting but also self-defense. Especially if you’re camping or hiking in remote places, you want to have tools to help you defend yourself if you need to.

If you want to know how a slingshot can kill small to medium mammals when you’re hunting, you can learn more about it below. For instance, the projectile that you choose i.e. rock or metal changes the lethality of the shot.

The Projectile Has To Reach 200 FPS To Break Human Skin

Continuing exploring how a slingshot can kill, a projectile from a regular gun has to reach 200 feet per second to kill a person. Obviously, it also has to hit a vital organ. The same can be said about the slingshot. The thing here is that not everyone can shoot at this speed. Being this precise requires a certain familiarity with the weapon. Still, it’s totally possible to do it.

Now, it’s important to train this if you’re planning on hunting small animals, so you don’t put the prey through unnecessary suffering. You want to shoot to kill and not just hurt. To achieve this requires practice.

Another piece of information is that although the projectile has to reach 200 fps to break the skin, it has to reach 350 mph to bounce off the body. These estimates are for the human body, so they will vary from animal to animal.

Keep in mind if the slingshot isn’t good enough to reach such high speed, it won’t matter how good you are. The Rochan Professional Slingshot is a highly-rated slingshot. The quality is amazing and it helps improve your precision. Check it out on Amazon here.

The Distance Should Not Be More Than 30 Meters

The distance will vary from how fast you can make the projectile shoot and at what animal you’re shooting, but generally, you shouldn’t be more than 30 meters away from the target if you want it to be lethal. You can still succeed at hunting with a slingshot from a greater distance, but your odds of being effective are reduced if you go farther than this.

Your best strategy is to go as close as possible without being too close. The point is that the slingshot can kill but you need to follow a certain method to be effective. Also, the projectile that you use also matters, but that’s something that you can learn more about it in detail below. For now, focus on keeping a safe distance from the target something between 10 to 30 meters. Not too close and not too far from it.

As long as you keep this distance, you’re good to go hunting. The right slingshot can kill and will make hunting a lot easier for you. Just focus on learning to aim at the right distance. Also, focus on having the right projectile.

It Depends On The Projectile

Finally, it depends on the projectile that you use. A lot of people just select a few rocks that you can pick up anywhere that you’re camping. This is not the best choice because these rocks were not made for this. Sure, they can hurt, but they weren’t made to be lethal or cause more than damage. They weren’t designed for hunting. That’s why your best shot is with either metal or clay projectiles.

The advantage of the clay projectile is that they dissolve after you have used it. They are also more efficient and lessen the chances of you missing your target. The metal projectiles are still a good option, but they certainly can’t compete with the clay ones. This is all about getting the right ammo for you. It will make your life a lot easier if you do.

Try not to rely on rocks that you found by the side of the road. Use them only if you haven’t any other choice. The clay projectiles are much better. The LuckIn Slingshot Ammo is the #1 choice if you want the best clay ammo for a slingshot that you can find. It’s precise and effective. Take a look at it on Amazon here.

Reinforced Rubber Band Shoots Faster

Something that people talk about is that the precision and the strength that the slingshot shoots the projectile depends as much on the slingshot as it depends on the shooter. This means that having a high-quality slingshot goes a long way to help you be more effective and more lethal while hunting. Still, to make this happen, you need a reinforced rubber band because it helps it shoot faster.

Now, the reinforced rubber bands are something that you will easily find in high-quality slingshots and professional ones. You’ll rarely see this in a kid’s slingshot since it is dangerous to put something that can produce that much power in a kid’s toy. If you want the reinforced rubber bands, you can get it. But you’ll have to get the right kind of slingshot.

So, make sure to do your homework and make sure that the slingshot has reinforced rubber bands. The Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set is a great model if you’re looking for this characteristic. The rubber bands are one of the strongest that you can find. Get yours on Amazon here.

It Takes Some Expertise To Cause Real Damage

Now, the truth is that not everyone can effectively use a slingshot to kill. It takes some expertise to actually pull off something like this. You not only have to hit the target, but you also have to be able to make the projectile achieve a certain speed. This is not just about strength since it requires a certain mastery of the slingshot. That’s why as much as it can be deadly, it only becomes a powerful weapon in the hands of those that know what they’re doing.

If you give a slingshot to a teenager, they likely end up hitting themselves instead of successfully hunting. Now, if you don’t know how to use the slingshot at this level of precision, the only alternative is to train. ´Practice is the only way to learn to not only be precise but also able to shoot at that velocity.

Practice with the right type of slingshot, and get used to differences in between models. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your time. The Lodonc Slingshot is a great slingshot for practice. Click here to view pricing on Amazon.

The Slingshot Has To Be Aimed Precisely

Any weapon that can penetrate the human skin has the potential to be lethal. The key thing to remember is that unless it’s hitting the right places, it probably will not have the lethality that you may be looking for. If you’re considering a slingshot to use for hunting or self-defense, you need to keep in mind that you have to aim at the right places.

This is important to know because you do not want the weapon to be lethal unless that’s your intention. You don’t want to accidentally kill a rabbit. That’s why understanding basic stuff like this helps.

The Slingshot Is More Lethal To Small Animals

Finally, the slingshot can kill many things but not everything. For instance, as much as it can be lethal even to humans, larger animals are usually harder to kill. This means that if you’re planning on hunting large mammals, you should consider something else.

Your best shot here is to go for small to medium mammals. This will be the situation where your slingshot will shine.

But make sure that you also know when to use it. If you shoot a large mammal with this, the chances that you only wound them and anger them are big.

Final Thoughts

In closing, a slingshot can kill, especially small mammals. With the right speed and projectile, it can kill even humans. With that said, being responsible with these weapons is important like a bow and arrow. Just make sure that you master the slingshot enough to have precision and the speed that it requires for this weapon to be lethal.

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