Can You Defend Yourself With Brass Knuckles: Life Saving Tips

Self-defense is no joke, as anyone who has ever been in danger can attest. Escaping an attacker often requires more than speed or bare-knuckle boxing, but can you use brass knuckles to defend yourself? Especially if you are at a physical disadvantage, then adding this easy-to-use tool can help you save yourself. While they are more often closely associated with old-school gangsters, brass knuckles are surprisingly effective self-defensive weapons. You can block a blade thanks to the metal, and they make hits more damaging. Best of all, brass won’t break like bone can. A simple solution is always welcome in a world full of clever and complex tools with levers and mechanisms that can jam and are hard to maintain. I’ll walk you through how to use brass knuckles safely and wisely so you can walk away from an attack. 

Can you defend yourself with brass knuckles? You can defend yourself with brass knuckles. Moreover, this particular fighting implement is graphically effective and incredibly damaging. Brass knuckles can make such a significant impact on how well you fight that they are outlawed as a deadly weapon in many places. 

You Should Defend Yourself With Brass Knuckles

Not only can you defend yourself with brass knuckles, but you probably should. Learning how to use them is not particularly difficult. Moreover, brass knuckles are highly effective and very quick to put on. So they make a good defense for a surprise attack. 

As blogswords so succinctly states, “There are many other tools like Tasers and pepper sprays, to guarantee your safety in dangerous circumstances. However, brass knuckles are the best option due to their maneuverability and versatility.”

Carrying a pair of low-key brass knuckles is simple. For most people, they will fit inside a bag, pouch, or pocket easily. This means they’re ideal for incognito carrying. Plus, brass knuckles are small and highly portable, yet weighty enough that you will remember that you have them on you when the need to defend arises. 

Better still, brass knuckles take minimal effort to maintain. An occasional polish will keep your brass knuckles shiny, stain and rust-free. Additionally, it’s very straightforward to sand and buff any scratches or damage they may take along the way. 

Keeping yourself safe doesn’t require a ton of gimmicky props. By adding one, or several pairs of these clever and effective self-defense tools to your bug-out-bag, EDC, or other supplies, you will always be prepared to stop an attacker in their tracks. 

A classic set of 1864 New York Copper Knuckles™ from Brass Knuckles Company have a long history. Moreover, they look like the most famous brass knuckles in US history. These stunning and highly effective knuckles are exactly like those used by the Metropolitan Police Department hundreds of years ago to break up street brawls. Grab a pair by clicking here. 

Defend Correctly With Brass Knuckles

Although brass knuckles are not difficult to master, I strongly recommend practicing with them. In most cases, as you hit with a fist, your arm comes on straight. This will not be the case if you have advanced training, and it’s not the case with brass knuckles. A straight arm punch is the wrong method for this weapon. 

Instead, curve your arm to swing. Coming in at a slight angle will give a better impact. Since the raised knuckles on this weapon are designed to take the impact and transfer the kinetic energy into your foe, you need to use them correctly.

Use your first two fingers to direct your attack. Since these two are the hardest to break, you should lead and aim with this part of your hand for the best results. Likewise, remember to bring the force of the punch up from your opposite leg, twisting your body into the punch to create the strongest hit. Good form can make a world of difference, and practice will help you avoid bruised knuckles and damage to your fingers as you defend. 

Choose a high-quality set of Patriot™ Brass Knuckles from Brass Knuckles Company for your EDC. These are made in the USA from one hundred percent pure brass. Not only are these a superb defensive weapon, but the company backs their product two-hundred percent. You get a double-lifetime replacement guarantee. To find out more, click here. 

What Happens If You’re Caught With Illegal Brass Knuckles

When society crumbles and SHTF, it’s far more important to be able to defend yourself than it is to worry about defunct and unenforceable laws. However, until then, when you defend yourself with brass knuckles, make sure you do so legally. Like any weapon, getting caught with brass knuckles can get you in trouble.

In some areas, brass or even hardened plastic knuckles are a hundred percent illegal. Penalties for merely owning them, even on private property, can be severe. Using your augmented knuckles for any reason, including self-defense, will result in hefty fines and possible jail time. Juries have even sentenced criminals to death for using brass knuckles to kill their victims. Such as the case of Eric Jiminez a couple of years ago. However, he was a known gang member and clearly not simply defending his own life. 

Fortunately, if you are a decent person, carrying brass knuckles legally, then you have little to fear. Both open and concealed carry is completely legal in some states. Be aware of any city, county, or state lines you plan to cross and always check to make certain your knuckles are legal on both sides. Sometimes a few feet can make a life-changing difference. 

Can You Kill With Brass Knuckles

Self-defense isn’t the only thing you can do with brass knuckles. Hopefully, you will never need your brass knuckles, but hope won’t keep you safe. Still, please remember that excessive hits can result in death, so be careful.

It is crucial to be aware of the capabilities and limitations of your tools. Moreover, it’s essential to keep in mind that self-defense entails doing the minimum to secure your own safety and then escaping the situation. In short, the goal of self-defense is to live to fight another day. 

The reason I recommend regular practice with brass knuckles is twofold. First, having the muscle memory to reach for your weapon, slide it on, and quickly strike a devastating blow is not a matter of luck. You need to rehearse the moves if you want to do them properly under pressure. Self-defense is not the best time for improv and prayer. 

Secondly, you can kill a person more easily with brass knuckles. Even someone who might struggle to land a decent blow barehanded is at an advantage with brass knuckles. Brass is much harder than bone. Plus, the strike’s surface area is smaller, and there is automatically more weight behind the blow. 

There was a time when seeing a set of brass knuckles on a street-tough was like seeing a bell on a cow, extremely common. Due to their association with crime, some people will always assume the worst, rather than understanding the common sense behind carrying high-quality brass knuckles. Resultantly, you can be judged harshly for their use. If you plan to carry this weapon, make sure you do so with integrity. 

A Concentrated Blow

A straight-on punch will spread as much of your power out as possible over your knuckles and other parts of your fist as you hit. Ultimately this disburses the force and makes your strike less effective. This is the opposite of what you want from your brass knuckles. 

By curving your arm around to hit, you will impact the fist and tool on your attacker differently. Those knuckles will do their job and amplify the blow instead. The smaller the surface area you hit with, the greater your concentrated force will be. 

Create a smaller and harder surface to hit with so your power is multiplied in that region. Rather than taking away from the force of your hit by spreading it out over more space, you want to use that band of metal to target an area and put your entire energy into hitting only that spot. 

Older cultures refer to a concentration of energy as ‘channeling your chi or qi,’ but whatever you call it, it works. Sometimes the best tools and weapons are those that do one basic job extremely well. Equal force in a smaller area does more damage, period. 

A bronze plated set of Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron will help land the blow you need to save your skin. Engraved with the word “RENZHEZHI,” the translation is a reminder that ‘the way of humans is brutal.’ A savage blow from these pointed brass knuckles will do plenty of damage, so you can walk away from the fight even if your opponent does not. This wildly popular style has a-hundred-percent money-back guarantee, so you can rest easier knowing this company backs its products. Have them shipped to your door when you click here. 

Final Thoughts

Brass knuckles are a deceptively simple tool in your self-defense arsenal. People aren’t used to seeing them on the streets as they once were. Even film and television rarely depict these weapons since there are so many cool and fancy gadgets that people can use in a fight. 

Moreover, some fighters treat brass knuckles like cheating. However, when it comes to self-defense, there is no cheating. There is only living to walk away or not. Keep that in mind if anyone ever calls this handy weapon a crutch. 

Brass knuckles can save your life. Learn to use them properly and keep them on hand at all times, no pun intended. 

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