Can You Hunt With A Slingshot?


Hunting has always been a part of American culture. You can never talk about the culture of America without thinking of hunting. The activity of hunting has been around for almost three million years. It started off as a way of getting food. In the Middle Ages, hunting even became a sport for the noble.

Modern America hunts for the sake of hunting. Often, licensed hunters only hunt to continue this staple tradition. It turned from a chore to get food into hunting for fun and earning trophies. Hunting weapons began with a simple spear and the bow and arrow. Nowadays, modern technology has revolutionized hunting with its new and improved weapons. These weapons are often the crossbow, a rifle, a pistol, and many more.

One would rarely think about using a slingshot for hunting. People would often ask, “Can you hunt with a slingshot?” And the answer to this recurring question is, yes! You can hunt with as simple as a slingshot. To do so, you have to have sufficient knowledge on what to use for hunting using a slingshot (Proceed to the video at the end). Though The American Hunting Lease Association would not recommend hunting with a slingshot. According to the association, there are several other weapons that are much more appropriate for hunting. But a slingshot is still possible. To find out more click here.

What Even Is A Slingshot.

We are all familiar with what a slingshot is and how it looks because of pop culture. When you think about slingshots you would automatically think of Bart Simpson from the Simpson series. You would even think of the 2010’s popular game, Angry Birds. In literature, you’d immediately think about the story of David and The Goliath.

In the United Kingdom, a slingshot is called a catapult and have strict laws regarding the regulation of this device. Nevertheless, both are in the same function and the same design. The modern-looking slingshot was invented by Charles Goodyear in 1839 and was patented in 1844. A slingshot is a small, hand-powered projectile weapon. Often, we would think that a slingshot is simply a toy for kids. But laws in the United States would define a slingshot as a weapon because of its history in vandalism.

The slingshot is often a Y-shaped frame with two rubber strips attached on each side of the Y-shape. By pulling the rubber strips with round ammunition in the middle would be able to fire on an angle.

Why Slingshots are a Hunting Weapon.

There are several reasons why a slingshot is capable enough to be a hunting weapon. Comparing it to the conventional weapon for hunting you would have doubts in using the slingshot. Let us explore below why a slingshot might still hold relevance for modern-day hunters. 

There May Be Ammo is Everywhere, but Not The Right Ammo.

With the simple design of the slingshot ammo can be found almost anywhere. You have to be careful in using any ammo though. You have to use the right type of ammunition.

The right ammunition that you can find even in your house is glass marbles. Never ever use a stone that you found near the lake. These types of ammunition, because of its uneven shape, is not advisable for hunting. The shape would only lose most of the ammo’s speed due to air friction. If you are looking for the right stone ammunition, look for a smooth stone with a diameter of at least 3/4 inches.

Perfect for Hunting Small Animals.

When you are a beginner in the sport of hunting. You would consider only hunting small animals in the beginning. The slingshot is the perfect beginner’s weapon for hunting. This will teach you the basics of hunting and accuracy when shooting.

The size of the slingshot ammunition is perfect for hunting small animals. But you would still need to consider the smoothness of the ammo and the weight of it. The heavier and smoother it is, the better. It is not entirely possible to kill a bigger animal using a slingshot. But leave that task to the experts. Animals such as rabbits, birds, pigeons, and squirrels are the perfect animal to hunt for a beginner using a slingshot.

Slingshots are Lightweight and Small

It is obvious that the design of a staple slingshot is small. This means you can bring this weapon anywhere. You can even store it anywhere.

The slingshot being small and lightweight would give you an upper hand in hunting. Imagine hunting with a rifle that requires not only to carry the gun but also other necessary equipment. With a slingshot, all you have to do is stand in a recommended distance and shoot. Because of its lack of equipment, your body would be able to move better than hunting with a rifle.

Slingshots CAN be a Home Defense Weapon

The slingshot is a powerful weapon. I mean slingshots are used for hunting so imagine if you can use them to shoot someone coming into your house. With the use of a slingshot, you would be able to keep a safe distance from the home intruder while delivering a deadly blow. A slingshot can easily be used by any man, woman, or child making it a reliable weapon for home defense. Though it is not entirely recommendable for anyone to start buying slingshots to use to defend their homes. If you coincidentally do have one at home, at least you now know you can use it to defend yourself. If you are not comfortable in using a slingshot for home defense, I suggest check out other weapons for home defense here.

To learn more information about the uses of a slingshot, click here.

Which U.S. States is it Legal to Use a Slingshot.

Before you start buying a slingshot for hunting you must first find out if it is legal in your state. As a responsible citizen, it is your duty to research state laws regarding the regulation of this weapon.

First and foremost a slingshot is a weapon and not a toy. You must treat this device as such. With this in mind, you must also have a hunter’s license. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service provided on their official website locations on where to have your hunter’s license. Also included on this website are state regulations on hunting. If you want to proceed to this website, please click here.

The American Hunting Lease Association is an organization that guarantees an agreement between a landowner and the hunters. Providing them their needs to safely enter a hunting lease agreement. They have been providing this service since 2010 and have been continuously praised for it. To proceed to the AHLA official website, click here.

Best Slingshots For Hunting.

There are dozens of slingshots that are currently available online. In this article, we have summarized three recommended slingshots for hunting and the right ammunition.

1. COOY Professional Hunting Slingshot

The COOY Pro Slingshot is a slingshot like no other. It has six rubber bands that are stronger than the conventional toy-looking slingshot. It has a metal body and a support frame design. With this design, it makes firing more stable, especially with its hand and wrist support. This weapon is perfect for hunting at night too. It has a built-in removable flashlight on the bottom for quick and accurate shooting. This may not be a slingshot for beginner slingshot hunters, but those who are familiar with other slingshots should be able to pick this one up easily.

This weapon currently has a rating of 4.1/5/0 on amazon and is ranked as #1 in Hunting and Shooting Slingshots. To buy this amazing product, click here.

2. DAISY B52 Slingshot

The Daisy B52 Slingshot almost looks exactly what a slingshot would normally look like. It has Y-shape that is wider than the other slingshots being sold. Making it more flexible and have more shooting power. It is highly durable, with surgical-grade tubing and a rugged release pouch. This slingshot also has flexible wrist support for steady shooting that folds away for easy storage. It has a rating of 4.5/5.0 on amazon. To proceed to buy this product, click here to go to Amazon.

3. BASUNE Wooden Slingshot

The Basune Wooden Slingshot is more of a toy than a weapon for hunting. It is advertised to be used as a toy. But state laws suggest that this type of device should still be treated as a weapon. Therefore is still subject to strict regulation.

The Basune Wooden Slingshot, by its name, has a wooden handle comfortable for kids and adults to handle. To has a high-quality rubber hand and has a pocket made from leather to hold ammunition. This type of weapon is perfect for practice shooting and training. It has a 4.1/5.0 rating on Amazon and is considered Amazon’s Choice for Slingshots.

To buy this product click here to proceed to Amazon.

You just bought the right slingshot for you, whether it is for hunting or simply fun. Now you have to look for the best type of ammunition to use. The Daisy Outdoor Slingshot Ammo is the perfect ammunition to use. It has a steel/zinc coating. Buying a box of this would give you 70 ammo that is 1/4” in diameter. This ammunition is durable and long-lasting. Click here to buy this product now.

Final Thoughts

Hunting with a slingshot is perfect for beginners. It may look like a toy to some especially it was taught to be a toy in the first place. But this device is a weapon and again must be treated as a weapon. You have to have the knowledge to properly handle this and use it.

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