Are Combat Canes Legal? (Strike ‘Em Down!)

combat canes legal

Combat canes are absolutely legal, and there is no reason to stop you from using one. Think of James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, or even the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It is no wonder the British are so fond of canes. You can be

walking canes for self defense

Hmamar / Pixabay

a dapper gentleman, asking for your martini to be shaken, not stirred, one minute, and a ninja warrior wielding your oak cane the next.

Plain Sight

The trick to combat canes is that nothing really differentiates them from your average everyday walking cane. You could simply be fashionable. This look works especially well if you also happen to have a hanky tucked into your shirt pocket.

In order to sell this look, though, you’ll want to dress the part. If you plan on carrying a combat cane you’ll need to dress nicely. A dude in jeans, a white tshirt, and combat boots using a walking cane is going to look, first of all, suspicious, and, second of all, just weird.

Match the Cane

If you’re going for the combat cane self defense weapon, dress nicely. Wear slacks or pants, not jeans. Have a few pairs of nice shoes. You should have a shirt with a pocket; yes, get the hanky. And hey, you could even throw in a hat, a bowler’s hat if you’re feeling cheeky.

The combat cane is a look you’ll have to pull off in its entirety. This is not something you just buy and carry, like a knife or a gun.

The Alternative to Fancy

If you are hell bent to stick with your ripped jeans and Dr. Martens, you better either be pretty old or disabled. If you are neither of those things, get used to faking it. You could certainly walk with a cane because of an injury. But, really, who wants to walk around limping if you don’t have to? Just buy the bowler’s hat.

Not Your Average Defense

Obviously, cane fighting is not for everyone. Not only do you have to be willing to dress, or play, the part, but you also have to learn to fight with a stick. It is probably much easier to just shoot someone. If you are not on a maniacal killing spree, however, cane fighting is a slick alternative.

More men and women these days are looking for ways to defend themselves that don’t involve actually shooting or stabbing someone. After all, you are much more likely to get killed by your own gun in many cases than you are to kill someone else. Also, do you really want someone’s death on your head?

A cane can deliver a good whack to the body or even the head that won’t make you feel guilty. Also, a cane requires premeditation. You won’t “accidentally” beat someone’s skull in. You are much more likely to hit someone with a cane on purpose and because you have to.

Using the Cane

There are several books and videos that will provide you with cane self defense techniques. A very informative list exists that can walk you through the basic moves. Some of those moves are listed and explained briefly below:

Strikes and Blocks

Strikes and Blocks are probably the most important move to learn with the cane. It is something you can do with relative ease and on a moment’s notice. A quick strike or block can change the game.

Cane Grabs

If you are going to have a cane for self defense, you will definitely want to avoid having it taken from you. Defend yourself against having your self defense weapon being grabbed.

Cane Vs. Knife

This one will require some practice. It is particularly useful though in the event of a knife attack. It is remarkably difficult to fight a knife with a knife and avoid getting sliced and dice. The cane, on the other hand, can block a knife effectively and save you some blood.


Hooking is likely the most fun. It is the best technique to use once you are highly trained and well practiced with your cane. You could hook someone’s leg or even neck during a fight and end it instantly.

Pokes and Thrusts

These take a bit more skill as well. Simply bashing someone with your cane is easy, but learning strategies to poke effectively, so you inflict injury and don’t just deliver a nudge, is essential.

Final Thoughts

Grab a cane, a bowler’s hat, and a book on cane fighting, and head out to your local cafe or bar.  Learn the techniques while you enjoy a cappuccino, martini, or a scotch on the rocks. Unless you are opposed to living life like a dapper gentleman and fighting like James Bond, you can’t go wrong, and it certainly isn’t illegal to learn how to defend yourself with a walking stick.