Compound Bow versus Crossbow (How to Choose Your Best Shot)

 crossbow vs compound bow vs recurve bow
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When it comes to your archery or hunting purposes, knowing which weapon to use can be difficult. If you are not interested in using a gun, then your next best option is a weapon that uses arrows, which leaves you to choose between crossbows and compound bows. So, which weapon wins the fight in compound bow versus crossbow?


Crossbow versus Compound Bow: Main Differences

All bows are not the same, and when it comes to looking at a compound bow versus crossbow, there are important differences to take note of. While both weapons may be effective for your purposes in hunting, knowing the specifications of each one of the differences between them, will allow you to choose the one that fits your needs as well as possible.

Here are some of the main differences between crossbows and compound bows:

  • Crossbows have longer firing ranges than compound bows. This means that crossbows can fire with accuracy even when they are further away from targets.
  • Crossbows require less of your energy than compound bows because you don’t need to draw and hold before shooting.
  • There is a locking mechanism on crossbows that holds the arrow in place for you.
  • Compound bows are lighter weight than crossbows, meaning it may be easier to move nimbly during hunting.
  • Compound bows are also smaller than crossbows, another factor which makes them easier to carry while hunting.
  • When it comes to silence during hunting, crossbows are the preferred choice, as no preparation is involved, minimizing the need for noise to be made.
  • Overall, compound bows are more accurate than crossbows, though crossbows are easier to operate.

Learning these fundamental differences between the two types of bows should help you become clearer on which weapon may be the right one for you and your needs.


Crossbow vs Compound Bow Hunting Uses

As you can guess, both types of bows can be used for the same types of hunting situations, but are the situations in which either a crossbow or compound bow would perform better? The answer is somewhere in the gray area.

The truth is, the choice between using a crossbow or compound bow really comes down, mainly to preference and skill level. At the end of the day, as long as you know how to properly use your weapon of choice, you will get your target.

If you are a frequent hunter, then over time, you will develop a sense of when each weapon serves a greater purpose, but it is not easy to do unless you have worked with both types of bows.


Should I get a Crossbow or Compound Bow?

How can you make the decision about whether to choose a crossbow or a compound bow? The factors you will need to consider have to do with your purposes, intended locations, and skills. First and foremost, before investing in a crossbow or compound bow, it is wise to go to a range and try each weapon, as there is no other way to understand how they feel in your hands.

Here are the factors to consider when trying to decide between getting a crossbow or compound bow:

  • Skill Level: if you are looking to get right out into the hunting field, but have a low skill level with bows, then you should probably choose a crossbow. They are easier to maneuver overall and do not require much know how. If you have experience shooting bows, on the other hand, you can practically consider investing in a compound bow.
  • Hunting Location: if the majority of your hunting will take place in densely wooded areas, you might want to think about choosing a compound bow and working on your skill level. This is because compound bows are lighter than crossbows, and therefore will be easier to carry through challenging surroundings without disturbing your potential game.
  • Shooting Distance: compound bows are more accurate overall. However, crossbows remain accurate even at further distances. This is an important factor to consider when choosing between the two types. If you think your hunting will be done from a distance, a crossbow may be more useful for you.
  • Hunting Pace: keep in mind that crossbows take longer to reload than compound bows, which can be reloaded and made ready to fire again within seconds. If you’re after a hunting experience with more of a non-stop flow, a compound bow may be the better choice.

Your choice of bow type ultimately boils down to your preferences and hunting style.


Final Thoughts

When deciding between a crossbow and a compound bow, you are really deciding how your hunting experience will go. The end result will be the same, as both weapons are accurate and effective. Think long and hard about the type of hunter you are, and make your choice!

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