Does Gatorade Powder Go Bad: Storing Electrolyte Powder for Emergencies

Dehydration is no joke and can kill you very quickly, so keeping Gatorade around is a fantastic way to ensure you can rehydrate quickly. When storing Gatorade powder long term, it’s important to know that Gatorade powder does go bad. Like many powder mixes, this brand will keep for quite a while, but not forever. Although a few things like honey and sugar powders will keep indefinitely if they stay dry and sealed, Gatorade will eventually break down. The good news is that it lasts a long time. Hence, storing some thirst-quenching mix-in electrolyte powder can be a real lifesaver. However, you need to keep an eye on the expiration dates and carefully check that it doesn’t get exposed to air, light, or water during storage. I’ll teach you all about Gatorade, so you don’t accidentally get sick instead of getting hydrated.

Does Gatorade powder go bad? Gatorade powder does go bad. If you keep it unopened and store it properly, your Gatorade powder will keep for about two years past the use-by date. Once you open your powdered Gatorade, it’s important to use it within six months because it will begin to degrade. Luckily, this important hydrating drink mix lasts a while. 

Does Gatorade Go Bad in Heat

Gatorade powder certainly doesn’t go bad quickly. What about liquid Gatorade? If you accidentally leave it in the sun or near a heating vent, is it still good?

Well, on the one hand, anything in a clear bottle will eventually degrade in the sun. On the other hand, Gatorade has a lot of salt, and it is shelf stable. Undoubtedly, if you leave it long-term, there could be issues.

Check your bottles or containers for leaks. If the liquid is dripping anywhere, then you have oxygen exposure and contaminants. In that case, please don’t drink it.

Another thing to look out for is signs of bottle melting. There’s heat, and then there’s heat. When a bottle melts, it can leak or release volatile organic compounds into your drink. This is another time to toss your Gatorade.

Otherwise, if your bottles are damaged, they’re fine. As one respondent on Yahoo Answers points out, Gatorade donated palates full in Iraq, which sat in hundred-plus degree sunshine often for hours. Sports-drink enthusiasts there had no issue with it.

You’re safe drinking warm or even hot Gatorade. That said, reserve this for true emergencies. If you can grab a fresh, unheated drink, do that instead. Alternately, opt to carry the powder form and mix it as needed since clean water is fine in the heat.

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Favored Gatorade Flavors Given by Percentages

Most popular Gatorade FlavorsPercentages
Lemon Lime18%
Fruit Punch26%
Glacier Grape/Cherry24%

Advice From Gatorade

The official answer about how to drink and store Gatorade is different from the anecdotal and second-hand response. The company recommends keeping open Gatorade refrigerated. It’s important to cap it tightly.

Furthermore, the company says that, so long as it gets to a fridge within twenty-four hours of opening, it’s okay to drink for the next three to five days. I couldn’t find any evidence that the company tested to see how much heat it can take. It’s best to be safe rather than sorry, so don’t drink hot Gatorade.

How Long Does Gatorade Last in Your Body?

Gatorade powder won’t go bad inside your body. The effects of this useful electrolyte drink will vary from person to person. Most of the components like sugar, flavoring, water, and salt are limited by your metabolism.

If you are severely dehydrated, or you have a great metabolism, then Gatorade won’t be in your body exceedingly long. Alternately, should you drink it right before bed with a slow metabolism, it would stay in your body longer. It will be gone within a day or much sooner as your body uses what it needs and pees the rest out.

Please note, it is not a clever idea to drink Gatorade before bed. Not only will the sugar interfere with your sleep, but Gatorade is a practical hydration solution. In short, you should only drink Gatorade when you need it. Otherwise, stick to water.

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What Happens If You Drink Gatorade Every day?

Since Gatorade powder will last quite a while, there’s no need to drink it regularly. Unless you are an active athlete, working in the heat, or otherwise badly in need of calories and electrolytes, don’t drink Gatorade daily. While Gatorade is great for emergency hydration, it’s not good for your body in general.

Sadly, drinking Gatorade daily could make you sick. Think of Gatorade as medicine. Even if it tastes good, you shouldn’t have it when you don’t need it. I’ll explain the negative effects below.

What Are the Negative Effects of Gatorade?

When you need it, Gatorade can quite literally help save your life. Electrolytes and carbs are crucial when it’s hot out, and you begin to dehydrate. However, overdoing it can lead to nasty side effects. Please use Gatorade responsibly.

  1. Gatorade typically has high sugar content. That delicious taste comes with the possibility of tooth decay.
  2. Tooth decay from sugar is even more likely in children and those with sensitive or damaged teeth.
  3. Diabetes and excess fat are also side effects of getting too much sugar or too many calories. Gatorade is an emergency replacement when you need fast hydration and energy, not a daily drink.
  4. Inactive people don’t need more salt or sugar. Overall, this can lead to a host of deleterious health effects. For example, excess salt consumption is linked to heart disease.
  5. Overconfidence may seem like an odd side effect, but it can happen. Sugar and fast hydration feel good, but that doesn’t mean your body never suffered. It’s best to rest a while if you need emergency hydration, so you don’t end up sick.
  6. Most people don’t know how to use an electrolyte drink. Having just Gatorade isn’t enough. You need to also consume two to three times as much water in addition to the sports drink. Otherwise, your body won’t get the hydration it needs.

Is Gatorade Good for Dehydration

Gatorade is made for rehydration. Although Gatorade powder does go bad eventually, keeping it around for emergencies can be a smart choice. Particularly if you live somewhere hot or when you’re extremely active, you sweat, and that means fluid loss. Gatorade helps your body absorb more fluids.

The electrolytes in Gatorade give your body what it needs to hydrate. Electrolytes help re-balance the fluid levels. Of course, you also need water to provide the fluids, and no, the Gatorade itself doesn’t ‘count’ as water.

The carbohydrates in Gatorade also help a super-active body. However, these are not for dehydration. Carbs give you energy. Getting dehydrated uses a lot of energy, so that can be a significant boon.

When you’re worried about dehydration, a Gatorade Thirst Quencher 51oz Powder Variety Pack will keep your electrolyte balance and help prevent problems. Gatorade tastes better and hydrates better than water alone. Read the outstanding Amazon reviews for yourself when you click here.

How To Hydrate with Gatorade

First, you need to understand when to use Gatorade for hydration. If you exercise for at least an hour, a minimum of five days a week, some Gatorade can help. Additionally, if you are dehydrated, either from intense exercise or even from being sick, temporary use of Gatorade can help.

If you exercise or do sports, then the amount of Gatorade needed is based on body weight. For every pound you lose, drink twenty to twenty-four ounces. Otherwise, a small cup along with several glasses of water is the best option for hydration.

Final Thoughts

Like many powders, Gatorade is a good addition to your long-term food storage, even if it goes bad eventually. In an emergency, you are likely to use up a lot of energy. As you move around, you’re going to sweat. That means you’ll lose a lot of water, and resultantly, you’re going to need to replenish it along with some electrolytes.

Make sure you always drink two to three times as much water as Gatorade. Electrolytes and salt help you hydrate, but if you don’t also drink actual H2O, you will quickly find yourself in more trouble. Electrolytes help you absorb liquid, but they don’t replace it despite being mixed with some water. Think of it like drinking only coffee. You get some benefit from the moisture, but it’s not enough to stay healthy, especially when it’s hot outside.

Adding bulk packages of Gatorade powder to your emergency supplies is a brilliant choice. If you store and use it properly, a little of this famous thirst quencher can prevent you from dehydrating when the SHTF.

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