Fireproof Bags Reviews (5 Top Options)

Many people tend to forget the importance of fire retardance in our modern-day civilization. Throughout the ages, there has always been this innate fear and carefulness associated with fire and its destructive forces. As such. the larger cities became and the more people that were housed in one place, the more dangerous it was if a fire broke out. The modern day innovation and ingenuity have to lead to perhaps many of the most flame resistant items ever seen on earth. Not only this, but this type of materials are able to be bought and sold to just about anyone.

Effectively there has been a huge boom in this section of technology, and there are many applications to utilize this type of item. One of the most practical use of this technology is the development of the fireproof bag. In almost any type of survival situation, having a fireproof bag can help in many different situations; whether it be saving your important documents or making sure you have your possessions well hidden and protected. It always helps to be prepared! Here we present fireproof bags reviews over 5 top rated options.

Top 5 Fire Proof Bags

HSS XL Fireproof Money Bag (15″x11″x2″). NON-ITCHY, Zipper Closure, Silicone Coated Fire Resistant Envelope Pouch

[amazon_link asins=’B072HF7P7F’ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a5aefe33-9928-11e7-8da7-9d228adb6604′]

This item is fantastic for any situation not only will this item keep your items safe and sound it can stand up to heat with little issue. The max amount of heat this item can comfortably last in is 1,1000 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, due to the silicone coated fiber glass chassis. This item can also handle water just as well as fire, boasting almost complete water resistance. To ensure no fire can impede the inside of the bag, there is a Velcro and zipper as a double security. With its size of 15″x11″x5″, this item can hold just about all types of important documents, and even coinage and other similar items can fit inside this large bag. I would definitely trust to put my important documents in a bag like this, nothing can beat all this coverage.

15″x11″ Fireproof Safe Waterproof bag with Flannel Material, Protect hand No More Itching, Withstand Over 1000°F in home and office Protect cash money stamp letter document and Valuable things

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Yet another type of bag that is a top contender in this product category. This item is unique in its properties of safety. This item cannot withstand 1000 degrees, but it can withstand 700 quite comfortably. To offset this relatively low point of this product, this fireproof bag also provides complete protection from smoke and water.

The bag is also outfitted with a double security covering of the outside, using Velcro and a zipper, once again ensuring no contact from potential flames, water, or smoke. This item also stands at a much larger 15″x11″x2″, allowing for more items to be stored inside with little issue. This can include coinage, important documents, and even a small computer! This would be just the bag for someone looking to fit everything and the kitchen sink.

Fire Resistant Briefcase Style Bag with Lock Navy Blue

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Moving on to a much more conspicuous but a still very effective choice, we have a fire resistant brief case style bag. What this item sacrifices for its secrecy, it more than makes up for in its effectiveness. This bag can withstand heats up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit and is made of heavy construction 1000 denier nylon outer material.

As an added security measure, along side the Velcro and zipper, this item comes with a master lock security. Allowing for someone to effectively bar any way of opening it to the outside unless you knew about it. This item boasts a very sizeable interior, measuring 18″ x 14″ x 4″. This allows for just about any kind of item whether it may be; computers, coinage, documents, and other important items, to fit in easily. While it might make concealment tough, the room and security can not be ignored.

Fire Resistant Document Bag 14 x 11 (Black)

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 This is yet another inclusion of a more conspicuous but still useful item that can be more than useful in an emergency situation. This bag is perfect for someone wanting for this item to blend with normal stationary.This bag offers a very high fire retardance of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, as it is built with heavy construction 1000 denier nylon outer material. This material is also water resistant, leaving an extra layer or protection for your important items.
This product also comes with the security measures of Velcro and zipper, as well as a PIN locking metal zipper that ensures someone prying around will get into your business. With a very sizeable capacity, measuring at 14″x11″, it is perfect for putting in just about any type of document and such with little issue.

Unionfull NON-ITCHY 15″x11″x2″ Fireproof Document Pouch with Zipper, Fire Resistant Envelope Bag

[amazon_link asins=’B073QG5WLY’ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’686c34d4-9929-11e7-9266-d585e8405fb3′]

Last but certainly not least, we have this very traditional but still very useful stowaway fire proof and water resistant bag. It is a very solid choice to anyone looking for a very high quality and well-made bag. The material is made from silicone coated fiberglass fabric, which can withstand 932 with ease.
This bag is also water resistant, as long as it is not submerged your important items should be just fine. This item’s security is also top notch, with a flame retardant velcro and a zipper to better insulate your items. This bag is also sizeable, 15″ x11″x2″. Making it perfect to fit in all your important devices, coinage, and documents.

Science of the Fireproof Bag

While it might seem easy to understand on paper, there are a lot more work and information that goes into both research and implications of such technology. For example, the fire resistance is not borne from one type of chemical or inorganic material. In fact, it is the synergies more than one of these types of fire resistant items to create a synergy of fire resistance.

The most widely used chemicals for fire resistance are “Halogenated flame retardants.” These types of chemicals are usually created by the combination of the elements of carbon, chlorine or bromine. “Organophosphorus flame retardants” are usually created by the combination of phosphorus bonded to carbon. These compounds are regulated to a very high quality, to ensure if these chemicals burn no harm will come to the people making or using them.

Final Thoughts

Having to plan for a future emergency or danger is always stressful. No one ever plans for their important documents to be safeguarded. Seldom are there cases where a fire breaks out and people are harmed or property is destroyed. However if it does still happen, a fireproof bag would come in handy.

So while it might not be common to the average person; I can guarantee, you have not heard someone complain of their investment to safeguard their items after a disaster has struck. Make the smart choice! Prepare for an emergency or worse, and protect and secure all your valuable items. You will pat yourself on the back later.

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