How To Tell When Water Filter Needs Replacing

Clean, drinkable tap water is not a reality in many places, unfortunately. That’s why having a water filter is one of the most important things that you should buy. You ensure that you’re drinking quality water, free of microorganisms and algae, for instance.

Not only that but tap water can also have certain minerals and chemicals that aren’t good for your health. So, it’s enough to say that you should get a water filter if the tap water in your city isn’t the best quality.

Now, buying a water filter is the first thing you should do, but after that sooner or later, you’re going to want to know when you should replace the water filter with a new one. Unfortunately, the original one that comes with the product has got to go eventually.

So, how to tell when the water filter needs replacing? According to experts and the manufacturers, you should change the water filter when you experience at least 1 of the 2 following problems: if your water has a funny taste or odor. If you have both situations going on, obviously, you should replace the filter too.

Is Buying A Water Filter Important For Your Health?

Now, there are other things that can happen that are other kinds of situations that will force you to replace the filter. For example, you can get sick if you don’t, so it’s vital for your health and the health of your family that you do it.

The important thing is that you look out for the signs that the water filter has when it’s time to replace it. If you notice those things in your day-to-day, you won’t have any problems.

Even though changing the water filter does not sound like something that is that important, you just have to think about one thing, do you want to drink unclean water? So, obviously, you should keep an eye on the quality of the water.

If you’re considering getting a water filter even though your tap water is considered good, it’s a great idea. Even in the cities where the tap water is considered good, a water filter protects you from many microorganisms that you otherwise would be exposed to.

So, here are the things that you should watch out for with your water filter to know when it does need replacing. As you read further into the article, your going to realize that it just makes sense to have a better quality of water for you and your family to safely drink. The one I really like is the Woder 10K-Gen3 Ultra High Capacity Direct Connect Water Filtration System. Compared to other filtration systems, Woder made this easier to install under the kitchen sink unit that removes Chlorine, Lead, Chromium, other heavy metals, bad odor and taste from your water supply. I am sure it will work for you. Get the latest pricing by Clicking Here.

Water Pressure

Before the taste of the water changes or any other sign that is quite obvious that there’s something wrong, the water pressure is usually the first one that lets you know that you need to change the water filter.

If you look at the water filter box when you buy it, you’ll see that there’s a specification related to the pressure of the water that it is expected to perform at. That means that in perfect conditions that filter will have certain water pressure. Your job is to notice that the water is not as strong than when you bought it.

This is one of the classic signs and if your water filter presents this problem, you can be sure that it is the filter warning you that is time to replace it. Some water filter allows you to clean inside, so make sure that there’s nothing obstructing the water passage.

If you clean the filter and the water continues to run slow, it’s likely not a problem of something obstructing it. That’s when you know that the problem is in the filter system, and it needs to be replaced.

Even if the problem is in something obstructing the filter, you’ll have to replace it soon. The truth is that most of the time when something starts to obstruct the filter is because is not being able to filter the water as well as before.

The Water Tastes Funny

The most obvious of the signs that lets you know right way that you have to replace the water filter is the taste of the water. If the water tastes funny is because the filter is not filtering as well as it should. This also means that you’re getting water with not the best quality.

If the water tastes funny, you should replace the filter immediately. It’s dangerous for your health to drink any water that has a taste. Clean water shouldn’t have a taste. Anything different from that can be a potential problem.

Still, it’s important to pay attention to the water for a while. For example, if the water tastes funny only from time to time, it can be caused by something other than the water filter not working optimally.

Now, even if that is the case you should replace the water filter. If the new water filter continues with the same problem, it can be something else. In most cases, just replacing the water filter solves the issue.

So, if the water taste s funny, stop drinking that water. You should replace the water filter immediately. Failing to do so, can make you run the risk of getting sick. Even if the taste isn’t caused by microorganisms, it can be due to minerals and debris in the water, which should also no be consumed.

The Odor of the Water

The next suspect is the odor of the water. Almost as obvious as the taste of the water, the odor of the water is another sign that something is wrong. The problem with the odor of the water is that sometimes it is hard to detect it.

Unless the quality of the water is terrible, it’s hard to notice a bad odor in the water. It gets even worse when you factor in that sometimes the water is undrinkable but doesn’t have a taste or ophitic problem.

Anyway, if you do notice an odor in the water, even if minimal, you should not drink it. If the water that is coming directly from the filter smells funny, it means that there’s an issue with it, and therefore, you should not consume it.

When, and if, you do smell an odor in the water, you can also try to see If there’s any color in the water. Again, the quality of the water has to e terrible for you notice any of that, which is quite unlikely.

So, stick with noticing and the odor for now, which are quite good indicators that something is wrong with your filter. Any of those two signs are good enough reasons for you to replace it.

It’s Passed 6 Months

This is not a rule written in stone, but it’s advised that you replace your water filter every 6 months. Of course, you take into consideration the model that you have and the quality of the water.

Obviously, if the water tastes weird or smells within 4 months of use, you should replace the water filter. Now, starting from the idea that nothing in the water gives in that you should replace the water filter, you should then do it after 6 months.

Now, it can be argued that if the water does not present any change in its quality after this time, you can wait a little more to replace the water filter. Although that is true to a certain extent, you have to do this at your own risk.

At least, if you stick with the rules about the water’s taste and odor, you already avoid a bunch of possible problems that a malfunction water filter can cause you.

You’re Getting Sick

Unfortunately, a malfunctioning water filter can get you sick. It’s usually minor illnesses but still something inconvenient. So, if you have diarrhea or any other symptom related to your stomach or intestine, it can be related to the water filter.

Now, the best you can do is pay attention if you’re getting sick and having any of the issues mentioned above. These are clear signs that the quality of the water is questionable.

It’s also important to notice how old is your filler. This is due to some brands having poor quality. This means that getting a new water filter from the same brand won’t solve your problem. If the filter has less than 4 months and is presenting these issues, you should not get the same one again.

So, just make sure that you pay attention to both the quality of the water and any signs related to your health. If you do this, you’ll reduce most of the problems related to the water filter malfunctioning.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the signs that you should watch out with your water filter. If your filter presents any one of them or even more than one, you should replace the filter. Depending on the filter is even possible to change the refill, but it’s usually not worth due to pricing.

Now, it’s important that you understand that as silly as this seems, it’s important that you do replace the filter from time to time. If your water filter does not function properly, you can have among many other problems, health problems. Even a minor intestinal infection, if it can be avoided, it’s something that you should prevent.

So, just remember to notice the water pressure, the odor and taste of the water, and replace it from time to time anyway.

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