How to Wear a Belly Band Holster (Your Gun, Your Way)

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Concealed carry is a lifestyle. Those who carry, carry every day. They know they always need their best shot at protecting themselves and their loved ones. For carrying a gun every day, you are presented with basically two options. You either choose a traditional holster or a belly band.

Traditional gun holsters present challenges for some. You may find traditional holsters do not fit, are uncomfortable, and not practical for all-day use. Let’s say you jog every morning or want to take your gun on a hike. In sweatpants and jogging shorts, you will find your traditional holster impractical. It may not even be suitable for all manner of occasions as it conspicuously draws attention to itself.

A belly band holster is a solution for those who want a flexible and versatile way to conceal and carry. Knowing how to wear a belly band holster will allow you to carry a gun every day. No matter what you do, what you wear, where you go—you can always carry your lifeline.

How to Wear a Belly Band Holster

A versatile on-body carrying system, the belly band can be worn to your preference. You can wear it under the arms, across the chest, at your stomach, and even around the hip for a right- or left-handed draw. Experiment with different positions and orientations to find the perfect fit for you, your gun, and your occasion.

Across the Chest

The across-the-chest orientation can help you carry while wearing a blazer or jacket.

Place each Velcro end of your belly band holster until it is tight across one shoulder down to your ribs, then move the holster part of the band to your desired position. Men can wear a belly band across their chest with great comfort. This is a great option to carry more than one gun with one around the waist as well.

Under the Arms

The under-the-arm orientation becomes useful when you need to carry for yourself and someone else.

Connect the belly band at your front until the connection is tight. Then, move the belly band into your desired position beyond your shoulder. Wearing your belly band under your arms shows its versatility by becoming a quick and comfortable shoulder holster for your gun or extra magazines.

At the Stomach

Whatever shirt, jacket, or top you choose, wearing your belly band at the stomach always fits.

Place the belly band behind you, and connect the arms around your stomach until you reach a secure fit. Both men and women can wear a belly band around their stomach which gives the security of always sensing where you can reach your gun.

Around the Hip

Around-the-hip is ideal for any unstructured garment without belt loops or bands.

Like wearing it around your stomach, place the band behind your hips. After securing a tight fit with the Velcro, position the holster to your preference. For women, you can carry while wearing skirts or tight pants by fastening the belly band around your waist and under your shirt.

Tip for Choosing Your Belly Band

Belly bands come in many different sizes and shapes. These differences allow you to choose the perfect belly band for any occasion, body shape, or gun type. Choosing a band that holsters your gun securely will depend on your unique body and gun type.

Depending on the size and weight of your gun, you want to see how much the belly band can safely hold. This could be anywhere from a 4-inch width to an 8-inch width band. You also want to consider how many pockets you will need for extra magazines on your all-day trips with the belly band.

Additionally, you have the option of a reinforced, lined belly band for extra security. Lined belly bands work well for very active users. Sweat can be an issue for some carriers, so lined belly bands are becoming more popular. Read the description of your belly band carefully to see if it will wick sweat and protect your gun from slippage and rust.

Final Thoughts

Traditional holsters do not always appeal to comfort and versatility. They were designed to hold firmly rather than to conceal. They are also designed to carry one specific kind of gun. That means you need

a specific holster for each of your guns.

Times have changed. Modern gun owners want more than security, they want a holster that fits their lifestyle and collection. They want a holster that can meet any occasion and obstacle. When the need is there, they want to have a holster that is there for them.

The belly band holster was designed with the modern gun owner in mind. This best-for-concealment holster is easy to use and comfortable to wear. The band comes not only in all sizes for all body types but also all sizes for all gun types. It is one holster for all your guns on all your occasions. Carry your pocket, compact, or full-size gun with one holster on the way to a camping trip or concert.

With superior stretch, its surgical-grade elastic design creates the perfect fit on your body every time. It secures your guns and provides a sense of safety through ultra-strong and lasting Velcro straps with pockets for all your guns and spare magazines.

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