Invest in an EMP Proof Ham Radio (Survive the Nukes)

invest in an emp proof ham radio survive the nukes

In the event of a targeted nuclear attack or a solar storm that takes out the entire communication grid of the country, it will be difficult to regroup. The government will likely send out notifications for safe locations or ways to access additional resources. If you don’t have any way to receive those messages, though, you’re in trouble. What you need is an EMP proof ham radio, a way to connect in a disconnected world.

What Is a Ham Radio?

A ham radio is a basic two-way radio that can connect you to the world. It will transmit at multiple frequencies on many different channels. You can supply all of your loved ones with these, so you will be sure to stay in touch in the event of a disaster.

Ham, also known by its technical name, amateur radio, will be essential if the power grid goes down. As Popular Mechanics notes, “Operators become community lifelines, with hams talking to each other and working with first responders to relay local conditions.” These radio lifelines are easy to buy on Amazon, and you’ll need to register your radio and get licensed as well.

What About an EMP Attack?

The question is, will ham radios work after an EMP attack? If the electromagnetic pulse attack takes out our communications system, ham radios could very well get knocked out too. Sure, there are products on the market that claim to be an EMP hardened ham radio, and you can certainly buy one.

Ultimately, though, you’ll want to protect it just to be sure. The best way to do that is to store your ham, when it’s not in use, in aluminum covered tubing that will guard against an EMP attack. Below, you will find the top five EMP proof ham radios to choose from.

1.Retevis RT5 Ham Radio VHF/UHF 4 Pack $169.99

This 4 pack of walkie talkies is handy to have on hand for communicating with family. You can hand them out to neighbors or your children. That way you can get in touch in the event you are separated during an attack. These walkies all have a large battery and a car charger function, which will be useful if you can still get your vehicle up and running.

2.Baofeng Yellow Dual Band 2 Pack $35.99

The 2 pack is handy if you have just a partner or a spouse you’re worried about. You can give one to your husband or wife, brother or sister, or best friend, and know that you won’t lose the person in the chaos.These walkies claim to have much stronger cases, so you won’t have to worry about dropping them. If you have a couple of kids, you may just buy this set for them.

3.Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio Dual Band $24.85

This one is for if you just want to get your own radio. This one is the cheapest on the market and it still gets great reviews. It will do everything you need a talkie to do, receive and transmit, switch channels smoothly, and it even has a built in emergency alarm. If you’re looking for single and simple handheld, this one is for you.

4.President Lincoln II Plus (V3) $239.99

Notice the price jump? This is what you’ll find when you look for an HF radio. These are the radios you’re used to seeing in movies when truckers talk to each other. The base sits on a surface and you talk into a little handheld device that is attached to the base with a cord.

These radios extend out to much larger distances and transmit at much higher frequencies. The benefit is that they seem to withstand an onslaught of EMP much better than the talkies.

5.Yaesu Original FT-450D HF $749.95

Here you have the king of HF ham radios. It has 100 watts of transmit output, it receives continuous megahertz, it has a built in antenna tuner, and it has digital signal processing. All of that to say, it is one of the best HF radios on the market if you’re serious about have a ham radio in the event of an EMP attack.

Final Thoughts

If you do not have almost a thousand dollars to invest in a ham radio, it is still better to buy, register, and fortify your talkie than to have nothing at all. The benefits to having the HF version are clear, strength, distance, and security. You won’t have to worry much that a surprise attack will take it out. But you could secure your talkie just as well. In a previous article you read about a faraday cage. As long as you store your talkies there, safely behind aluminum and solid metal, you can be sure you have an EMP proof ham radio.