John Birch Society Racism? (Or Saviors of the US?)

You might of heard now and then from mainstream media the mention of a conservative individual  being addressed as a “Bircher.” The first time I heard it I was not sure why and where it came from. Doing a little research, I came across many sources referencing Bircher , John Birch, Robert Welch, Fred Koch and the John Birch Society.

There are further references whereby John Birch Society racism has been commented or mentioned in numerous citations. But is their message a warning of an attacked by nefarious communist or socialist forces to undermine the US or truly a one of racial hatred?

A famous Massachusetts businessman Robert Welch founded the John Birch Society in America. It is a paleo conservative organization. The company saw Communism as the enemy of American morals. According to the organization, the extremist ideology controlled United States federal government.

Robert Welch’s organization has spread to other cities in the United States but moved its head office from Belmont Massachusetts to Appleton Wisconsin. During the year 1964, the company had increased in numbers, and the membership hiked to 100,000.

Recognizing that Communists had controlled Washington, Welch took the initiative to sponsor a local campaign “Support Your Local Police.” The campaign opposed civilian citizens review boards on monitoring the security brutality. The movement is recognized for the impeachment of Chief Justice Earl Warren. The Congressmen such as Larry McDonald, John Rousselot, and John Schmitz were reluctant to present impeachment resolutions.

There has been allegations of Illuminati and Globalist influence with government circles by Birch Society  members throughout the past 75 years. This infiltration has penetrated government, social and economic circles among others. Their control is almost complete except for groups such as the Birchers who continue to fight against this total takeover. Is it too late some might ask, only time will tell.