Second American Civil War Scenarios: How Many Dead

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The question is no longer whether we are on the brink of a second American civil war. We are. The war has begun and people are choosing sides and fighting ferociously. The question is when will this civil war become an all-out violent, bloody conflict. These second American civil war scenarios need to account for many things, namely resources, death toll, and perhaps more importantly, the reasons.


A second American civil war will end up split down two sides – not conservative or liberal, not republican or democrat, but wealthy or not wealthy. This war will come down to who has access to recourses. It could be a natural disaster, it could be a nuclear war, or it could be civil war.

Regardless how we get hit, if the United States gets hit, resources will become scarce and the ninety percent, the people living paycheck to paycheck, will be defenseless and without resources. Transportation lines will go down, food distribution will get cut short, and access to basic ways of life like medicine will become grossly scarce.

The outside world that we could perhaps turn to will likely turn away from us because we have proven ourselves unworthy. How to pick a side? We can’t even have civil political discourse anymore.

Death Toll

Would we really take up arms to kill each other, brother against brother? Perhaps. Black people are killed daily by the men and women sworn to protect them. Women are leading a #metoo movement that is pitting men against women, and in many cases, women against women. The NRA is doing what it can to convince people they need more guns.

Mass shootings now occur every single day. Children are killed in elementary school while learning their ABCs. We are building a wall to keep out “illegals” and we are currently under government shut down because we want to get rid of the “illegals” currently under our protection.

So yes, we very well may take sides in a war against each other over differences we don’t even understand. And if and when we do, the death toll will be enormous. We have enough guns to lead a world war, much less a second American civil war.


The truth is, we don’t really even know what we’re fighting over. We can say it is a case of conservative American flag waivers versus liberal flag burners, but the conservatives are fighting to bring back long gone jobs, and the liberals are fighting for the right not to vaccinate.

This is obviously a generalization, but the truth is that we are hesitant, if not outright adamant to admit to any truth at all. We have decided to hold onto our own truth, regardless of evidence, and this is a fault on both sides of the aisle. The reasons to kill each other over who will run this country and how are irrelevant. The point is we’re willing to kill each other.

The Stage

When we do come to blows, in the event it happens, we will be fighting in the cities. The cities are where resources will become scarcest because they are where the majority of our population lives. When you have a large population of people who run out of food, water, and medicine, the fighting will begin over basic needs.

Imagine it: you have children, one of them runs a high fever. You would do whatever you had to do to find Tylenol. Imagine your children go hungry. Imagine you know a rich guy up the hill who has a storage container full of food. You will, of course, go looking for bread, for food, for water. And for your children, yes, you may kill for it.

Cities are ripe for conflict, for violence, for blood to run in the streets. Cities are where we have our displaced citizens, our homeless, our addicts, our rough and tumble. Cities are where we will see this play out if it hits us.


It doesn’t have to be this way though. We can lead a peaceful revolution. We can come together and heal the wounds we have created, instead of letting them fester until they erupt. The American people have suffered enough, the red, the white, and the blue.

Now, as we find articles, television shows, and radio podcasts discussing which side we’ll choose and who will show up in the new civil war, we can decide not to show up. We can walk away. The people, us, the ones who built and build this country, can lay down arms. Just be sure to keep in mind that these second American civil war scenarios

Final Thoughts

But we are each only one person. We can do our part to change the direction from inevitable war to rebuilt country. In the meantime, stock up, be prepared and be kind. You don’t want to fight for bread.


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