Shemagh: Warmth for the Outdoor Prepper

Shemagh for the Survival Prepper

A Shemagh is a very  fashionable but practical garment used especially in the warm regions of the Middle East. Basically it is a scarf that is used to protect your head from over sun exposure in addition to your mouth and nose from sand or flying particles or debris.

Incredibly the shemagh is extremely versatile for the survival prepper. It can be use for the following:

  • Bandage
  • Pillow
  • Emergency Belt
  • Arm Sling
  • Food Collecting
  • Wiping Sweat and Perspiration
  • Cooling Wrap (when dunked in water)
  • Baby Carrier
  • Pot Holder
  • Bug Net

And some many more….

The video presentation illustrates how to tie your Shemagh effectively and correctly. Once you get some of these useful scarves for you and your prepper members practice tying them in the different suggested ways shown. You would not want to be with one and not know how to use it, especially in an emergency situation.

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