Survival Silver for the Survival Prepper

Survival Silver for the Survival Prepper

What is money?  According to the US constitution, it is Gold and Silver. Precious metals like survival silver have intrinsic value unlike paper money whose value is based on what the US government or the government of any other country gives it.

People are naturally attracted to gold and silver, and if you leave these valuable coins on the street, I am certain it will be gone by the time you are able to get back to it.

Because of the inherent value of precious metals, they have had a historically strong influence on economies around the world for centuries. There are many people who are prepping for what they believe to be the eventual economic and societal collapse are right around the corner.

There are many unique qualities in silver that make it much more attractive to buy and own then gold.  This is why Survival Silver for the Survival Prepper will put those preparing for what they believe to be the inevitable in a better position to be self-sufficient and hopefully to help others.

Generally speaking, there are three reasons why investors buy silver: as an investment for wealth creation and preservation, as a hedge against inflation, and for survival purposes.

Silver is a commodity whose prices fluctuate with the fundamentals of supply and demand. People who invest in silver look to increase the value of their portfolio while preserving their capital investments.

Inflation has a negative effect on the value of money, so investors purchase silver to protect their wealth against inflation.  Silver has its own intrinsic value that is not tied to the ups and downs of governmental monetary policy, fluctuations in the stock market, or the ups and downs of a nation’s economy. In many cases, the price of silver remain stable or goes up when their is negative economic news.

Investors who buy silver for survival purposes fear the worst. One such fear is the US Federal Reserve Bank printing so much money that it devalues the purchasing value of the paper dollar.

This could cause a collapse in the economy, but it would not affect the value of silver because it has held purchasing power throughout world history. No matter what the situation is, silver can be used like paper money to buy goods and services, especially in the event of an economic collapse.

Survival Silver: Bullion Silver Coins vs. Numismatic Silver Coins

Survival Silver: Bullion Silver Coins vs. Numismatic Silver CoinsSurvival preppers often wonder what’s the difference between silver bullion coins and silver numismatic coins.

Silver bullion coins are valued by weight, and some examples are US Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maples, Austrian Philharmonic, Mexican Silver Libertad, and Australian Silver Kangaroo.

Commemorative or numismatic silver coins are valued by limited mintage, condition, age,history, and rarity. Examples of these coins include Commemorative Silver Coin Sets and Peace Silver Dollars.

Survival preppers should also be aware of coins known as junk silver. Theses coins may look like pure silver coins except they only contain up to 90% silver, can be used as legal tender for everyday purchases like food and clothing, and most were produced prior to 1965.

Examples of these coins include Liberty Head Dimes, Quarters, and Half-Dollars, Morgan and Peace design Dollars, Kennedy Half-Dollars, and War Nickels.

Experts argue over whether it is better to own bullion or numismatic silver coins. It appears that they prefer bullion coins because in the event of an economic collapse or a complete collapse of society, the intrinsic value of bullion coins will hold up better that numismatic coins when purchasing necessities.

The person receiving the numismatic coin in exchange for necessities will not take into account the history, rarity, condition, or limited mintage which would normally increase the value of the coin.

Survival Silver: Better Than Gold for the Survival Prepper

When it comes to owning precious metals, gold is the first precious metal people think of because of its popularity and the frequency it appears in TV ads. In the event of a societal collapse, there are some who say owning silver coins would be better than gold coins. There are many reasons why they say owning silver in a survival scenario is more beneficial than owning gold:


  1. Governments and central banks do not have any reserve stockpiles of silver. Gold is more plentiful above ground than silver because silver’s industrial usage is making it more valuable as a currency.


  1. Silver is less likely to be confiscated. In fact, governments have seized gold stockpiles, but they have never seized silver.


  1. Silver is less expensive to purchase than gold. The price of silver as of January 8, 2016 closed at $13.92 per ounce whereas the price of gold closed at $1,099 per ounce. This means a person can buy 79 ounces of silver per one ounce of gold which is a 79:1 ratio.


  1. Silver is in greater in demand than gold. It is a popular choice as a shiny metal in women’s jewelry while industrial demand for silver has increased due to its use in silverware, electronics, medical devices, dental fillings, and even medications. Some people are concerned about silver’s usage in everyday household products, but their is no question that silver is a versatile commodity that has many uses other than currency.


  1. Silver is more practical for use in commercial transactions. For example, in a survival scenario where a person needs to purchase $50 in supplies and the value of paper money has collapsed, it would be much more practical to give a vendor four silver coins at a current total price of $62.28 than to give them one gold coin at a current price of $1,273. Since government issued silver coins are legal tender, it is better suited for survival and daily usage as opposed to gold which is used for wealth preservation.

One main disadvantage of having one ounce silver coins is that they are larger than one ounce gold coins making silver coins a little more difficult to handle on a practical level. In addition to the size, it currently takes 79 silver coins to equal one gold coin, so hiding and carrying silver during a national crisis could be a challenge.

If a family is able to stay at home during a national emergency then silver is a the best option, but if a family is forced to evacuate to another location then gold is the better option to hide and carry.

It is important for survival preppers to build up their survival supplies such as canned, dehydrated and non-perishable food, bottled water, and silver while the US is still relatively stable and at peace. Emergency preparedness will put them in a better position to help themselves, their family and friends.

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