Survival Weapons: The Controversy and Expert Suggestions

Many survival or preparedness experts would agree on survival weapons being a crucial and intricate part of any Bug Out Bag you purchase whether its a ready-made or do it yourself.

The question is what kind of personal self defense device or tool would be most effective in deterring a would be attacker.

There is an assortment of items available that are both compact and lightweight that would be suitable for both the user and your particular Bug Out Bag (BOB).

Survival Weapons: The Controversy and Expert SuggestionsThe obvious favorite weapon of choice would be a handgun and/or rifle.

Most experts would agree in a total societal collapse situation where you are in an “I am never coming back home” scenario, taking all your guns with you and your family makes total sense.

Outside of this unlikely possibility, the sense of carrying firearms becomes murky.

There is some debate among survivalist and preppers surrounding the appropriateness of carrying them in Bug Out Bags (BOBs). Why? Danger? Confiscation? Inviting attack? Need for Discretion?

As illustrated with Hurricane Katrina, there was precedence set forth by the government/military authorities illegally seizing firearms from law abiding citizens during the crisis.

In fact, 700 guns were taken by the authorities after the hurricane hit New Orleans.

Although later, many of the guns were returned to their rightful owners it was not until a law suit was filed by the National Rifle Association and Second Amendment Foundation forcing authorities to return the confiscated firearms.

Another cause for discretion is raised by William Simpson, the author of “[easyazon_link asin=”1612432204″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”aboblist-20″]

The Nautical Prepper[/easyazon_link].” Although Captain Simpson agrees for the need of firearms under a catastrophic collapse.

Similarly depicted in the movie “[easyazon_link asin=”B001FB5634″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”aboblist-20″]The Road[/easyazon_link],” by Cormac McCarthy to use both as a last ditch effort both offensively and defensively to survive.

He stresses the need for caution is warranted. Many survivalists have been training their younger children to use and carry guns with the rationale they will be able to manage mortal combat with would be assailants.

He raises the question whether giving one’s child a gun with a high probability of being shot dead is worth the risk.

Although I do personally agree for the need to instruct youngsters on the proper and safe use of firearms, I am uncertain whether to agree or disagree with Simpson’s argument.

But he leaves something for us to ponder about the moral implication..

If you decide that a firearm is your survival weapon of choice, where you keep it is as important as your choice of having one.

Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast advises that a gun should not be stored in any type of Bug Out Bag. Instead, he suggests keeping the firearm on your body concealed from others to use to defend yourself or family if needed.

Thus if your bag was ever stolen, you still have a way for protection against a would be attacker.

 Survival Weapons for Bug Out Bags(BOBs)

Before discussing anything on survival weapons, It is necessary to have a short review on Bug Out Bags.

Because there are size limitations inherit with each bag type, not all survival weapons would be appropriate choices.

When one imagines Bug Out Bags most identify the Bug Out Bag to be of the 72 hour or 3 day variety. However as I have mentioned in many of my other articles, there are three types of BOBs that stand out;
1. The Every Day Carry Kits or Gear (EDC)
2.  Get Home Bag (GHB)
3.  72 Hour Bug Out Bag (BOB)

Each one of these bags have a specific function and purpose (of which I discuss at some lengths in other article throughout my blog).

But all have the same goals, to provide the user with the necessary contents of emergency preparedness items to get you from your unsafe locale to your planned Bug Out Location (BOL).

So the kind of weapons you choose for each bag type should fit and provide a response to protect and defend you in the most effective and appropriate manner.

Filing the Safety and Protection categories in your Bugout Bag is an essential part of any good Bug Out Bag preparation plan.

In fact it is one of the ten categories constantly identified by the experts on prepping and survivalism to utilize when deciding which emergency preparedness items and gear to purchase.

I have researched over 45 different sources on Bug Out Bags and have complied a master list of the most suggested items to consider when assembling or buying a ready-made BOB.  The following list focuses upon the findings for Safety and Protection Items;

Every Day Carry EDC Kit/Gear
Folding Survival Knife
Knife Blade
Razor Knife

Get Home Bag (GHB)
Folding Survival Knife
Pepper Spray
Shoulder Holster
Sling Shot
Pellet Gun
Sharpening Stone

72 Hr. /3-Day BOB
Survival Knife
Rifle Magazine
Pistol Holster
Pepper Spray
Gun Cleaning Kit
Gun Lubrication
Walking Stick
Sharpening/Whet Stone
Pocket Knife
Ammo Pouch
Self Defense Course (of course not found in Bag but suggested)
Billy Club
Stun Guns

Surprisingly to note, not on the list above is the one survival weapon that is extremely effective to use against most any perpetrator; the less lethal stun guns restricted or prohibited in a few states, the omission of this by the experts baffles me.

Also be warned that the use of pepper spray is also limited in some states as well.  Because these devices tend to be highly concealable or designed to look non obtrusive.

This makes these items attractive enough to add to your Bug Out Bag for your self-protection arsenal.

SpraysWhatever self defense/personal protection device you chose, it is extremely important to familiarize yourself and your family members with the proper operation, care and storage of your chosen weapon. Training using the device or weapon accurately and correctly makes prudent sense.

Aim for a consistent routine for effective and accurate use of any survival weapon.

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