The Best Civilian PDW (5 Items That’ll Keep You Safe)

the best civilian pdw 5 items thatll keep you safe

Although our standard of living has increased substantially compared to how our ancestors lived, that doesn’t mean we can completely let our guard down. The world can still be a very dangerous place at times, and should a SHTF situation arise, that point is only going to be reinforced. As such, it’s important to outfit yourself with the best civilian PDW possible.

Being able to physically defense yourself in a hostile environment is something that every prepper should be capable of, and while having the skill/strength to protect you and your belongings is important, we can all agree as well that there’s something to be said for carrying a weapon or sorts too.

A PDW — personal defense weapon — can be the deciding factor as to whether or not you live or die in a certain situation, and because of that, we thought it was time to list off some of our favorite options out there that you can buy right now.

We won’t be focusing on firearms or 9mm PDWs, but rather other types that you can go online and purchase in the blink of an eye.

Without further delay, here are our top 5 picks.

1.Black Fly Tactical Pen Self Defense Weapon

[amazon_link asins=’B01MPY0U32′ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5f24479d-ac55-11e7-bbed-fdbcba9bc474′]

The first PDW we’d like to recommend is the Black Fly Tactical Pen Self Defense Weapon. Tactical pens are quickly becoming some of the most iconic PDWs out there, and that comes with a very good reason.

One of the best parts about tactical pens is just how compact and discrete they are. A quick glance at the Black Fly pen would lead you to believe that it’s nothing more than a really well-made pen – but you’d be wrong. While it can certainly function as a regular pen, it also features an extremely strong glass-breaker tip.

This tip is made out of an aircraft-grade 6061 impact-resistant alloy, and this allows the pen to easily break all sorts of glass — such as in a car, window, etc. Along with this, the glass-breaker tip of the pen can also be used as a means of self-defense. A quick jab with this will leave your assailant on the ground in an instant, and the 100% satisfaction guarantee helps to ensure that you only get the best of the best for your money.

2.SABRE Compact Dual Capacitor Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

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Moving on to something a little more technologically advanced, this SABRE stun gun is an awesome tool for protecting yourself against virtually anyone or anything. SABRE’s stun gun manages to kick out a charge of 1.600 µC. In other words, this stun gun kicks out so much power that your attackers have just about zero chance of ignoring what hit them.

This is some of the most reliable protection you can get in such a small form factor, and in our testing, is a bit more trusty than the tactical pen. Although you are lacking the glass-breaking capabilities here, this is a better choice if you’re focused solely on self-defense and not other survival features.

SABRE’s stun gun is very easy to carry, and it measures in at just 4.8 x 1.9 x 0.8-inches. Also, thanks to the included belt holster, you can always have quick and easy access even at a moment’s notice.

3.TAC Force TF-705 Series Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife

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Tactical knives are said by many preppers to be the one and only choice for the best PDW, and depending on who you are, you might agree with this statement in a heartbeat. For all of our tactical knife diehards reading this, one of the best ones that you can buy for PDW is the TAC Force TF-705.

TAC Force is a brand we’ve talked about time and time again on our site, and that’s because TAC Force has consistently kicked out awesome products for preppers of all kinds.

The TF-705 uses a spring assist system for quickly deploying its blade, and the half-serrated stainless steel design of it means that it’s a powerhouse for defending yourself. The aluminum handle feels extremely sturdy, and the attached pocket clip allows for safe and easy carry.

The blade itself measures in at 3 1/4-inches, and when closed, the package measures at 4 1/2-inches.

4.Mace Brand Self Defense Triple Action Self Defense Pepper Spray

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Our last two best civilian PDW choices have to do with pepper spray, and our first selection is a very common product that a lot of you have likely seen in stores from time to time.

The Mace Brand Triple Action Self Defense pepper spray is one of the most reliable pepper spray options to date, and if you want a no-frills product that offers awesome results, this is for you. The triple action formula combines not only OC pepper spray, but also tear gas and a UV dye that makes it easy to track your attacker.

A weight of 11 grams keeps this product very lightweight, and the stream can shoot up to 10-feet away. Add this together with a flip-top cap that prevents accidental sprays and a finger grip for better handling, and you’ve got a lot of helpful features packed into a tiny package.

5.Kimber PepperBlaster II

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Last but most certainly not least, the Kimber PepperBlaster II is a different take on pepper spray, and one that we’ve come around to seriously love. Unlike the traditional tube form factor, the PepperBlaster II offers serious pepper spray stopping power in the form of a small gun.

The stream of the PepperBlaster II goes up to 13-feet in just 1/10th of a second, and you won’t come across any blowback, loss of pressure, or drifting of any kind. The trigger that’s included here feels fantastic, and you’ll still be able to knock your assailant back even if they’re wearing a ski mask or eyeglasses.

More and more of these gun-like pepper spray options have been coming onto the market recently, and while there are a lot to choose from now, this is one of our favorites. It’s compact, easy to carry, and — most importantly — is insanely powerful.

Final Thoughts

All 5 of the personal defense weapons mentioned here are fantastic options, but the one that works best for you will ultimately come down to what kind of weapon you’re most comfortable working with. Some preppers feel best with a trusty knife, whereas others like to have a handy thing of pepper spray. Think about what would work best for you, make your decision from there, and start living a more secure and safer life.

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