Top Rated Survival Knife (For The Survival Prepper)

top rated survival knife

One of the top items always listed on a survival checklist, is the survival knife. This means, first and foremost, a survival knife should be an extension of the body of the wielder. It should also fulfill a specific type application, whatever that may be. It may have applications to defense, food gathering, starting a fire, or all of the above.

However, there are things to take into account when picking the perfect survival knife. Weight, sharpness, size are the qualities to consider as well as its functionality (ex. glass breaker or fabric cutter). Although it might be difficult to know which survival knife brands are the best, this article will definitely help in this endeavor. Be rest assured only the top rated survival knives are reviewed below.

Starting off strongly, this knife is the ideal of a traditional survival knife. Made of carbon steel, this knife is equipped with a fire starter, and a fixed 4.5-inch blade, which is both lethal and useful. Anyone who has been camping can tell you how important the act of starting a fire is.

Without fire, there is no heat, no way to cook, disinfected water, or warding off of predators. The 4.5-inch blade is also effective in cutting through almost anything, from small branches to the skin and meat of a deer or small animal. This also is an incredible defense weapon, as the blade and grip enable reach and control. This item also comes with a sheath that sharpens and holds the fire starter.

1.Folding Knife with Seatbelt Cutter, Glass Breaker, Fire Starter, LED Light & Bottle Opener Ultimate Survival Tool for Zombie Survival Kit and Carabiner Multitool & Credit Card Knife

survival knife with glass breaker and seat belt cutter

This knife is the jack of all trades type, perfect for any survival situation. Made of stainless steel and an aluminum composite grip; this knife is equipped with a seatbelt cutter, glass breaker, bottle opener, and LED light. While

marketed as a simple zombie survival knife, this item is incredibly useful in any situation.

However the only problem that arises with this knife is its LED light, which runs on a battery that needs to be changed after 12 hours of use, and its relatively small blade only reaching about 3.5 inches. This means using this item as a defense weapon might be a little more dangerous than a larger blade since the blade has a very short reach. This item does not have a sheath but instead has a switch blade like action that makes it easy to open in a moments notice.

2.Blade Mate Tactical Folding Knife: Survival Rescue Pocket Knife with 3.5″ Stainless Steel Tanto Blade, Seat Belt Cutter, and Glass Breaker

black serrated knife with a glass breaker and seat-belt cutter

Looking for a cheap but sturdy survival knife? This is the one for you, coming equipped with a 3.5-inch blade, a glass breaker, and a seatbelt cutter. This knife is incredibly useful in the sense of how small and economical it is, easily stored away and brought out when needed with ease.

The knife cuts very sharply with little to no issue on branches or cutting through small items, but cutting through a larger item might be difficult to grip correctly. The glass breaker and seat belt cutter are immensely helpful in an emergency situation.

This item can double as a survival and defensive knife, however, in order to be effective, you must be closer to the target. There is no sheath to this knife, as it is spring loaded and folds in on itself.

3.Off-Grid Knives – 5 in 1 Spring Assisted, AUS-8 Tanto Blade Survival Knife with Fire Starter, LED Flashlight, Emergency Glass Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter & Custom Sheath with Sharpening Stone

multi tool emergency knife

Almost like a “Swiss Army Knife”, this knife has almost everything. Sporting a fire starter, LED flashlight, emergency glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and a custom sheath with sharpening stone.

This knife also boasts a serrated edge, enabling for greater cutting potential.

While the blade length only reaches around 3.5 inches. The sharpness of this knife is also guaranteed to last due to the knife sharpening stone on the inside of the sheath.


4.SHEFFIELD Rogue 10-inch Fixed Blade Hunting Knife W/ Bonus Sheath Firestarter Sharpenerlarge steel survival knife

This item is a fantastic hunting knife, coming in at around 10-inches and being made of stainless steel. This razor sharp knife also comes equipped with a fire starter and glass breaker. The size of the knife is very large, coming in at around 15 inches in all.

This is a true defensive knife as well, as the 10 inches fixed point blade means a long range and reach. The sheath that this item comes with also contains space to house the fire starter and sharpener. While not being as flashy as the other survival knives on this list, this survival knife holds its own.

Final Thoughts

Survival situations are never clean cut, and most times you will be under-prepared. So having items that can fulfill more than one purpose, while still being in a relatively close reach is indispensable. Survival knives are exactly what they advertise to be, they will help you survive. It might not be the flashiest, but if it has what you need what more can someone ask for? All I know is, if I’m stuck out in the wilderness somewhere, I have a fighting chance with a knife by my side.

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