TSA Approved Tactical Pen (5 Mighty Choices)

tsa approved tactical pen

Why would you need to know about the best TSA approved tactical pen? You need to be able to defend yourself. Today, though, you need to be able to defend yourself without worrying everyone around you that they need to defend themselves from you.

Airline travel is the worst. Thanks to the shoe bomber, we have to take off our shoes. Thanks to some guy who tried to bring a liquid bomb on a place, we can’t carry on shampoo. Shampoo! Letter opener? Don’t even think about it. But what could be more benign than a pen?

The Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is a pen specifically designed to be used as a self defense weapon. It often has a tip made of aluminum, it may have a glass breaker, an LED light, some even have alarms. Today, you can carry around a tactical pen and take an attacker out Jason Bourne or James Bond style. Then you can sign autographs with the same pen.

Can You Take a Tactical Pen on Airplane?

Of course not. No one is going to let you carry anything onto a plane that says “tactical pen” on its side. As far as the TSA agent performing the search is concerned, you are carrying a weapon. You must therefore lock it in a hard box and check it. The trick is to stay on top of the TSA approved items for travel.

Five Best Pens that Can Double as Tactical

Practical Tactical Pen

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    Sleek and silver, with very little outward dressing, this pen is the ultimate discreet self defense weapon. Not just to the casual observer but to any observer, this pen is just a pen. You can write with it, you can clip it into your shirt pocket, and no one would be the wiser. The reality, however, is that this pen can be lethal in an emergency. It comes with a glass breaker as well. It is made with aircraft grade aluminum, and it measures just under 6 inches. Perfect for the everyday carry, right onto your flight.

Smith and Wesson

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    The Smith and Wesson is matte black and almost looks like a harmless mechanical pencil. Be sure that when you carry on you have the cap over the pointed part of the pen, so the pen should be in writing mode. It is just over 6 inches. It comes with a glass breaker and a solid aircraft grade aluminum tipped point. And it will clip right into your carry on bag.

Tactical Pen with Three Ink Refill

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    The AISHN pen is made with Tungsten steel and has a strong grip with a pointed tip. It is a bit suspicious because there is no cap to cover the pointed end, but to the casual observer, it still just looks like a pen. Interestingly, it not only stands as a self defense weapon, but it also breaks glass and collects DNA. As a bonus, the pen writes nicely. At worst, if it’s confiscated, you haven’t lost much. Because of the price, the three refills it comes with, and all of the capabilities, it is worth the risk.

Tungsten Steel Tactical Pen

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    The Lingsy tactical is easily the most attractive pen of the bunch. It is sleek like the practical tactical pen, it comes in three different unassuming colors, and it can take out an attacker with its solid pointed end. It can also break glass. The really nice thing about this pen is that it comes in a cool case, so if you want your family to carry these sleek pens as self defense weapons that have no reason to raise any eyebrows at TSA, they will make an awesome gift.

Under Control Tactical Pen for Self Defense

[amazon_link asins=’B00R5FMIUI’ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0029f0c9-b217-11e7-b2ee-952e0ef3d1aa’]

    This SWAT edition tactical pen is not only completely harmless looking, it is also the most loaded with extras. Its got a sharp end for defense, it has a glass breaker, it has the DNA collector, and it comes with an LED flashlight. In the end, it is so unassuming it doesn’t even look like a pen. It looks like a pen light. You’ll have no problem at the airport with this one.

Final Thoughts


In the end, the choice you make could be life saving. Do you need an LED light? Probably not. Honestly, what are the chances you will need to break glass. A common expression is used, though, among survivalists: it is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it. With a well disguised tactical pen, you win either way. It is “technically” not a weapon, and you certainly hope to never have to use it. However, to continue the idiomatic expression theme, you want to make sure to “always be prepared.”


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