Who Will Go to FEMA Camps First? (Not Your Summer Vacation!)

Who Will Go to FEMA Camps First

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is an organization that the government has in place for disaster management so that the United States remains ‘A Nation Prepared.’ It can’t be determined if the official portrayal provides the whole picture, however. That is why a common question currently being asked is: who will go to FEMA camps first in the event of a serious disaster?

when will fema camps be activated
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Over the years, the government has remained hush over FEMA camps and their true purpose. In order to figure out the procession to FEMA camps, it is important to achieve transparency in the information you hear about them. The possible secret agenda of FEMA camps is sometimes hard to validate.

What is a FEMA Camp?

If you’re not familiar with FEMA camps, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There is a high level of security surrounding any real insight into FEMA camps. Maybe you’re wondering why the governmental disaster agency would have something to hide. That is why knowing the true nature of FEMA camps matters.

FEMA camps are internment camps that have supposedly already been organized and are ready for detainees in the aftermath of a crisis or disaster in the US. In the event of a grave disaster, it is feasible that martial law could be implemented as an attempt to gain control. It is during this operation that people will likely be sent to FEMA camps.

Are FEMA Camps Real?

The government will have you believe that the idea of FEMA camps is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. The fact of the matter is that the existence of FEMA camps has not been officially proven. However, there is a wide array of evidence that supports the underground reality.

Speculative intel says that FEMA camps are hidden on various military bases, including some that aren’t currently active. Many concerned citizens like yourself have reported traffic signs specifically directing FEMA trucks in different directions. Also, suspiciously coincidental, is the fact that most military bases are near railroad tracks and aircraft runways, making transport of detainees very simple.

In the last 10 years, there have been many reports about assigning US soldiers to domestic security. This suggests that there are specific factions of soldiers being trained to protect the US in the event of trouble. But what are they being trained to do and in what types of situations? The increasing lack of conversation about these purposes had strengthened the desire to know more about the existence of FEMA camps.

Realistically, we may never know if FEMA camps truly exist until the moment of their usage. So how can you learn who will be the first to go to FEMA camps? The best thing to do is to remain vigilant, continue investigating, and prepare for what could come.

FEMA Red List Names

Another thing to keep in mind in preparing for the possible existence and operation of FEMA camps, is something called the ‘Red List.’ It is believed that FEMA has devised an organizational system that will be activated in the event of martial law.

Supposedly, FEMA has been marking and coding mailboxes without the knowledge of citizens. Using colored circle markers, FEMA has allegedly indicated the fate of people living in the home of the marked mailbox.

As far as is understood, there are various marking colors which command different actions. Yellow means you are not believed to be a threat, blue that you will be taken to a FEMA camp, and red that you will be killed immediately.

Supposedly, there is a list being kept with near 8 million names which have been organized into the color-coded categories. If this is true, it could provide insight into the procession to FEMA camps.

Final Thoughts

While not yet proven, the possible existence of FEMA camps is not something to ignore. It might feel like a lot of information to absorb, but just try to keep level-headed whenever you come across information about FEMA camps. It’s important to learn as much as you can about them without becoming too absolute. In this day and age, things are constantly changing, and our job is to stay as informed and updated as possible. That is the best we can do.

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