Will Paper Money Burn In A Fireproof Safe: Hot Answers

Will Paper Money Burn In A Fireproof Safe

Uncertain times remind us all of how vital it is to protect our valuables. Paper money is hard enough to preserve, but will it burn inside a fireproof safe? No one wants to think about their home burning down. Unfortunately, it can happen. This year in Oregon alone, a billion dollars worth of homes and personal property burned. That was just in one state. Fire safety is crucial, and so is having good home insurance, but they won’t keep that stash of emergency cash safe. Regrettably, I have had a house fire. Fortunately, I’ve used fireproof safes for years. I’ll share what I learned about these and other methods of preserving paper money, so you don’t need to learn firsthand. 

Will paper money burn in a fireproof safe? Paper money will not burn inside a fireproof safe. Because of the materials and construction, some home safes can withstand temperatures hot enough to melt glass while keeping your cash safe inside. Hence, choosing a good fireproof safe is essential. 

Do Fireproof Safes Prevent Paper Money From Burning

A high-quality fireproof safe will stop your paper money from burning, as long as it’s inside. Investing in one or two small home safes is smart to ensure you have the cash you need when SHTF. Moreover, it’s easy to find a place to install them permanently in most homes so you can protect your valuables. 

If you have cash and documents, you shouldn’t stick them in a non-fireproof safe. It would help if you had the right tool for the job. By finding the right burn-proof container, you can create a pocket of below-paper-incendiary temperature around your money. The safe doesn’t need to stay cool so long as the inside stays well below the cash’s burn-point. 

Most paper burns at around four-hundred and fifty-one degrees Fahrenheit. However, ‘paper money’ in the US is not made from paper. In fact, it’s more closely related to your bluejeans. We tend to take it for granted, but cash needs to be made from stronger stuff due to the frequency of use

Crane and Company, a well-known stationery company, actually supplies the cotton-paper that our money is printed on. They have used scraps of leftover denim from the same companies that make your pants since the eighteen hundreds. While this makes stronger paper money, it also may reduce the self-ignition point. Cotton burns at approximately four hundred degrees Fahrenheit, making it even more vital to protect that money from fire. 

Ultimately, it would be best to have a safe with a UL rating that is an hour or more to keep that paper-fabric money safe. 

What Makes a Safe Fireproof

The outer metal shell of your safe is fireproof on its own, and most house fires don’t burn hot enough to melt steel. However, that doesn’t mean it will protect anything inside from the heat. Insulation is what makes all the difference, though it’s not the same as the pillowy or foam stuff you put in house walls. 

Safes have three primary insulation sources. Pearlite and vermiculite have both been used for many years to make fire-resistant and fireproof items. If you see an older fireproof safe, it’s likely that between those steel walls is a layer of one of these two minerals. Meanwhile, a more modern safe might also have Insulite instead. This composite material is made from cellulose and other materials combined to create a surprisingly fireproof and light substance. 

A Hurbo Fireproof Home Digital Security Safe can help keep your cash secure. Unlike some safes, which use outdated latches, Hurbo uses a chrome steel dual pin bolt throw system. You’ll appreciate the pre-drilled wall and floor mounting holes, which make it easier to affix your safe to a permanent location. More importantly, the two-part opening system uses either a key and knob movement or a password and knob combination to open the safe. Get yours from Amazon by clicking here.


Safe Places to Keep Money

A fireproof safe is the best way to keep your paper money from burning. However, that doesn’t stop creative people from trying new and different solutions. Some ideas are pure genius, while others are utterly ridiculous and terrible.

The two most common ideas I’ve heard for fireproofing that cash are listed below. Still, I suggest getting a reliable safe instead. Not only will it keep your money from burning, but it will prevent thieves as well. Plus, most fireproof safes can become permanent installations in a floor, cabinet, or wall, adding more security since they cannot be removed quickly or easily.

Will Aluminum Foil Fireproof Money

The Idea that foil will fireproof money is interesting. It’s a metal, like a safe. Moreover, a few layers of foil will certainly provide some added protection. However, the burning point of the paper is easily reached within a ball of foil. 

While your cash won’t exactly catch fire, it will slowly cook. Eventually, you’ll be left with a pile of char inside a shiny wrapper, with a blackened outer crust. Just as meat in foil cooks on a grill, so will that paper. When in doubt, please stick to what works. 

A Serene Life Safe from Amazon is both fireproof and easy to install. This model has an electronic lock to thwart thieves and a backup so you can override it in an emergency. The rugged steel alloy construction is coated in corrosion and rustproof finish. Find out more by clicking here. 

Can You Put Money in the Freezer To Prevent Burning

The question of freezing money comes up surprisingly often. Naturally, it makes sense that a well-sealed, damp, cold environment might make a good place to stash your cash. However, it is not. There are two reasons why this won’t work. 

Firstly, your freezer only stays cold as long as it has power. Most housefires knock out that power pretty quickly. Hence, with no more cooling action to fight off the heat, your cash and your frozen pizzas are going to get cooked once the temps start to rise.

Secondly, a freezer is not as well sealed or insulated as you think. The process for keeping in cool temps is not the same as the one for keeping out a fire. While that strip of rubber sealant around the edge is great for making sure your ice cream stays solid, it will melt fast in a fire. With no seal, there’s nothing to keep the internal and external temperatures different. Your cash will cook. 

How Long Do Fireproof Safes Preserve Paper Money

Since a great fireproof safe can save your paper money from burning, it pays to know how much punishment they can take. Do safes expire and need replacing? Can you swap out parts like a car? These are things you need to know to keep your money secure. 

Happily, safes are made out of metal. Thus, if you treat them right, they will basically last forever. That said, all metals can rust if exposed to the wrong conditions. make sure to read the instructions on yours carefully to see if it has parts that need oiling. Likewise, you may want to remove it and check all the parts are in proper working order annually. 

Electronic safes should have a manual override. Otherwise, you could end up locked out if you forget to change the batteries. Fortunately, you can have a safe lock drilled out and replaced if it rusts or locks up on you, but that is time-consuming, and it costs a pretty penny. Naturally, all those problems happen without fire. Once things heat up, it’s a different story. 

How Hot Can A Fireproof Safe Get

While different safes have different abilities, they do follow a general pattern. For example, a good safe should stay below three-hundred and fifty degrees internally during a ‘normal’ fire. This means it will save your cash, but plastics could be damaged. At just a hundred and twenty-five degrees, your media will show damage. 

A fairly standard ‘decent’ fireproof safe can take a lot of heat. Expect them to handle temperatures up to a thousand degrees, enough to melt the windows in your home, for a couple of hours. Since homes that burn for more than a half-hour and multi-story homes tend to burn hotter, it is imperative to install a safe.

The Modrine Security Safe from Amazon can handle the heat. With two heavy-duty, steel deadbolts, thieves will have as tough of a time getting in as fire does. Pry-resistant, hidden hinges help secure your paper money and other valuables. Best of all, it’s small enough to be portable if you move. To have a Modrine delivered to your door, click here.

Final Thoughts

There are worse things you can lose in a housefire than money, but not many. Luckily, a high-quality fireproof safe can protect your paper money and other vital papers as well. After all, having a nest egg to fall back on in a disaster only works when you can get your hands on it afterward. 

By putting cash into the right safe, you can weather many extreme conditions. Choose a model that will suit your needs and fit into the space you have. Additionally, consider putting everything in the safe inside an additional layer of fireproof document holders for added security. 

Hopefully, your home never burns down, but knowing your money is secure will help. Make sure you check all the reviews and read the directions when you choose your fireproof safe. 

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