Best Diver Watch Under 500 (5 Top Selections!)

absolute best diver watch under 500

Diving is a specialized sport. The best diver watch under 500 is not for the weak of heart or of wallet. You’re willing to spend money, but you’re not trying to be flashy. Let’s face it, though, you’re obviously not cheap.

Diving is not an affordable sport. Deep sea divers need a boat, or at the very least access to a boat. You need equipment, scuba gear, a wet suit, flippers. You also probably can afford to take regular vacations, heading out on a boat into the middle of the ocean.

Who Buys a Divers Watch?

This leisure sport is one for people with money, with taste, and with class. Of course there are watches for thousands of dollars for the big spender. But even on a bit of a budget, you want to look nice while you’re in the water. The divers watch under 500 gives you much to choose from.

You could of course choose a watch that estimates all your diving for you, if so, we’ve got a watch for you, but most are simply looking for a classy watch to wear in a business suit and a wet suit.

The Best Diver Under 500

The list is not extensive, but it is comprehensive, covering the bases. You’ll find the basic rubber watch with lots of tricks. You will also find the upper end chrome watch for the guy who is ready to fight with a walking cane. In any event, if you’re looking for a solid diver watch under $500, look no further.

Invicta HydroMax Silver

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The Invicta HydroMax Silver looks like your basic classy men’s watch. It is chrome and stainless steel. It is bulky and chunky while also maintaining an elegance. The watch moves on quartz and has a 52 mm thick face. Like all good old school watches, it is analog, counting the seconds and the minutes for you with graceful hands.

If you are looking for a new watch, or looking to gift one, the Invicta is a good choice. It will dive 200 meters for you, so unless you are headed out in search of Atlantis, the Invicta can go with you.

Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer

The Cressi is the tactical dive watch that you’ll buy if you want your watch to work for you while you are in the act of diving. Many dive watches are simply watches that can dive into the deep. Not so the Cressi. This watch will tell you how deep you are diving. It will calculate your dive times for you. It will even tell you if you might possibly need to decompress.

Imagine that, a watch that acts like your mother: “time to come up now honey.” It can’t get much better than that. Who doesn’t want a watch that watches your back? If you want a dive watch that works for you while you dive, the Cressi is the watch for you.

Alexander Professional Diver Watch Sapphire

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The Alexander is another example of a classic, classy, dive watch. This watch was designed to take you from the boardroom to the boat house. It has a beautiful sapphire blue face, it is made of stainless steel, and it will travel underwater with you for 200 meters.

The Alexander typically comes in at a bit cheaper than the Invicta, so if you are on a tight budget because you just invested in a new wet suit or mask, you may want to go with the Alexander. You can’t go wrong, and you certainly won’t look wrong.

Gosasa Titanium Luminous

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The Gososa markets itself as a dive watch, but it won’t go 200 meters with you. If you are not a professional diver, but you like the look of a hardcore military man watch that can also get wet with you, the Gososa is where to go.

It is a black tritium band with a rotating face. It is designed to stay lit for twenty five years, with a luminescent face and numbers. You may be out with friends on a boat, or you may simply be on a tight budget, working your way up to the Invicita. Either way, the Gososa is a good place to start.

Women’s Swiss Army

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For the ladies, the women’s swiss army is ideal. It does everything for you but whip out a knife. This Victorinox has a rubber band and a gold band around the face. It will dive up to 500 meters (see you later men!), and it has a rotating bezel.

If you are a woman looking for a good dive watch, or a someone looking to buy a gift for a special diving lady, the Victorinox will not lead you wrong. Ladies give it high marks, and you can’t beat the price of this watch for how deep it will take you.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are heading out into the deep ocean or just accompanying some friends out on a boat, there is a dive watch for you. The market is flush with watches that will tell you how far down you have gone, how much longer you have down in the deep, or whether you need to come up for air, but they don’t all look like something you want on your wrist.

The reality is, most people don’t swim much deeper than 200, and you can find a graceful, elegant watch to accompany you there. Trust me, the fish will appreciate your style.

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