Best Canned Meats For Long Term Storage (5 Top Ones)

best canned meats for long term storage

As a prepper, there are three main pillars that you should always have yourself concerned with in the case of a SHTF situation — Water, food, and shelter. All three of these things play a huge role in deciding whether or not you live or die, and today, we’ll be looking at the food category. Food gives your body energy and allows you to keep chugging along, and one of our favorite sources of food comes from the best canned meats for long term storage.

Meats are absolutely packed with all sorts of vitamins and proteins, but finding ways to properly store it can often prove to be a real challenge. However, this challenge is greatly reduced when using canned meats.

Canned meats for survival stay fresher for considerably longer than regular meat, and it does this without requiring any sort of special treatment or preparation.

The world of canned meats can be a bit daunting if you’ve never ventured into it, so we’re here to help with a list of our 5 favorite best canned meats of all time.

1. Kirkland Signature Chicken Breast

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One of our go-to picks for canned meat is Kirkland Signature’s Chicken Breast. High quality chicken breast simply can’t be replaced by anything, with the exception of the real deal, and Kirkland Signature does a great job at preserving the juicy taste of the chicken even in a canned form.

The chicken included here is extra lean, and it’s packed in water to ensure maximum flavor and shelf-life at the same time. Canned chicken is one of those things that has a less-than-great stereotype surrounding it, but Kirkland Signature’s canned chicken tastes way better than it really should.

For a little less than 10 dollars, you can get 6 cans of chicken that measure in at 12.5 ounces each. That allows you to get a lot of bang for your buck, and for those that like to really sock up on canned food, this is one of your best bets.

Kirkland Signature’s chicken is great for sandwiches, wraps, or just eating it on its own. The possibilities really are endless, and that’s what makes this such a great option.

2. Spam Classic

When it comes to canned meats, we simply have to talk about Spam. Spam is one of the oldest types of canned meat, and although a lot of people often overlook it as something that isn’t worth any time or attention, that simply isn’t the case.

Once you get over the negative connotation that often surrounds Spam and try it for yourself, chances are you’ll want to know how you’ve been living without the stuff all of your life. Spam’s been around for more than 75 years, and it’s made from 100% pure pork. Each serving of the stuff provides 9 grams of protein, and we especially like that it’s gluten-free as well.

Spam’s created a lot of different flavors over the years, but we’ve found that we’ve had the best luck with Spam Classic. you can use Spam for hamburgers, grilled cheese, or really anything else that you’d normally use beef, pork, or anything else for. It’s a super versatile meat, and that’s why we love always having a few cans lying around.

3. Mountain House Turkey Tetrazzini

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For something a bit different, we suggest taking a look at Mountain House Turkey Tetrazzini. Rather than a basic thing of canned meat, Mountain House offers an easily-storable can of turkey tetrazzini that you can break out and eat just about whenever.

Mountain House offers ten 1-cup servings with this larger package, and the company guarantees proper flavor for 30 years.

When it comes to making the turkey tetrazzini, the process couldn’t be any simpler. Just add water to the can and you’re ready to start eating in less than 10 minutes. Mountain House couldn’t make it any easier if it wanted to, and after those 10 minutes have passed, you end up with a meal that could easily pass as something that was home-cooked.

4. Keystone Meats All Natural Canned Beef

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Going back to traditional canned meat options, one of our more recent favorites is Keystone Meats’ All Natural Canned Beef. Canned beef can be tricky to get just right, but Keystone Meats has done just that.

The 14.5-ounce can offers a lot of meat for the price, and the meat itself has already been seasoned with high-quality sea salt. Better yet, the all natural meat is already fully cooked — meaning that you can open the can and start chewing down without having to do any sort of prep at all.

You won’t find any MSGs or other preservatives, and the chunk style of the meat helps it to retain its texture and flavor while in the can. You can certainly cook it up and mix it together with other dishes, but if you just need to fuel your body with something quickly, eating it as is can be useful as well.

5. Swanson Pulled Pork in Barbecue Sauce

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To make sure we cover all of the most popular meat types, we had to make sure that we include the Swanson Pulled Pork in barbecue sauce. Pulled pork is often a favorite canned meat option for a lot of preppers, and Swanson seems to have nailed the taste and texture better than any company yet.

The barbecue sauce and smoke flavor helps the pork taste as natural and fresh as possible, and the 9.7-ounce can is sold at an incredibly competitive price.

Swanson’s pulled pork is 98% fat-free, and you also won’t have to deal with any pesky preservatives.

Final Thoughts

With that said, those are the 5 best canned meats for long term storage that you’re bound to like the most. Canned meat can be tricky to get just right, and while a lot of companies succeed with the canning process, others aren’t quite as fortunate. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that with the 5 ones listed here. These canned meat options taste great, can be stored for a very long time, and are easy on the wallet, too.

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